What is interesting in Krasnodar: interesting places and sights

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What is interesting in Krasnodar: interesting places and sights
What is interesting in Krasnodar: interesting places and sights

Those who love to travel across the vast expanses of Russia should visit Krasnodar. This is a city that has the unspoken status of the southern capital of the country, as well as a major economic and cultural center of the North Caucasus. Krasnodar is separated from Moscow by a distance of 1110 kilometers. The city is located 78 km from the Black Sea and 98 km from the Sea of Azov. Krasnodar attracts many travelers with its cultural attractions and numerous parks.

A bit of history

Where Krasnodar is today, people settled back in the 4th c. BC e. This fact is confirmed by scientists who continue to conduct archaeological research of ancient settlements to this day.

At the beginning of the 18th c. the city became a military outpost, defending the Russian Empire from raids carried out by nomadic tribes. At that time it was called Ekaterinodar. The city was named after thisthe great empress, since by her decree the southern lands were donated to the Cossacks. These fighting warriors keep their watch to this day, but only on the coat of arms of Krasnodar.


What is interesting in Krasnodar? Most tourists begin their acquaintance with the city by visiting the main street of the southern capital, which is called Red. And such a decision is quite justified. Indeed, in this area of Krasnodar there is a huge number of ancient buildings with picturesque architecture. And street musicians and shady trees will add a little sophistication to an ordinary walk. Here you can also have a bite to eat by visiting one of the local restaurants.

Krasnodar from a bird's eye view
Krasnodar from a bird's eye view

There is a color-musical fountain on Red Street. Its main feature is that anyone who wishes can change the illumination of the jets and their color palette using their smartphone. Currently, this "singing" fountain is the largest in Europe. Not far from it is the Alexander Triumphal Arch, which was reconstructed relatively recently.

Sometimes tourists mistakenly believe that this street, located in the very center of Krasnodar, is named after the Red Army. However, it is not. In the Old Russian language, the word "red" meant "beautiful". That is how the main street of Krasnodar was named.

For a long period, only dilapidated buildings could be seen here. However, gradually the street began to be rebuilt, because of which it changed its appearance and began to correspond to the name given to it.

Renamed it tothroughout the history of Krasnodar several times. If at first it was Red, then after the arrival of Nicholas II in the city in 1914, it became known as Nikolaevsky Prospekt. The Bolsheviks who came to power returned it to its original name. In 1949, the central street of Krasnodar began to bear the name of Stalin in honor of the leader's 70th birthday. She became Red again in 1957.

Among the interesting streets of Krasnodar, one can also name a rather busy street of Montazhnikov. Shanghai University is located here, accepting students to study in China. There are many food outlets on this street. It is located on it and several supermarkets.

One of the most important and oldest streets in the city is Stavropolskaya. It began to be actively built up in the 1880s. However, the buildings of the 19th century. almost not preserved on it.

House of Ataman Bursak

Among the interesting places and sights of Krasnodar is a building built two hundred years ago, which once belonged to a very extraordinary personality. Its owner was Fyodor Yakovlevich Bursak, who at the age of 24 fled from Kyiv Bursa to the Zaporizhzhya Sich. All his later life was devoted to the Cossack army and serving the Russian state. Bursak was also under the command of Suvorov during the capture of the Turkish fortress of Izmail, and also carried out especially important assignments of ataman Z. Chelegi.

From January 1800, Fyodor Yakovlevich was at the head of the Black Sea Cossack army, becoming its ataman. Thanks to the decisive measures taken by him, the highlanders stopped making their raids on the lands of the Kuban.tribes.

Ataman Bursak's house
Ataman Bursak's house

Fyodor Yakovlevich paid great attention to the development of production and education. In 1803, he opened the first educational institution in the south of the Russian Empire, a year later it was transformed into a military school. In 1806, the first library began to work on these lands. Its founders were Fyodor Bursak, as well as Archpriest Kirill of Russia.

Thanks to the efforts of the chieftain, the Cossacks built a military cathedral, around which they built an outbuilding. They housed bachelors who arrived in Krasnodar from kurens. Bursak became the founder of a cloth factory, a stud farm and a sheepfold in the Kuban.

Many famous personalities visited the house of this hospitable Cossack. Among them are generals Yermolov and Raevsky, poets Pushkin and Lermontov, as well as the Decembrists Odoevsky, Katenin, Marlinsky and Bestuzhev.

In 1992, the building of ataman Bursak was restored. Thanks to these works, he managed to restore the original appearance. Today, one of the branches of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments is located here.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

What is interesting to see in Krasnodar? Holy Trinity is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful churches in the city. It was decided to build it after the royal family, who decided to visit Ekaterinodar, managed to escape by a miracle during a railway accident. It was after this event that the City Council decided to build a new church. The first stone in its foundation was laid in 1900. In the summer of 1910, the church erected on Trinity was illuminated. On herterritory, in addition to the main building, there was a school and a parochial school.

Today this church is one of the most interesting sights of Krasnodar. Entering it, you can see the amazing beauty of the iconostasis. In this cathedral, as in former times, divine services are held and prayers are read. On them, believers are called by a bell, the sound of which can be heard in many districts of Krasnodar.

St. Catherine's Church

What other places of interest are there for tourists in Krasnodar? One of the sights of the city is St. Catherine's Church, for the construction of which the Russian-Byzantine style was used. This church has five domes. One of them, the largest, is located in the center. Four smaller sizes are in the corners.

In 2012, craftsmen who came to Krasnodar from Moscow and Rostov restored the main dome. They covered it with gold leaf and placed a new cross on top of it.

The outer walls of the temple have decorative relief masonry. Arched brows are installed above its windows. Along the perimeter of the building there are ornamental belts and a patterned cornice. Crosses can be seen in places on the walls.

The bell tower of the temple has a connection with its main premises and serves as its entrance. No less impressive is the interior of the church. Its walls are decorated with paintings made by eminent icon painters and artists.

Church of Alexander Nevsky

Many interesting places in Krasnodar, where tourists should certainly go, are religiousstructures. They are included in the list of the main attractions of the city.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky
Temple of Alexander Nevsky

What interesting things can you see in Krasnodar? One of the most visited objects of the city is the temple, erected in honor of the right-believing Prince Alexander Nevsky. In former times, it was believed that he, as a defender of the Fatherland, is the patron of the Cossacks in their difficult service.

This is a majestic building with five golden domes rising above its snow-white walls. Entering inside, the first thing that any person feels is freedom and lightness. The two-tier iconostasis made of marble makes a huge impression. Its length is 11 m, and its height is about 7 m. The weight of the iconostasis is 42 tons. Work on its inlay continued for 9 months. Framed with white marble and temple windows. Icon cases were made for them from this stone.

Monument to Catherine II

What is interesting in Krasnodar for tourists? Among the sights of the city is a monument erected in honor of the Russian Empress. Its opening took place in 1907. After the October Revolution, the monument was destroyed by the Bolsheviks. The newly restored monument was unveiled in 2006

monument to Catherine II
monument to Catherine II

It is located on Red Street. The height of the monument is 13.81 m. Of these, the figure of Catherine holding the orb and scepter is 4 m.

Monument to St. Great Martyr Catherine

Whatinteresting things in Krasnodar? Catherine the Great Martyr has long been considered the patroness of the city. A monument to her was erected in 2009. Travelers can see it on the Central Alley of the southern capital of Russia. The sculpture, whose height is 8 m, is made of bronze. The pedestal on which Catherine stands looks like a bell. There is a crown on the head of the Great Martyr, and an Orthodox cross over her right shoulder. Small fountains surround this monument.

Shukhov Tower

This attraction of Krasnodar is located near the circus. The Shukhov Tower is a hyperboloid openwork structure made of steel. The tower was built in 1935. Engineer V. G. Shukhov supervised its construction. The height of this structure is 25 m.

Today the tower is in a satisfactory condition, but it is not used for its intended purpose.

Kissing Bridge

This place is considered one of the most romantic in Krasnodar and is located in its Central District. This is a small pedestrian bridge passing through the bay of the Kuban River, which is called Zaton. It was built in 2003. Since then, the Bridge of Kisses has become a favorite place for newlyweds in the city. As a sign of their eternal love, the spouses hang small locks on its railings. The bridge offers a wonderful view of the city park and the Kuban River.

Monument to Lida and Shurik

This sculptural composition is also a landmark of the city. It was installed in 2017 near the Kuban Technical University. This idea was proposed by the governorKrasnodar Territory A. Tkachev. Dozens of craftsmen worked on the sculpture.

Monument to Shurik and Lidochka
Monument to Shurik and Lidochka

Shurik and Lidochka are the prototypes of the heroes of the comedy film by L. Gaidai and symbolize students.

Monument called "Dog's Capital"

The author of this playful sculptural composition is Valery Pchelin. It is dedicated to the poem of the same name written by Mayakovsky. At one time, the poet had a chance to perform in Krasnodar, and he nicknamed the city "Dog's Capital".

Established in 2007, the composition features a loving dog couple walking on their hind legs. The lady and the gentleman are wearing clothes that were fashionable in the last century.

The Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan

This sculpture by Valery Pchelin is dedicated to the painting of the same name by Ilya Repin. It is located on Red Street. All figures of the Cossacks are made in full growth and cast in bronze. Next to the arguing and writing heroes, the author decided to put a bronze bench. Now everyone can sit on it and feel the spirit of the story itself.

City Garden

Among the interesting places to visit in Krasnodar is this oldest park. It was founded in 1848. The landscape design of the park was developed by Jacob Bickelmeyer, making this place one of the most beautiful in the city.

During the Civil War, and after the Great Patriotic War, the city garden was in disrepair. To date, here you can walk along beautiful alleys with hazel planted on them, Japanesesophora, linden and black walnut. There are many adult and children's attractions in the park. A dolphinarium operates on its territory. A beautiful lake awaits vacationers, on the water surface of which swans and ducks swim.

Chistyakovskaya Grove

What is interesting in Krasnodar? Tourists who come to the city are advised to visit a large park, which is located in the very center of the southern capital of Russia. Founded in 1900, it covers an area of 36 hectares.

In 2008, the park was reconstructed in the spirit of old Russian traditions. A children's town was built on an area of 8 hectares on its territory. There is also a rope park. It is the only one in the whole city.

Sun Island Park

This object is also included in the list of interesting places in the city. The park, whose name sounds like "Sunny Island", is located on the banks of the Kuban River. Its history began in the distant 1876. And all this time it was constantly being equipped. New types of flowers and trees were planted on its territory.

In 1959 it became known as the "Park of Culture and Leisure". Today this place has a fairly developed infrastructure. Guests can ride 28 attractions, visit a sports complex with a tennis court, an ice rink and other equally interesting venues. There is a chain of restaurants and cafes in the park, offering cuisine for every taste.

Botanical Garden. I. S. Kosenko

What other interesting places are there in Krasnodar? One of the most visited objects by tourists is the botanical garden of the city, named after I. S. Kosenko. Its history began in 1959 with the opening of the experimental base of the Agrarian University.

Today it is a botanical garden, on the territory of which grow plants brought from different parts of the world - America, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and continents. It is spread over 40 hectares and offers to admire 90 types of flowers and 300 varieties of plants, 70 of which are listed in the Red Book. The Botanical Garden of Krasnodar has the status of a natural monument of the Kuban region.

Safari Park

Where is it interesting for children in Krasnodar? There is a safari park for them, which was opened in 2006. It is located on the territory of Sunny Island, occupying about 10 hectares. Here visitors can get acquainted with more than 250 species of birds and animals, many of which we know only from the Red Book.

Safari Park in Krasnodar
Safari Park in Krasnodar

There are many flower beds and fountains in the park. There is also a theater of pinnipeds, in which sea walruses and seals arrange their performances. There is also a dino park with moving figures of dinosaurs in this territory.


What else can you visit in the southern capital of Russia? Among the interesting places in Krasnodar for children is the oceanarium, which is considered the largest in the region. This building was built in 2011. The most modern technologies were used in the development of its project.

The territory of the aquarium covers an area of 3 thousand square meters. m. There are more than a dozen aquariums on it, in which there are several thousand marine animals and fish. Here you can see the mostthe largest one-piece aquarium in Russia with a volume of 55 thousand liters. It contains marine predators, which can be observed through a viewing glass.

This is interesting

Not many people know that the southern capital of Russia is located in a seismically dangerous area. Despite the fact that the epicenter of earthquakes is at the bottom of the Black Sea, their tremors are felt on the streets of the city. Fortunately, none of these natural phenomena caused any damage.

There are other interesting facts about Krasnodar. So, the largest river in the North Caucasus flows through the city. This is the Kuban, whose basin is spread over 58 thousand square meters. km.

Among interesting facts about Krasnodar is its leadership among Russian cities in terms of the number of cars per 1000 people. This number is 437. In Moscow, for example, it is 417.

During the war with Nazi Germany, Krasnodar was occupied by enemies and entered the top ten cities that suffered the most during the occupation. After the victory, the ruins of the old city were demolished, and then new quarters were built on this site.

Kuban Cossack Choir
Kuban Cossack Choir

In Krasnodar there is a Kuban Cossack choir. In Russia, this is the only group of folk art, whose history began in the 19th century.