Recreation center "Tatra", Nizhnevartovsk

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Recreation center "Tatra", Nizhnevartovsk
Recreation center "Tatra", Nizhnevartovsk

Today, almost everyone can afford to rest at the camp site. Nature, fresh air, barbecue… It's inexpensive, and even the busiest city dweller can afford to relax in nature at least once a month in comfortable conditions.

Recreation center "Tatra", Nizhnevartovsk

Tourist base "Tatra"

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Nizhnevartovsk and its environs is the tourist center "Tatra". It is located on the shore of the lake and is surrounded by a picturesque forest. On the territory of the Nizhnevartovsk recreation center "Tatra" there are 15 houses with a capacity of 10 to 20 people and two large cottages for companies up to 40 people. All houses are furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances for a comfortable stay. Disposable dishes are provided for the number of guests. For special occasions, it's best to bring your own dishes. Visitors can also use the bathhouse (electric sauna). Each of the 6 baths is equipped with a steam room and a cozy relaxation room.

Additional services on sitebases

Ski Track

In addition to the possibility of living in comfortable houses, guests of the camp site can use additional services. On the territory of the Tatra recreation center (Nizhnevartovsk) there is a wide beach equipped with changing rooms and toilets. In addition, the recreation center provides additional services for the rental of sports equipment, paintball and volleyball courts. For fans of strength training there is a gym.

For winter recreation, not far from the base, there is a 2-kilometer-long ski run and slides for sledding.

Prices for accommodation and services

Tourist base "Tarta"

A visit to the beach on the camp site without accommodation will cost 100 rubles per person. Anyone can visit it. Renting houses will be a little more expensive. From 5,000 rubles per day (a house for 10 people) to 15,000 rubles (a large house with a sauna, with a capacity of 20 people). The price will depend on the house itself, and the time of stay at the base.

For a complete set of paintball equipment will have to pay 1600 rubles. Ski rental will cost 200 rubles for 2 hours. Children's skis will cost 100 rubles.

Reviews about the recreation center "Tatra" in Nizhnevartovsk

The city has a large number of tourist centers. But the Nizhnevartovsk recreation center "Tatra" is considered one of the most comfortable. At any time of the year there is something to do and even the smallest visitors will be satisfied.

However, nowhere is complete without nuances.The main complaints of visitors relate to the staff. Untimely cleaning of public toilets and houses spoils the impression of the rest. In such situations, neither a landscaped area nor an additional range of services can save. This is especially true on holidays, when many guests come to the camp site. In addition, at the Nizhnevartovsk recreation center "Tatra" they do not poison midges on the beach. So if you go there for the weekend, stock up on insect repellant.

When you visit the Tatra tourist base in Nizhnevartovsk, you will be surprised how comfortable outdoor recreation can be. This is a great solution for those who cannot afford to leave the city for a long time or just want to take a break from the daily routine.

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