Sights of Panama: historical places, museums, interesting excursions, tips and tricks

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Sights of Panama: historical places, museums, interesting excursions, tips and tricks
Sights of Panama: historical places, museums, interesting excursions, tips and tricks

Panama is a small state of the American continent, located on the territory of the Isthmus of Panama between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Before traveling, tourists who are going to visit this amazing country are advised to familiarize themselves with the photos and descriptions of the sights of Panama so that they can build an interesting route and make the trip as bright and memorable as possible.

Panama Canal

This is Panama's main attraction and the most ambitious and complex building project in the world. It is called the eighth wonder of the world. This shipping channel connected the Gulf of Panama with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Its length is more than 80 kilometers.

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Every tourist is recommended to go to the city of Balboa and buy a ticket there for a tour of the canal on board the ship. Thisthe tour will give even the most experienced traveler a unique experience. Climbing 26 meters from the level of the Pacific Ocean with three-stage locks, from where Corte Culebra begins, part of the channel, which is a 14-kilometer trench, then Gatun Lake, created to feed the locks, passing islands and the coast with a rain forest - all this will make the tour bright and unforgettable.

Panama City

This is the capital and major ultra-modern city of this amazing country. It stretches for ten kilometers along the Pacific coast. There are many glass skyscrapers here, but there are also slum areas. Sightseeing in Panama will take at least two days.

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Bolivar Square

The old part of the city attracts tourists with its originality. There are many attractions in Panama. For a more detailed acquaintance with them, tourists are recommended to walk. Bolivar Square is a convenient place to stop and relax. In the center of it is a monument to Simon Bolivar. Near the square there is the Cathedral of St. Francis, the Bolivar Palace, the Church of St. Felipe Neri.

Plaza de France

In the historical center of Panama, this is one of the main attractions. The perimeter of the square consists of vaulted vaults with arched entrances. They have been used for many different purposes over the centuries.

At first, seven interconnected arches served the city as a defensive fortification. In the 18th century, vaults were placed here. In the 19th century they made a boulevardto connect two pedestrian parts of the city. For some time, the thick walls of this structure were adapted for barracks, and then for a prison.

Currently, the arches of Las Bovedas are an integral part of the square's architecture. On the walls there are commemorative plaques telling about important events in the life of the city and the country, about the outstanding personalities who built Panama City and the legendary Panama Canal.

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National Theater

It is considered a landmark of the city of Panama. It was built in 1908. At the beginning of its existence, it was very popular with the city's nobility. But after a while everything fell into disrepair. The building began to be used as a cinema. At the beginning of the 21st century, the theater was restored and began to function as a theater. Its external facade is made in the classical style, the interior decoration in the Baroque style is luxurious: gilded arches of balconies, railings, expensive scarlet velvet draperies. The ceiling of the theater is painted by the famous Panamanian artist Robert Lewis. The entire auditorium with several levels of balconies can accommodate 850 spectators.

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Coiba National Park

This is one of the most beautiful sights in Panama. Coiba National Park will surprise visitors with coral reefs, dolphins, diverse marine life, beautiful beaches and exciting fishing. This park is an archipelago of 38 islands located on the Pacific coast.province of Veraguas in the Gulf of Chiriqui. The name of the park comes from the name of the largest island in the whole country - Coiba. It is very popular with tourists visiting this country.

Pearl Islands

Pearl Islands can often be seen in the photo of Panama's sights. Southeast of Panama City, in the Gulf of Panama, lies the Las Perlas archipelago. It consists of several large islands (Pedro Gonzalez, San Jose, Contadora, Isla Pacheco, Isla del Rey, Chapera, Saboga, Mogo-Mogo, Viveros and Casaya), as well as several dozen small islands and reefs. In total, the group includes 97 islands. Europeans discovered this archipelago in 1513. The story of how the leader of Panquiaco told Vasco Nunez de Balboa about the unusual islands with a lot of pearls located south of the isthmus has become a legend. Now the main source of income here is pearl mining. The islands have become a major world resort. Here is a very exotic coast with white sand, turquoise water and lush vegetation. Many boarding houses and small hotels have been built on the islands. And fans of sport fishing are recommended to visit Punta Cocos, which is located on the island of Isla del Rey.

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Contadora Island

This is an island located fifty kilometers off the Panamanian coast and part of the Pearl Archipelago. There are unusually beautiful beaches with white sand, turquoise water and coral reefs. This island has the only official nude beach.

Santa Catalina Beach

Thisone of the best surf beaches in Panama. It is quite secluded and located in the city of Santa Catalina. There are very powerful waves, reaching a height of more than 10 meters. Constant tides on this beach give a strong tidal push, fluctuations are 8 meters or more. Surfers from all over the world come here to conquer the Pacific waves.

Sekas Archipelago

The Secas Islands are a string of 16 uninhabited islands located in the west of the Pacific coast of Panama. Here tourists are waiting for wild nature with lush vegetation, extinct volcanoes, unique wildlife. This is the so-called eco-resort with limited access for tourists. The service here is high class. Tourists go deep sea fishing, diving and windsurfing here.

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Volcano Baru

This is a natural landmark of the Republic of Panama. It is located in the province of Chiriqui in a national park, in close proximity to the Talamanca mountain range. This is the highest point in Panamanian territory. The height of this volcano is about 3,5 thousand meters. Baru Volcano is famous for its healing thermal springs. People who come from all over Central America are being treated here. Baru Volcano is very convenient for mountaineering and climbing, therefore it is a favorite place for climbers.

Taboga Island

This island, discovered by the Spaniards in 1524, is located 20 kilometers from Panama City. This is a historical landmark of the country of Panama. He became the firstdeep water port. But, since it was subjected to constant raids by pirates, the Spaniards were forced to build defensive structures on the neighboring island of El Morro to protect the port. Port defense worked for three centuries. In 1882, the first sanatorium was built on the island of Taboga. This island is now known as the "Isle of Flowers". There are beautiful beaches that attract tourists. At the top of the Cerro Vicia hill, at an altitude of 300 meters, there is an observation deck. The island has a small tract of rainforest with lush flowering vegetation, as well as the largest Hispanic colony of brown pelicans.

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