Recreation center "Brown Bear" in the Novgorod region: photos and reviews

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Recreation center "Brown Bear" in the Novgorod region: photos and reviews
Recreation center "Brown Bear" in the Novgorod region: photos and reviews

When you come to stay at the recreation center "Brown Bear", be prepared to see an ecologically clean place. The territory on which the recreation center "Brown Bear" (Novgorod region) is located is the confluence point of several rivers, such as the Vergot, Pola and Lovat. Thanks to a considerable number of lakes that, overflowing, form a wide water surface, there are many fish and game.


Recreation center "Brown Bear" - a forest corner, located in a mixture of pine and oak forests. A place where in the evening you sit by a fragrant fire in the company of friends, and early in the morning, enjoying the dawn, you go fishing or hunting in the morning. And then, tired in body and soul, you relax in a hospitable Russian bath.

Recreation center "Brown Bear"

The recreation center "Brown Bear", new and modern, is located in the village of Khmelevo, Novgorod region. The territory of the base is decorated with a planted orchard, a football field is lined, a boat pier is equipped,a bathhouse and a parking lot, a children's playground and a private farm are equipped for young guests.

Recreation center "Brown Bear" reviews

"Brown Bear" - a recreation center on Lake Ilmen, which has several houses. Of these, everyone chooses the one that suits them best. These are houses for hunters and fishermen, couples or corporate guests. Visitors are accommodated in wooden houses, with pine interiors.


This type of economy class housing, with an area of ​​25 m2. It will comfortably accommodate a company of 4-6 people. Wide bunk beds built into the wall of the house can easily withstand such a number of guests. In addition, the room has a kitchenette containing the necessary appliances for preparing a full lunch or dinner. A TV equipped with a satellite dish will not let you get bored and will not let you fall behind life. During the cold season, the house is heated with a wood-burning stove or an electric heater. The toilet has a sink with cold and hot water.

Image"Brown Bear" recreation center Ilmen


This is a two-storey house with an area of ​​32 m2. A small second floor and two rooms below freely accommodate 4-6 people. Each room has an electric heater. In the kitchen corner, with the help of household appliances installed there, guests can cook lunch or dinner on their own, to the voice of the announcer from the TV. A shower cabin is being added as an upgrade to this home.

Image"Brown Bear" recreation center


For friendly companies, the recreation center "Brown Bear" offers a house with an area of ​​58 m2. Two-story - on the ground floor in a large living room there is a sofa and a warm fireplace, a kitchen area with a dining room is separated, where a dining table is located, a terrace with outdoor furniture, a toilet and a shower room. The second floor is reserved for 3 bedrooms, from the windows of which a glorious view of the flowing Logot River opens.


"Brown Bear" is a recreation center that provides guests with a cottage with VIP conditions for a luxurious holiday. 300 m2 - the area of ​​​​the house that can accommodate a company of guests or a friendly family of 14-16 people. The first floor is reserved for the kitchen, with a large dining table and bar counter. It is better to settle down for the night in the living room - there are two folding sofas and a large flat-screen TV. The music center located here will allow you to perform a voluminous song repertoire. German pool games are held in the billiard room, and you can enjoy spending time in the sauna in the jacuzzi. The second floor is reserved for bedrooms: 4 small ones with single beds, 2 large ones with double beds. The cottage is equipped with massive and comfortable wooden furniture, and mosquito nets installed on the windows will not allow harmful insects to spoil the rest. Near the house there is a wooden gazebo, where breakfast or dinner is served in sunny weather, and on the nearby smokehouse or barbecue, a home-made dinner is prepared from the caught prey.

"Brown Bear" (baserest), Ilmen – what does he feed his guests with?

At the request of the guests, they can choose the type of food: self-cooking or eating in a cafe. Each of the cottages is equipped with a kitchenette, which has everything you need to prepare a full lunch or dinner. There is a cafe on the territory of the base, where guests are fed dishes from European and Russian cuisine.

Recreation center "Brown Bear" Novgorod region

Summer and winter services

Fishing trips are organized in the summer. Depending on the type of boat, the rental price is calculated. A fishing tour on a motorboat, with two passengers and accompanied by a huntsman, will cost 3,000 rubles. On a boat with a power of 50 hp, with three passengers and a huntsman, it will cost 4,500 rubles.

Rent a motorboat for 1 light day - 2000 rubles, and a boat without a motor will cost 1000 rubles.

You can jump on the water surface behind a boat for 30 minutes for only 1000 rubles. A quad bike ride (same time) will cost 500 rubles.

A sedate promenade on a boat along the water surface of the river in the amount of 4 people - 1500 for 1 hour.

To take a steam bath in a Russian bath that can accommodate up to 8 people in 2 hours will cost 2000 rubles. The minimum bath rental time is 2 hours. Everything that is needed for bath equipment: brooms, slippers, sheets, hats and oils is given free of charge, but for brooms (birch or oak) you will have to pay 100-150 rubles.

In winter, "rides" on a snowmobile are organized, in 15 minuteswhich the payment will be 500 rubles. Winter fishing trips are held: the cost is from 500 rubles per person.

Image"Brown Bear" recreation center on the lake Ilmen

Prices for accommodation in cottages

The recreation center "Brown Bear" sets prices for rented cottages depending on the days of the week. "Fisherman's" cottage on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, accommodation will cost 3,000 rubles per day, on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) and holidays - 4,000 rubles. For accommodation in the "Okhotnichy" you need to pay 4,000 rubles on weekdays, and 5,000 rubles on weekends. You can stay at the Merchant on weekdays for 5,000 rubles, on weekends - 7,000 rubles.

All cottages are rented only as a whole. The price for accommodation includes the parking of the car and the boat brought with you to the parking lot, cooking on the grill or smokehouse, and the issuance of bed linen. If you rent a cottage for a long time, the recreation center "Brown Bear" provides good discounts.

Brown Bass

Since 2013, the friendly competition "Brown Perch" has been held at the recreation center. This is a summer fishing of predatory fish species with the help of spinning. The main goal of the tournament is to promote a he althy lifestyle. As a motivating tool, the organizers of the tournament give a prize of 300,000 rubles, which is distributed among the teams that took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Tickets for the lottery drum are on sale, where the main award is a white gold ring with a diamond. In addition, everyone who registers in the tournament gets a chance to win the main prize - a car.

The recreation center "Brown Bear", reviews from vacationers are most often positive, because the staff is attentive and responsive to the guests, helping to restore their strength on vacation.


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