Yas WaterWorld Waterpark (Abu Dhabi, UAE): description, tips before visiting

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Yas WaterWorld Waterpark (Abu Dhabi, UAE): description, tips before visiting
Yas WaterWorld Waterpark (Abu Dhabi, UAE): description, tips before visiting

Waterpark in Abu Dhabi Yas WaterWorld is one of the largest buildings. More than $245 million was allocated to build it. Therefore, its attractions are considered the best in the UAE. There are 40 water attractions on a huge area, 5 of which are unique and have no analogues in the world. Therefore, a visit to Yas WaterWorld is a must for tourists.

Types of pools

When entering, visitors enter the village of divers. There you can not only dive and have fun in the water, but also look for jewels in an interactive virtual game. Treasure chests, barrels, sacks and other paraphernalia are found throughout the territory.

At Abu Dhabi Water Park you can ride the waves in the pool. Small visitors can also be in the same pool. In the second, small waves are already appearing, imitating the surf and contributing to relaxation. The third pool is suitable only for surfers because the wave height reaches 3-5 m.

The creators of the Yas WaterWorld water park took care ofthe convenience of visitors. So that children of different ages do not get bored, the slides are divided. Also in the water park there is a slide for older children, which has water guns, which is very popular with active guys.

attractions in the water park


In the description of Yas WaterWorld, you need to indicate the most popular attractions:

  1. Dawwama is a tunnel designed for group descent. Visitors are delighted to descend into a huge funnel.
  2. Falcon`s Falaj - the descent is carried out along a long winding slide on a large cheesecake that can accommodate up to 6 people.
  3. Slither`s Slides are 6 slides with funnels. They are distinguished by their appearance: snake mouths from which happy vacationers fly out.
  4. Hamlool`s Humps and Jebel Drop - "free fall" attraction. He is so tall that you can not see the people below.
  5. Tornado is a hydromagnetic escapement. This is the only water attraction in the world, which is 238 m long and can ride up to 6 people.
  6. Liwa Loop - people are placed in capsules, closed and lowered down into a long funnel. It's no surprise that this ride is so emotional.
  7. "Lazy Rivers" with two rivers - one quiet, smooth, and the other stormy, with steep rapids.

This is a list of the most visited attractions in this water park. Of course, there are many more for visitors of all ages.

water attractions

Unique rides

Yas WaterWorld has special activities,which have no analogues in the UAE:

  1. Visitors can dive for pearls under the guidance of experienced instructors. They will teach you how to dive properly, hold your breath underwater, while looking for mollusks and opening shells. A novice hunter finds a shell with a real pearl, from which he can make jewelry.
  2. "Gangster Bomber" is suitable for thrill-seekers. This attraction has the largest descents, 550 m long. Visitors are most frightened by the height, although the speed of the descent is not the highest. Next to this attraction is the Jabha Zone: from there you can shoot water cannons at those who went to the Bandit Bomber.
  3. Teaching the basics of calligraphy. On it, visitors will be taught how to write a name in Arabic, and at the end of the lesson they will be given a sheet with what you wrote.

Pearl diving and calligraphy lessons need to be paid separately.

Cafes and shops

In addition to water attractions, Yas WaterWorld has large shops where you can buy souvenirs. If you get hungry, there are numerous cafes at your service, where you will be served delicious complex lunches. You can also find places with Indian and Asian cuisine.

If you want to buy delicacies as a gift, you should go to the Gahwat Nasser store. There you can buy Arabic coffee, dates and camel milk chocolate. Sweets lovers should visit Farah Flavors confectionery. A large selection of ice cream with various toppings will be offered to you at Dhabi`s Ice CafeCream.

entertainment in the water park

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Yas WaterWorld is with a tour group. It takes 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai. The cost of such an excursion will be 100-120 dollars. If you live on the island itself, you can take the Yas WaterWorld bus, which is free.

Another way is to get to the center of the island, there take bus number 190, which goes to the Ferrari Park. And from there you can walk to the water park. One of its advantages is free parking for visitors.

Cost of visit

The price of visiting Yas WaterWorld depends on the growth of visitors. A child ticket can be purchased if the height of the child does not exceed 1.2 m. If it is taller, you need to buy an adult ticket. There are several categories of tickets:

  • gold;
  • bronze;
  • silver.

Gold - the most expensive and gives you the opportunity to visit any attraction out of turn. And additionally attached gift - a beach towel and a bag. By purchasing a silver ticket, you have the opportunity to go up the hill out of line three times. Bronze does not provide any benefits.

The cost of an adult ticket is 250 AED, a child ticket is 210 AED. It is possible to purchase a ticket at a discount. If you buy it in 3-14 days - 10% discount; for 15 days - 15%. If you want to skip the line, you need to pay an extra 150 AED. For an additional fee, visitors can rent a beach towel andlocker.

Guests of the water park are given bracelets that can be used as a card and pay for purchases. It is waterproof and is the key to the closet. Money is credited to this bracelet, and if vacationers have not spent it to the end, they are returned to them.

Another economical option to visit the water park is to buy a Family Pass for 740 dirhams for 4 people. You can additionally enter children into it, paying 187.5 dirhams for each. Also, the family who bought such a ticket is allowed to visit the slides out of turn. The right to pass free of charge with children under 3 years of age have their nannies. But they must have a visa and work in the UAE.

Yas WaterWorld

Work Schedule

The water park is open daily and opens at 10 am. But the closing time depends on the time of year. From November to March and during Ramadan until - 6pm. Autumn and April - until 7 pm, in summer - until 8 pm.

An interesting feature of this water park is Ladies Night on Thursdays. On this day, the complex closes at 5 pm. Then it opens at 6 and runs until 11 pm. At this time, only women visit the water park, and only female staff remain to work. But they don't do Ladies Night during Ramadan.


The main advice before visiting the Yas WaterWorld water park is to carefully study the list of what to do on its territory is prohibited. You can't bring your own water, but don't worry about that, there are free drinking water fountains.

Also no smoking in the water park- there are specially designated places for this. It is not allowed to bring food, alcoholic drinks and glass objects with you. No entry with pets and under the influence of alcohol. By following these simple rules, you will enjoy your time at the water park.


A visit to this entertainment complex is recommended by many. In the reviews of the Yas WaterWorld water park, they note that in a day you can ride all the slides. They are modern, and for those who do not often visit such places, all attractions will seem extreme. It is advised to go on weekdays, because the queues are small.

Visitors with children are pleased that the water park has animators who entertain the little guests. They also note that the staff carefully monitor the safety of the guests of the water park.

abu dhabi arab city

How to get to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and one of the most popular cities among tourists. Millions of dollars were spent on the arrangement of the city, so it is not surprising that tourists can find all the best and pompous there. Therefore, tours in Abu Dhabi are becoming more and more popular.

You can get to the capital of the UAE by direct flight from major cities. Residents of Moscow can use the services of Qatar Airlines. The flight will take a little over 5 hours. There are other carriers as well. A plane ticket costs from $196. You can get from St. Petersburg with transfers, but the ticket will cost about $ 261, and you will have to fly about 18hours.

The cheapest way is to use "last minute" tours: the price can be from 19,000 rubles per person. On average, the cost of tours in all agencies is approximately the same - from 50,000 rubles for two. It includes not only hotel accommodation, but also excursions. The capital of the UAE has interesting sights worth visiting, and in the city itself, tourists can experience luxury and pomp.

mosque in abu dhabi

Weather Features

There is always one season in this city - summer. In the Arab capital, a subtropical climate prevails, and precipitation is rare. The weather in Abu Dhabi in February is suitable for relaxation. Although most of the precipitation falls in winter, the temperature is comfortable for tourists.

The weather in Abu Dhabi in February is perfect for those who do not like the heat: the average temperature there is +24°C. But in the summer there is heat, which is difficult to endure due to humidity. But these climatic features are taken into account: there are air conditioners everywhere in the city.


In Abu Dhabi you can see not only the famous water park. Tourists are offered car rides around the city, during which they will visit the most famous sights. Desert safari is a popular pastime, and romantics even choose to dine in the area.

Separate excursions are worth choosing if you are relaxing in Dubai. There you will be shown the most important sights of the Arab capital, including the water park and the world-famous Ferrari Park.

Abu Dhabi city

Main attractions

You should definitely visit the palace of Sheikh Al-Jaraf and the adjacent nature reserve, which is home to exotic animals and birds. It is worth a trip to the artificial island of Yas, on which the Ferrari park is located. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is famous for the fact that anyone can go there.

One of the most recognizable places is the 8 km long Corniche. It's always noisy and full of tourists. Not far from the airport is Khalifa Park - a green oasis with beautiful architecture.

Abu Dhabi is not just the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This is the personification of luxury, pomposity. Residents of the city show their collections of rare cars and arrange races on Formula 1 tracks. But there is also a lot of greenery here, which does not turn this city into a typical metropolis. In addition, there are cultural attractions in Abu Dhabi.

A trip to the UAE is a great opportunity to get into an Arabian fairy tale, relax on luxurious beaches and admire the sand dunes. Tours to the Emirates are popular because for most people this is a mysterious and beautiful world from the fairy tale about Aladdin.

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