Kuban Airlines is a reliable and profitable air carrier

Kuban Airlines is a reliable and profitable air carrier
Kuban Airlines is a reliable and profitable air carrier

Kuban Airlines is one of the largest carriers in the south of Russia. The company began its activity in the middle of the 20th century. In the 90s, an open joint-stock company was created on the basis of the enterprise. Currently, Kuban Airlines is a reliable carrier that operates regular flights both within Russia and to other countries.

The main airport of the company is "Krasnodar", from which planes fly daily to more than 30 different points of the world. The carrier's fleet includes 12 Yak-42s, 3 Boeings and 2 Tu-154s. The company is working on upgrading aircraft. In a few years, it is planned to replace all the machines with more modern ones.

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"Kuban Airlines" reviews call a profitable carrier. Those who are going on a trip will be very pleased with the cost of tickets offered for the flight. This is one of the reasons why almost allflights are full. For customers who frequently use the carrier's services, special promotions and cumulative discounts are provided.

The airline employs only professionals who love their work and always try to do it perfectly. Polite conductors accompany passengers during the flight, making it as comfortable as possible for travelers. Before the flight, the cars undergo a thorough technical inspection in order to exclude the appearance of possible problems on the way. Professional pilots make sure that the flight goes smoothly, regardless of weather conditions.

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The flight schedule is planned in such a way that the passenger can get to anywhere in the world, convenient connections with aircraft of other airlines are provided for this. There are practically no delays in flight or before it for this carrier. Air tickets "Kuban Airlines" can be purchased not only at the company's offices or airport ticket offices, but also booked online. A convenient service is offered on the official website of the carrier.

Each year, the company's crews undergo additional training and internships in the best training centers in the south of Russia. This is another proof that Kuban Airlines cares about its customers, and also tries not to cede its leading positions to competitors.

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Every year the number of travelers choosing the company as a carrier is growing. At the same time, "Kubanairlines" is not going to stop there. The company plans to increase flight destinations, renew its fleet and much more.

The air carrier has repeatedly won professional competitions as one of the best companies involved in flights in the south of Russia. The company organizes not only passenger flights, but also transports cargo across Russia. Thanks to a good material and technical base, all ships are kept in excellent condition. The airline's aircraft are characterized by maximum safety. Pleasant attendants will make sure that the traveler feels comfortable both on the ground and in the sky.

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