Sights of Regensburg: review, description, history and reviews

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Sights of Regensburg: review, description, history and reviews
Sights of Regensburg: review, description, history and reviews

One of the most picturesque cities in Germany is always admired by tourists. The most ancient settlement fascinates from the first minute and falls in love with itself forever. Guests of Regensburg enthusiastically note its amazing atmosphere, the hospitality of the locals and the architectural monuments for which the capital of the Upper Palatinate is famous all over the world.

A city with centuries of history

The age of the German city exceeds two millennia, and its history goes far into the mists of time. Founded even before our era, Regensburg, whose sights become the subject of admiration for tourists, remains always young and energetic. Initially, the Celts lived on the territory, who were pushed back by the Romans, who built a defensive camp here.

sights of Regensburg with a description
sights of Regensburg with a description

The 5th century was marked by the fact that the young city turned into the capital of the Bavarian dukes, and later itacquired the status of the largest shopping center in the region.

Historic Center protected by UNESCO

No one will argue with the statement that the well-preserved historical center with ancient buildings next to the Danube are the main city attractions. Regensburg, painstakingly collecting its heritage for several centuries, has come down to posterity in its original form, and it was not even touched by the bombing during World War II.

Now the medieval center, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is considered the largest in Germany.

Color of a Bavarian pearl

Tourists often compare the colorful corner of Bavaria with Italian cities for a similar style in architecture. Admirable Regensburg, whose sights will pleasantly surprise its guests, amazes with its comfort and beauty. Medieval buildings, harmoniously fitting into the modern look of the city, are worthy of a detailed description.

It is curious that quite recently, in the 60s of the last century, the authorities decided to demolish the historical center, and to build modern buildings on the site of ancient monuments. However, common sense has won, which makes the guests of the city concealing many mysteries incredibly happy. Now all the masterpieces are being restored, and architectural creations in stone, protected by the state, are opening up to the eyes of tourists.

Small Regensburg (Germany), whose sights have made it incredibly attractive in the eyes of vacationers, is visited annually by millions of foreigners admiring medieval buildings.

Stone Bridge

A unique city where every street breathes history, imbued with the spirit of the times. Here is a true example of world bridge building - a stone structure that appeared during the Second Crusade. It took eleven years for the knights to cross the Danube, and the famous work of engineering has long been an example of Gothic architecture.

attractions Regensburg
attractions Regensburg

A real wonder of the world, as the locals call the Stone Bridge, was destroyed several times, and it was restored almost from scratch. It offers an amazing view of the historical center, and in the evening all romantic tourists love to walk here, admiring the reflections in the dark water.

City Hall

Excellently preserved since the German Middle Ages, the city of Regensburg, the sights of which are a must-see for every guest, appears as a kind of keeper of history. One of the oldest architectural ensembles is located on the Town Hall Square. For tourists, the building built in the 13th century and until 1860 was considered the tallest building is of great interest.

Consisting of four outbuildings and a tower, the Old Town Hall surprises with an unusual entrance portal decorated with beautiful decor - a sculpture of two stone guards.

Regensburg attractions
Regensburg attractions

Inside, there is an entrance hall with light floors and dark columns, accessed by a Gothic staircase. In the luxurious imperial hall, the throne of the Kaiser used to be, and from the loggia overlookingsquare, court decisions were announced, which were enforced here. The fact is that there was a prison under the town hall, and today's visitors are horrified by the instruments of torture put on wide display. Tourists admit that what they see chills their blood in their veins.

Gothic Cathedral

All guests of the city are advised to pay attention to the religious sights built several centuries ago. Regensburg is rightfully proud of the Gothic cathedral built in honor of St. Peter. The most beautiful building, which is crowned by the bell tower, is no less beautiful inside: ancient frescoes, colorful stained-glass windows, preserved shrines and the relics of John Chrysostom will amaze every visitor,

Valhalla Hall of Fame

You can't visit a charming city and not see the unique sights reminiscent of ancient Greek temples in their architecture. Regensburg glorifies the great sons and daughters of the nation: it makes sculptural faces of the brightest representatives of Germany.

Crown Prince Ludwig came up with the idea of an unusual building in the 19th century, and it was he who decided to name it in honor of the refuge of the souls of fallen soldiers - Valhalla.

regensburg germany attractions
regensburg germany attractions

In 1842, a large-scale building saw the light, and not a single guest of the city passes by an amazing attraction. Regensburg is incredibly proud of its huge collection of busts and honorary plaques, arousing the natural interest of all visitors who have never seen anything like it.

Sausage Cuisine

Wonderful city famous formasterpieces of architectural art of different eras, famous for its delicious cuisine, which is appreciated by the guests of Bavaria. An interesting diner, located near the Stone Bridge, has existed for several centuries. It is considered a real monument to the culinary heritage of Regensburg, as fragrant pork sausages, which are served to visitors with sauerkraut and signature mustard, have been made here for five hundred years.

Locals are convinced that their establishment is the progenitor of all the world's bistros, and not a single traveler leaves until he tastes the most aromatic dish. Many people declare their love for an institution that is not so easy to get into because of the huge lines of tourists.

city of regensburg attractions
city of regensburg attractions

The world-famous sights of Regensburg with descriptions can be seen in many advertising booklets of tour operators offering to enjoy the amazing spectacle with your own eyes. Those who have already visited the cozy city once say that this is the best place to relax with a special atmosphere that makes the trip unforgettable.

Many cultural events and entertainment for all tastes will appeal to everyone who dreams of an exciting trip to Bavaria. No wonder they say that this small town, where residents hold sacred their traditions, can be explored endlessly.

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