Ostafyevo Airport: where do planes fly from here? Characteristics and interesting facts

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Ostafyevo Airport: where do planes fly from here? Characteristics and interesting facts
Ostafyevo Airport: where do planes fly from here? Characteristics and interesting facts

Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo - these are the three most famous metropolitan air terminals. But many people also know about the existence of the Ostafyevo airport near Moscow. Where do planes fly from here? Let's try to figure it out together.

Short description

Ostafyevo Airport (where planes fly from it, we will analyze a little later) is an international, federal level. It is also a joint airfield - military and civil. It is located in the Novomoskovsky administrative district (not far from Yuzhny Butovo), in the Ostafyevo Garrison microdistrict.

It was opened back in 1934 as an NKVD airfield (that's why many people wonder where planes fly from Ostafyevo Airport today). Then he ended up under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Ministry of Defense and became a military man. It was opened for civil flights relatively recently - in 2000. At the same time, its large-scale reconstruction was carried out by the Gazpromavia corporation.

ostafyevo airport where planes fly

Now some specifications:

  • Refers to Class B aerodromes.
  • Accepts Il-18 aircraft,An-12 and An-74, Yak-42, Sukhoi Superjet-100, Boeing-737, Tu-134, Falcon-900/1200, as well as lighter models and helicopters.
  • It has two runways - the main one of asph alt concrete 2 km long and the spare unpaved length of 1.6 km.
  • Callsigns: "Ostafyevo Tower", "Sky Start", "Ostafyevo Transit", "Sky Approach".
  • Operates around the clock.

Ostafyevo Airport: where do planes fly?

The flight schedule is available only in the airport lounge, as well as on the official website of the airline where you purchased the ticket. Today you can fly from Ostafyevo by planes:

  • "Aeroflot".
  • UTair.
  • "Siberia".
  • Lufthanz.
  • Transaero.

Online scoreboard with specific directions of departures and arrivals, unfortunately, is not available.

Ostafyevo does not have an established flight schedule, since regular flights are not operated from here. This is considered a feature of this airport. It was created for departmental and private business flights, which is why information about the points of their route is not disclosed to the public.

Services Provided

As for the passenger terminal, we can say the following about its capabilities:

  • Capacity for domestic flights - 70 persons per hour, for international flights - 40.
  • Comfortable waiting room equipped.
  • There is an air ticket office at the airport,ATM.
  • Parking available.
  • There are transfer services, ordering a car.
  • 24/7 catering.
  • Visa support.
  • Hotel.

The cargo terminal is equipped with a warm warehouse. There is also a safe room for valuable luggage.

ostafyevo airport where planes fly flights

There are 12 seats on the airport apron for different class aircraft. The total number of parking lots is 26. There are two heated hangars on the territory of Ostafyevo, each of which can accommodate 4 aircraft. The construction of a hangar for 5 business aviation aircraft is nearing completion.

Airport location

According to reviews, where planes fly from Ostafyevo Airport is the most popular question. The second most common - where is it located, how to get to it?

Location - Moscow, pos. Ryazanovskoe, exact coordinates: 55° 30’ N 37° 30’ E Geographically, it is 12 km from the Moscow Ring Road, 3 km west of the Shcherbinka railway station and 9 km north-west of Podolsk.

ostafyevo airport where planes fly reviews

For the convenience of motorists, the approach to the airport from Kaluga Highway is being reconstructed. Public transport goes here from:

  • Tsaritsyno platform (metro station of the same name).
  • Kursk railway station (st. "Kurskaya", "Chkalovskaya").
  • platform "Tekstilshchiki" (metro station of the same name).

There is another option: take the train to the platformShcherbinka, then transfer to minibus No. 45 or the Gazpromavia bus.

Interesting facts

We have decided where planes fly from Ostafyevo airport. Here are some interesting facts about him now:

  • In 1803, P.Yu. Gagarina landed in a balloon in Ostafyevo, which was then the estate of the Vyazemskys - the princess was the first Russian aeronaut.
  • In 2000, there was a threat of closing the airport - it interfered with the development of the Staronikolskoye settlement (Yu. Butovo), because the noise impact did not allow the construction of residential buildings. However, Gazpromavia defended Ostafyevo.
  • There were rumors among Muscovites that a metro line would be brought to the airport. However, the information turned out to be unreliable: their source is inaccurate plans for the development of the "underground" for 2013-2020. There, Ostafyevo was indicated 6 km north of where it actually is.
ostafyevo airport where planes fly timetable

So where do planes fly from Ostafyevo Airport? There are no flights online. You can see it directly only in the airport lounge. And also in the company that organizes your departure or arrival at this airport terminal. He, as we found out, accepts only business aviation, as well as military aircraft.

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