Eagle regiment near the village of Mezmay

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Eagle regiment near the village of Mezmay
Eagle regiment near the village of Mezmay

Eagle regiment is one of the popular natural attractions of the Krasnodar Territory. This place is visited daily by independent tourists and excursion groups. From here you can see a beautiful view of the Lagonaki Highlands, the village of Mezmai, the natural tract of Ivanovy Polyany, the gentle slopes of the Zauda and Mezmai mountains. In the distance you can see the ridges: the Main Caucasian and Azish-Tau.


Eagle shelf is a recess in the rock of Lenin, going deep from 1.5 to 5 meters and up to 3 meters high. The distance from the base of the rock to the shelf is about 70 meters. The ledge rises 300 meters above the Mezmay village, 1000 meters above sea level. The shelf, as this place is affectionately called, got its name thanks to the large birds of prey that live here. Some say they are eagles, others think they are vultures and bearded men.

View of the Eagle Shelf


Lenin Rock, where the Eagle Regiment is located, is located in the vicinity of the village of Mezmay in the Apsheronsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. From a certain point of view, the mountain resembles the profile of the leader of the proletariat of the USSR. Lenin Rock is part of the Guam Range. The mountain is made up oflimestone. It has a karst relief, thanks to which you can find caves, ledges and shelves in it. This area is characterized by a mountain-forest belt of vegetation. The path to Orlinaya Polka passes through a forest of hornbeam and oak, alder, walnut and dogwood are found here. Ferns, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and viburnum are common in the forests. On the route along Mount Lenin there are observation platforms with extensive panoramas.

View of the Eagle shelf from above


Almost anyone can get to the Eagle Shelf if they have the patience. This hike does not require special equipment and climbing skills. There are 3 main paths:

  • The shortest route is 2.5 km, but is considered the most difficult. The trail abruptly gains a height of 300 m. On this route, beautiful panoramas open up. The path starts from the village council of the village of Mezmai, goes to the end of Klubnaya Street and leads to the path to the right of the dirt road. In winter and in the rain, the route is considered impassable.
  • The route from the village of Mezmay
  • The other way is easier. He rounds a sharp rise. This route to the Eagle Shelf at Mezmay begins on Podgornaya Street. It is 100 m longer than the previous one. It is also not recommended for passing in the rain.
  • Another route to Orlinaya Polka, the easiest, runs about 5 km from the village. Travel distance 2.7 km. Climb 120 m. Starts from the parking lot on the side of the road. This route is the best for older travelers and for families with small children.
  • Route from the track

When passing the way to the Eagle Shelf, tourists can stop to rest on Lysaya Polyana. There are logs where you can sit. From here you can admire the views. There is also another ledge on the trail, on the way to Orlinaya. It is smaller in size, but it also offers a beautiful view.

You can go down through Moonglade. There are several large stones (because of this, she received the name Lunar). Go left to Romashkova meadow (in June it is covered with daisies), and after it turn right to the portage (old road), which will lead to the trail. The trail is located on the right bank of the Kurdzhips River to the railway.

Another descent option is to follow the same path that we went up. At the same time, it is not necessary to enter Lysaya Polyana. You can walk along the portage to the village.

The way to the Eagle shelf from Mezmay and back takes about 3 hours. The route has been marked. Coordinates of the "Eagle shelf" - N44 12.618 E39 56.226. Climbing the shelf, it is important to turn off in time and not go along the path to the top of the mountain. It is better to take a walk early in the morning, as excursion groups lead there a little later. It is desirable to choose clear weather without fogs, otherwise part of the view will not be visible.

The village of Mezmay from the Eagle shelf

What to bring on a hike

To make the walk a success, you need to take the necessary things with you:

  • water (may not be found along the way);
  • snack;
  • comfortable shoes with non-slip soles;
  • headdress(especially in hot and sunny weather);
  • camera;
  • first aid kit;
  • mosquito repellent;
  • flashlight, headlamp is better (if you plan to stay until the evening);
  • card;
  • matches;
  • hiking poles (optional but handy).

Currently, the village of Mezmai is developing in the direction of tourism. To help travelers, there is the Mezmai Information Center (MIC). A new asph alt road has been laid to Mezmay, which greatly facilitates the passage of vehicles. There are guest houses in the settlement itself. In addition to the Eagle shelf, near the village there are attractions such as the Kurdzhip Gorge, the Sandikov and Palmovy waterfalls, the cave and the Isichenko waterfall.

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