Travel to the islands: how much to fly to Bora Bora from Moscow

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Travel to the islands: how much to fly to Bora Bora from Moscow
Travel to the islands: how much to fly to Bora Bora from Moscow

Let's talk in our article about a beautiful island where literally everyone can find a paradise for themselves. Bora Bora is an amazing place where you can get acquainted with foreign culture, unique traditions and customs. The place is a standard Darwinian coral island: a volcano mountain that is surrounded by small islands called "motu". On small islands there are comfortable hotels with bungalows, most of which are built on stilts in the water. Please note that there are no private beaches in the resort. You can rest anywhere. The distance from Moscow to the resort is quite large, so you can only get to the island by air. Consider in our article how much to fly to Bora Bora from Moscow.

Flight time to the islands

How long is the flight from Moscow to Bora Bora?

Before flying on vacation, it is important to determine in advance in which country the transfer will take place. If you want to fly to the resort through Japan, then you should calculate how much to fly to Bora Bora. From Moscow to Narita International Airport (Narita) about 9-10 hours. After that fromTokyo to Papeete (Papeete) 12-13 hours. It is important to remember that the plane flies once every four days. The road from Papeete to Bora Bora will take 45-55 minutes.

Do not forget that tourists can stay in Tokyo for a maximum of 72 hours without a visa. So how long is the flight to Bora Bora from Moscow? The flight to the islands with transfers will take about 16-17 hours. If you have the opportunity to spend a lot of time traveling, then you can safely go to the islands with transfers around the world.

If you decide to fly with a transfer through America, it is important to pre-order a transit visa. In most cases, transfers are carried out by all airlines. From Moscow, the resort can also be reached through one of the main European cities and the center of culture, gastronomy, art and fashion - Paris.

If you want to know in general how long it takes to fly to Bora Bora from Moscow, you need to calculate the time spent on the road, since you will need to make one or two transfers. This is due to the fact that no airline in the world does direct flights. To get to this delightful island, you must make transfers: from Moscow to Papeete or through Tokyo or through the capital of the American film and television industry - Los Angeles.

Airports of the islands

flight from Moscow to Bora Bora

Do you want to travel? Then it is better not to be distracted by the constant search for the necessary airports, but to study their location on the map. Knowing all the roads on the island, you can not waste your time on long journeys, and most importantly,quickly navigate to Bora Bora.

Motu Mute Regional Airport plays an important role in Oceania's transportation infrastructure. This is due to the fact that all flights are carried out through this airport, which many consider the most cozy and comfortable for travelers from around the world. There are literally all conditions for waiting for a flight: shops, cafes, restaurants, shops and even beauty salons. How long is the flight from Moscow to Bora Bora to Motu Mute airport? The journey will take approximately 18-19 hours.

Tahiti Faa'a International Airport on the island of Tahiti is the only one located in the southwest of French Polynesia. Interesting is the fact that it is built on a drained coral reef. Despite the fact that the airport is small, there is everything that is necessary for tourists, from cafes and shops to currency exchange offices and post office.

Time difference

Bora Bora airports

When organizing a flight from Moscow to Bora Bora, find out how many hours to fly and the time difference in advance. It is -14 hours. This means that if it is 03:00 in Bora Bora, then it is 13:00 in Moscow. It is quite easy to adapt to the new time and climate change, as the weather on the island is not hot, but warm. The temperature is within +30 °C, and a cool breeze blows from the sea. Please note that there is no sweltering heat on the islands.

Cost of a plane ticket

plane tickets to Bora Bora

When deciding to relax in Bora Bora, get ready to open your wallet wider. The best thingMake sure you have more cash with you. Do you want to fly to the islands to relax together? Then you will need about a million rubles and even more in some cases. The cost of the cheapest plane ticket to Tokyo will cost 60 thousand rubles, then from Tokyo to Bora Bora - almost twice as much. The total price of an air ticket to Bora Bora will directly depend on the visa regime and the place of transfer, as well as on the airline. It is known that the cheapest one-way flights will cost from 100 thousand rubles (from Qantas). Air Tahiti Nui is offering round-trip tickets to Bora Bora for 170,000 rubles.

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