From Kerch to Simferopol by bus, car, train

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From Kerch to Simferopol by bus, car, train
From Kerch to Simferopol by bus, car, train

The ancient city of Kerch is the main land gate to the Crimea, connecting the Krasnodar Territory and the peninsula by ferry crossing. The highway Kerch - Simferopol - Sevastopol connects the eastern part of Crimea with the western one, passing through the entire republic.

kerch simferopol
kerch simferopol

Distance from Kerch to Simferopol

The distance between Kerch and Simferopol is 210 km. The road passes through the following settlements:

  • p. Seaside;
  • g. Feodosia;
  • g. Old Crimea;
  • g. Belogorsk.

Usually travel time is about 3 hours. In the summer, you can spend much longer on the road due to heavy traffic, especially in the area of Belogorsk and Feodosia.

To Simferopol from Kerch by train

You can get to Simferopol from Kerch by train. Railway station address: pl. Privokzalnaya, 3.

From the railway station, electric trains leave daily for Dzhankoy, where you can transfer to the train going to Simferopol. Firstthe train from Kerch to Dzhankoy leaves at 08:35, the last one at 20:40. 3 electric trains depart from Dzhankoy to Simferopol.


  • Kerch-Dzhankoy – 267.4 rubles;
  • Dzhankoy-Simferopol – 127.4 rubles

Before you need to carefully read the timetable of electric trains, because. RZD often makes changes. If you successfully dock the arrival and departure of trains, then the travel time will be about 7 hours.

Bus Service

Kerch bus station is conveniently located in the city center on the street. Eremenko, 30. Buses and cars arriving in Crimea via a ferry crossing must stop at the bus station or pass by it.

The bus station is open around the clock, the building has shops, ATMs, a pharmacy, cafes, lockers, toilets.

Many flights at the Kerch bus station are transit, passengers from Crimea pass Kerch, going to Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Gelendzhik, Astrakhan, Bryansk, Volgograd and other cities.

simferopol kerch bus
simferopol kerch bus

You can take a comfortable bus from Kerch to Simferopol or other Crimean cities (Sevastopol, Y alta, Evpatoria, Armyansk, Dzhankoy, Saki).

On the Kerch-Simferopol route, the bus travels for about 4 hours, making stops depending on the schedule of its transport company. The busses that go the longest are those that call at Lenino and Shchelkino villages.

Depending on the flight, the Kerch-Simferopol bus may arrive at one of the bus stations in the Crimean capital:

  • central, st. Kyiv, 4;
  • bus station Kurortnaya, st. Gagarina, 8 (near the railway station);
  • airport, pl. Airport, 1.

The first flight from Kerch to Simferopol leaves at 01:40, the last - at 22:20. Regularity of flights - 20-30 min.

There are 3 daily flights from Kerch to Simferopol airport:

  • 07:25;
  • 11:50;
  • 20:30.

The fare depends on the route, transport company. The minimum price is 350 rubles.

from kerch to simferopol
from kerch to simferopol

Route Kerch-Simferopol by car

The Kerch-Simferopol distance is easiest to overcome on your own car. In this case, gasoline consumption will be about 19 liters at the rate of 9 liters / 100 km, which will cost about 850-900 rubles.

You can also take a taxi from the ancient city of Kerch to the Crimean capital, the cost depends on the transport company, the starting price is from 3500 rubles.

New road

In mid-2020, it is planned to open a new federal highway "Tavrida". The A-150 highway will connect the cities of Kerch, Simferopol, Sevastopol, it is planned that it will be a well-equipped modern road with 4-lane traffic and safe separation of oncoming traffic. It is planned that cars will be able to drive on the new road with a speed limit of 120 km/h.

kerch simferopol distance
kerch simferopol distance

Sights along the way

The road from Kerch to Simferopol passes through beautiful and interesting places. If possible, then along the way you cansee a variety of sights and swim in the sea.

What you can see:

  1. Melek-Chesme mound of the 4th century BC has been preserved at the Kerch bus station
  2. Passing through Kerch, you can stop by the Kerch fortress, built by the famous engineer Totleben in the 19th century. This is a unique structure, skillfully hidden underground on the seashore.
  3. On the outskirts of Kerch there are griffins - the symbol of the city.
  4. Halfway between Kerch and Feodosia are the famous lakes - Tobechikskoe and Koyashskoe, the water in which turns bright pink in summer.
  5. Near Feodosia in the village of Primorskoe and Beregovoe you can swim on the Golden Beaches.
  6. Feodosia is a city famous for its numerous monuments of history and architecture. The most popular among tourists is the museum-art gallery of the marine painter I. Aivazovsky.
  7. In the city of Stary Krym, next to the highway, there is the oldest mosque of the peninsula - the mosque of Khan Uzbek, which dates back to the 14th century.
  8. Near the city of Belogorsk is the largest safari park in the Crimea "Taigan", where many animals live.
  9. At the entrance to Simferopol in the village. Mazanka is a museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky, and in the village. Donskoye is a natural attraction Wolf Grotto.
  10. Arriving at the central bus station of Simferopol can enjoy a walk through the beautiful park located nearby. A well-groomed park is the Botanical Garden of the Tauride University, where the well-preserved palace of Count M. S. Vorontsov is located.