Zelenovskie lakes, Kamchatka: photo, description

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Zelenovskie lakes, Kamchatka: photo, description
Zelenovskie lakes, Kamchatka: photo, description

Hot springs are a natural manifestation of volcanic areas. In total, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, there are only about 150 largest outcrops of thermal springs.

Twenty kilometers from the city of Yelizovo are wonderful baths. This place is located near the Pinachevsky hydrogen sulfide water deposit. A dispensary equipped with several hydrogen sulfide baths has been built here.

These springs are called Zelenovskie Ozerki.


In other regions of the country, hydrogen sulfide waters are formed in the process of interaction of organic sediments with sulfur-containing rocks with the obligatory participation of biogenic factors. In the case of Kamchatka, there are no such formation conditions. However, the release of hydrogen sulfide of volcanic origin is common here, but here the conditions for the formation of healing springs are not very favorable. Currently only 4 are known.groups of springs - Pinachevsky, Ozernovsky, Sivuchinsky and Drankinsky, where, along with hydrogen sulfide, their waters contain other components that are beneficial in treatment.

There are 3 groups of hot springs in the Paratunka river valley. They come to the surface 70 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and represent the core of the Paratunka recreational zone. In the village of the same name with the river, which has turned into a large balneological resort, there are Nizhne-Paratunsky springs, in the vicinity of which recreation centers, guest houses and hotels are built.

Another one of the most popular and accessible springs in Kamchatka are the springs located near Yelizovo - Zelenovskie lakes. This place is also one of the most visited in Kamchatka. The therapeutic effect is mainly achieved due to the content of hydrogen sulfide and radon in the water.

Many Kamchatka springs are used by people for healing or just for a pleasant pastime. Relaxing in the water is an incomparable pleasure, especially in the winter season. And after taking such baths, the sensations become simply fantastic. Specially for a course of treatment, people rarely come to hot springs, however, their visit is included in the plans of many tourist routes around the Kamchatka Territory.

More information about these places is provided later in the article.

Yelizovo city

General information about the city of Yelizovo

The settlement is located on the banks of the river. Avachi, at a distance of 32 kilometers from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky(to the west). Date of origin - until 1848 as a rural settlement Staroostrozhnoe. The village began to bear the name Zavoyko in the period 1897-1923. The name was given in honor of V. S. Zavoyko (the famous governor of Kamchatka), under whose leadership in 1854, during the defense of Peter and Paul, an assault by an Anglo-French squadron was successfully repelled. In 1923, the name of the town was changed to Elizovo, in honor of Georgy Matveyevich Elizov (commander of a partisan detachment), who died in 1922 in Kamchatka.

City Attractions:

  • Local History Regional Museum.
  • Museum of Nature belonging to the Kronotsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve.
  • Monuments to V. Lenin, G. Elizov and memorial plaques.

Description of sources

For vacationers in the dispensary near Zelenovskie lakes, special small baths with different water temperatures (from cool to hot) are equipped. Having taken procedures in them, you can swim in the nearby lake, which is fed by the waters of ice springs. For the convenience of vacationers, showers, changing rooms and cafes have been built near the baths.

Baths "Zelenovskiye Ozerki"

It should be remembered that before taking the procedures, it is necessary to remove silver jewelry, as they darken greatly in such water. Local baths are also recommended for children over three years of age.

On the benefits of sources

The waters of Zelenovskie lakes have a beneficial effect on the body, improving metabolism and strengthening the immune system. Such baths are useful for the prevention of heart disease,they contribute to the healing of wounds and other skin lesions, as well as the removal of protein breakdown products from the body. Water treatments have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, resolving and desensitizing effect.

Mineral hydrogen sulfide baths are widely used by patients with gynecological diseases, as well as those suffering from problems with the musculoskeletal system. Procedures are also useful in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, skin and many others. others

Surroundings of lakes


The baths of Zelenovsky lakes, as well as other hydrogen sulfide sources, are not useful for everyone. They are contraindicated for those suffering from any forms and stages of kidney disease, as well as tuberculosis. The procedures should not be taken by those who suffer from diseases of the digestive organs (stage of incomplete remission and exacerbation) and respiratory organs (stage of remission), as well as those with hypothyroidism and persistent hypotension.

Contraindications mainly apply to those resorts where hydrogen sulfide waters have a concentration of more than 50 mg per liter. In any case, the doctors of the dispensary prescribe an appropriate and correct course of treatment depending on the patient's state of he alth.

Baths of dispensary

In conclusion

How to get to Zelenovskie lakes? Today, a bus route is open for those who do not have personal vehicles, following from the bus station 10 km Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village. Razdolny. The bus runs 2 times a day on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. From the village you should drive or walk about 5 more kilometersto the lakes. There is also a minibus that takes you directly to the Zelenovskie Ozerki recreation center, located near the springs.

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