Essentuki Airport: it is not there, but Mineralnye Vody is nearby

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Essentuki Airport: it is not there, but Mineralnye Vody is nearby
Essentuki Airport: it is not there, but Mineralnye Vody is nearby

Essentuki is a resort town in the Stavropol Territory. Every year hundreds and thousands of our compatriots come here to undergo sanatorium treatment. In recent years, the popularity of the town has consistently occupied a good position, and the flow of tourists is not declining. It will be cheaper to spend a vacation here than in Sochi or the Crimea, and the benefits will hardly be less. Mineral waters and springs have a beneficial effect on the body and immunity. Many diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, and respiratory organs are treated here.

But how to get here? Is there an airport in Essentuki? What is the fastest and cheapest way to get here? Consider the main ways to travel to this resort town in the Caucasus.

City of Essentuki

Essentuki Airport

Unfortunately, there is no airport terminal here. Many tourists try to buy plane tickets to the city of Essentuki, but are surprised to find that no planes fly here. The city itself is small, so there is no need for the construction of the Essentuki airport. It would not be economically viable because the city does not need to takea large flow of air passengers. The railway and bus stations are quite coping with this. Actually, these are the simplest and most popular ways to get to a spa vacation.

How to get here?

The first way is the railway. There is a railway station in Essentuki, where electric trains from Mineralnye Vody and other cities of the Caucasus regularly arrive. Trains from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan and other large Russian cities also come here. The schedule changes depending on the season. The price of a ticket and the frequency of train departures can be viewed on the official website of Russian Railways or on aggregator websites. There you can also buy a ticket for a reserved seat carriage or compartment.

Train station in Essentuki

The second way is the bus. A direct flight to Essentuki departs from the bus station of Mineralnye Vody, Stavropol, Krasnodar. There are more rare, charter flights from other cities. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between Moscow and Essentuki, but you can get there by regular bus that goes to Kislovodsk. Travel time from the capital to the resort is approximately 28-30 hours.

Finally, the third way - own car. The trip will take about a day, and if the driver is alone, you will have to spend the night on the road. Then the journey will take a couple of days.

Mineralnye Vody Airport

The fastest way to get to Essentuki is through the airport in Mineralnye Vody. Planes from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation regularly fly here. A detailed schedule is available on the websites of airlines and the airport complex in Minvody.

Airport Mineralnye Vody

This is a fairly comfortable federal airport, it has international status. The building has recently been renovated. It has a VIP terminal, a duty-free zone, a spacious waiting room.

The territory of the complex is equipped with recreation areas, and in the immediate vicinity there are small hotels and hostels where you can spend the night. The airport itself is located in a very beautiful and picturesque place, from here you can enjoy an excellent view of the mountains.

To Essentuki from Minvod

From the airport to Essentuki the road will not take much time. 37 kilometers are overcome by train, car or bus in 30-40 minutes. The regularity of flights allows you to leave from Mineralnye Vody to your destination at almost any time. In addition, there is always a taxi at the airport complex, which will quickly take you to a sanatorium or hotel for a reasonable price.

Thus, there are two ways to get to Essentuki: the airport in Mineralnye Vody, and then transfer to a bus, taxi or train, or a direct train or bus flight to Essentuki.

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