Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang): photo and description, hotel infrastructure, tourist reviews

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Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang): photo and description, hotel infrastructure, tourist reviews
Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang): photo and description, hotel infrastructure, tourist reviews

In this article we will talk about the Golden Rain 3hotel (Vietnam, Nha Trang). Photos and reviews of tourists will complement our description. It should immediately be said that in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang there are two hotels called "Golden Rain". And they both have three stars. Previously, there was only one management of them, then the second hotel went to the son of the owner, and now it has completely changed the owner …

So, when planning a trip to Nha Trang, you need to immediately choose which hotel you like best: Golden Rain 3 or Golden Rain-2 3, since it is no longer possible to change buildings when buying a tour. In this article, we will pay attention to this second hotel. Moreover, many tourists managed to live in both and have the opportunity to compare.

Golden Rain - 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam). Description
Golden Rain - 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam). Description


The hotelier tried to collect all categories of vacationers. For example, Golden Rain 3(Nha Trang, Vietnam) in the reviews tourists callcountry hotel. It is located on the second line from the sea in the so-called resort area. It can be found next to hotels such as Liberty, Vien Dong and Legend C. To the beach from the hotel to go exactly three minutes (100 meters). But if you want to find yourself in the center of Nha Trang, you will have to take a bus, because Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang) is located ten kilometers from the center.

Its namesake labeled "2" is also located in the European quarter of Nha Trang. The distance between the two hotels is only 150-200 meters. The entire tourist infrastructure of the European Quarter is within walking distance. There are plenty of cafes and eateries close to both hotels. There is also no shortage of massage parlors, discos, supermarkets.

From the attractions of Nha Trang, the Long Son Pagoda is closest to both hotels. As for the disadvantages of the location of the Golden Rain 3hotel, this is a disco bar adjacent directly to the building. In 2018, construction was carried out next to the hotel. The sea is visible only from the upper floors, as the hotels on the first line close it.


Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang): hotel description

The hotel was built in 2011. It is a 12-story building. Only the upper floors have balconies. The narrow building has only one elevator, which can be an inconvenience in the morning when guests leave for breakfast. From the outside, the building looks unassuming. In the basement there is a garage, and on the top floor there is a swimming pool and a gym. Reception, like a restaurant,located in the basement. The surrounding territory of the hotel does not, as such. It's just a house on a city street.

The same situation is observed in Golden Rain - 2 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam). The only difference is that this hotel is newer, built with modern materials and original design. Its building consists of 18 floors. In addition, the son's legacy (which he has already sold) is larger. The building of "Golden Rain - 2" is not only higher, but also wider. This means that it has two elevators, which, of course, is more convenient than one. And all the rooms there have balconies.

Golden Rain -2 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang)
Golden Rain -2 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang)

Description of rooms

Tourists traveling as a couple, three or a family of 4 can find suitable accommodation at this hotel. Rooms Golden Rain 3(Vietnam, Nha Trang) consists of rooms:

  • deluxe,
  • superior,
  • suite.

Cheap rooms (with a balcony) are also available on the upper floors, but you need to book them in advance. All of the deluxe suites are on the lower levels and only have windows, which, according to reviews, makes it difficult to dry your beach suits. For the orientation of the windows towards the sea you need to pay extra. However, this is not necessary if your rooms are located on floors 3-8, since it is still not visible due to the building opposite. Some superiors and all suites have balconies. The rooms also differ in area: 22, 24, 26 and 32 square meters. Guest room amenities include:

  • - LCD TV (there are Russian-language channels),
  • - mini-bar, where dailymaids put 2 bottles of drinking water,
  • - free safe,
  • - electric kettle and refillable coffee/tea/sugar bags,
  • - air conditioner with individual remote control,
  • - hairdryer.

The suites are furnished with slippers and an ironing board. All rooms have free Wi-Fi. The bathroom has a shower and replenished toiletries in dispensers. Cleaning is done every day. Towels are changed every other day.

Golden Rain -3 - rooms
Golden Rain -3 - rooms

Reviews of rooms

Those tourists who had a chance to visit both hotels praise more comfortable rooms in Golden Rain - 2 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam). In the reviews, vacationers assure that there is new and beautiful furniture made of natural wood. And the situation in the first "Golden Rain" is clearly in need of repair. Some tourists complained that something constantly broke in their room: either a watering can in the shower, or an electric kettle. In the end, the servants fixed it, but the serenity of the rest was broken. The construction site and the disco bar were two of the headaches for the residents of the city-facing rooms.

Soundproofing in "Golden Rain - 2" is much better. Of the advantages of the rooms, tourists note their spaciousness. But the quality of cleaning expressed repeated unsatisfactory responses. Also, tourists were saddened by old age and washed towels. Some of them were with holes and gray. The tourists would recommend the hotelier to refurbish the rooms and improve the decor of the rooms.


When buying tours to Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang) for 15 days for 105,140 rubles from Moscow, be sure that this price includes breakfast. They begin to feed from the second day after arrival. If you are leaving early, you are en titled to a lunch box, which must be ordered the day before. The same breakfast can be obtained if you go on a morning excursion. But it also needs to be ordered in advance. Breakfast is served in the buffet restaurant. They always endure several types of soups - the famous pho, pumpkin and 2-3 more varieties.

There are dishes from the pan - scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes. For kids and people on a diet, cereals are prepared. There was always meat and fish. What tourists remember is natural juices and a large selection of fruits. Mango was given every day. They also give a lot of vegetables and salads. At other times of the day, tourists ate in cafes, which are full in the European Quarter. For those who are nostalgic for their homeland, the Moskva restaurant operates. You can also have a drink and a snack in the hotel bar (in the lounge).

Golden Rain -3 - restaurant
Golden Rain -3 - restaurant

Food reviews

Tourists liked the rich selection of dishes at Golden Rain 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang). Everything is made from fresh quality ingredients. There were no reviews mentioning food poisoning. Once a week they give seafood with delicious sauces. Coffee, though from the machine, but natural, grain, and not instant. Tourists with children claim that they had something to feed the kids. Everyone liked the soups for breakfast. Enough time has been set aside for meals so that both "larks" and "owls" have time to eat.

From the constourists note the slowness of the staff. Waiters are in no hurry to replace the empty trays with new ones. And if we compare both "Golden Rain", then the quality of food is still higher in the second. There, the range of dishes is wider.

Golden Rain -3: food reviews
Golden Rain -3: food reviews

Sea and beach

In this respect, both hotels are equal. They stand on the second lane from the sea, and guests will have to walk a maximum of three minutes to the beach. The coast does not belong to hotels, so the entire recreation infrastructure here is paid. The beach near the hotels is sandy, with a gentle entry into the sea. It is equipped (lifeguards are on duty, there is a shower room, a toilet and a first-aid post).

On this coast the tides are weak. If you do not have your own beach towel, with a deposit of 10 US dollars (750 rubles) you will be given one at the reception. The entertainment infrastructure on the water is well developed. You can ride scooters, "bananas" and even parachutes. For more sophisticated entertainment, head to Winpearl Amusement Island.

Golden Rain -3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang) - tours
Golden Rain -3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang) - tours

Pool and gym

The last floors of the Golden Rain 3 buildings (Vietnam, Nha Trang) and its namesake Golden Rain - 2 are equipped with a solarium. Those tourists who have been to both hotels praise the outdoor pool on the 18th floor of the Golden Rain 2 very much. It is larger and very clean. The sunbeds around it with mattresses are comfortable. The view from the 18th floor is truly panoramic.

What kind of feedback do tourists leave about the pool in the first hotel? Mostly negative. They say that hemore like a tub of chlorinated water, where an adult has water up to his waist. The sunbeds around this tank are broken. For personal safety, it is better not to approach the railings enclosing the pool on the 12th floor.

There is also a gym on this site. Tourists call it "a dirty utility room where they put broken sports equipment." In the reviews, the guests recommend that the administration remove the gym and expand the pool area due to the vacated space.

Golden Rain - 2 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam), reviews
Golden Rain - 2 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam), reviews


Golden Rain Hotel 3 (Vietnam, Nha Trang) has a garage - free for guests. The elevator descends to the basement level, which is convenient for motorists. At the reception you can change currency, use a photocopier and fax. The hotel has a sauna, but it was rarely used by anyone. All tourists from the Russian Federation happily noted that the staff, like the owner of the hotel, speaks Russian well. Employees will help you not only call a taxi, but also explain to the driver where you want to go and negotiate the price.

There is also a luggage storage at the reception. Wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel. You can rent a bike, although driving around Nha Trang with its Brownian movement on the roads is a dubious pleasure. But you can ride along the embankment. The hotel provides beach towels against a deposit. There is an inexpensive laundry service. If something breaks down in your room, the masters will quickly fix everything.


So that you do not interfere with the music from the discobar, you need to relax very actively. And many guests did just that, driving around the outskirts of Nha Trang (Vietnam). The Golden Rain 3hotel is located in the European quarter, from which you can see the main attraction of the city - Vinpearl Island. Even if you have planned a passive vacation on the beach, you should go there at least once. At the reception you will be assisted with the organization of the transfer (by ferry or cable car). There are many travel agencies on the streets near the hotel, where excursions are even cheaper.

Don't be afraid to go on a long excursion to the mountain resort of Dalat. Most tourists were satisfied with this trip. Breakfast (lunch box) with an early departure for an excursion can be ordered the day before at the reception. There is a bus stop next to the hotel, with which you can visit all the sights in the city.

Golden Rain 3 (Nha Trang, Vietnam): reviews

Those tourists who were not in the "Golden Rain-2" were satisfied with the rest. But you need not be stingy and book a room with a sea view and on the upper floors. Then neither the construction site nor the music from the disco bar will disturb you. Old furniture and negligence in cleaning are fully compensated by the cordial attitude of the staff towards you. This hotel is 90% Russian.

Good or bad - you decide. But no one experienced a language barrier here. Especially a lot of commendable reviews about nutrition. Breakfasts here are luxurious, hearty, with a large selection of hot dishes, fruits and vegetables. But the conditions for small guests are limited only to the children's menu and high chairs in the restaurant.

ButThe pool is too shallow for kids to swim in. But, tourists notice, it is better not to go here with children because of the constant noise. A construction site, a disco bar and Russian tourists create a not very favorable sound background for kids to relax. With children it is better to settle in Golden Rain-2.