London clubs: what to prefer

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London clubs: what to prefer
London clubs: what to prefer

London is deservedly called the capital of the world in various aspects: fashion, shopping, attractions, nightlife. It is the evening shows that attract many people to the city. London nightclubs are represented by a wide variety of establishments. They are able to satisfy every taste, give an adrenaline rush and introduce new people.

London clubs

Ministry of Sound

The best clubs in London - a wide variety of establishments. One of the most popular is Ministry of Sound. It is distinguished by a modern sound system, an impressive dance floor and eminent DJs working daily. All this attracts a lot of people to the institution.

The club was first opened back in 1991. Then he became a kind of innovation in the field of night entertainment. Thousands of tourists came here to enjoy house music, have a great time and meet like-minded people.

Quite quickly Ministry of Sound became one of the most popular places in the capital. This led to the organization of a network of similar clubs around the world. In addition, clothing companies and recording studios were established.

London nightclubs


London clubs are also represented by an interesting place called Storm. It is located near Leicester Square, between the metro station of the same name and Piccadilly. In other words, finding a club is easy enough.

Now lovers of night parties gather here. The most favorite DJs for visitors are Ricky "Magic" Martin and Lady Spirit. Interestingly, most people visit the club not only to enjoy the music, but also to listen to modern humor. Stand-up comedy nights are held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Friday. Here you can meet legendary comedians such as Tim Vine or Lee Macca. Frequent guests of the institution are the characters from the sitcom Not going out.

Those who want to enjoy music should know that reggae, funky house, hip-hop and R&B are the most sought after genres.

best clubs in london


London clubs are distinguished by a democratic attitude towards people of all preferences, as well as the availability of high-quality live music. One of the best establishments that displays all the advantages of the capital's night shows is Heaven. There are always a lot of people in the club. Any audience is welcome here.

The club is hugely popular thanks in large part to such legendary musicians as Ellie Goulding, Adam Lambert and members of the Drums. Now you can often meet many other celebrities inside, and if you are very lucky, even chat with them.

The atmosphere of the club is quite unusual and is an organization of manyvarious halls. Thanks to this, each person can find an atmosphere to his taste: comfort and solitude or fun and excitement. Those who come to the club to dance should choose one of the many dance floors. The establishment has a friendly atmosphere that attracts many people here.

where to go in london

Ronnie Scott's

When choosing where to go in London, you should look at Ronnie Scott's. It should be understood that this is not a nightclub in the truest sense of the word. You can hardly meet party-goers here, although the institution is open until 3 o'clock in the morning. The visitors are fans of good jazz.

Here you can often meet world-class musicians, such as Peter King or Ronnie Scott. Ronnie Scott’s club will give its visitors a live sound of jazz or soul, a great mood and a lot of like-minded people.


London's clubs are often located in the most unusual places. One of these is Fabric. It is housed in a former Victorian meat storage facility. The club itself appeared here relatively recently - at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The institution is located exactly here due to the impressive area of ​​​​the territory. Now the architectural merits of the building are fully realized. The club has an innovative audio system, separate rooms and many dance floors. Among the latter, vibrating is distinguished. This is achieved through a sound system with 400 bass transducers that are mounted directly on the floor section.

entertainment in London

Interesting clubs

Entertainment in London is not limited to nightclubs. It is interesting to look into the Soho area. There is an opinion in the capital that he "never sleeps." Life here only begins in the evening. It was then that numerous shops and bars, cafes and restaurants, showrooms and various shops opened.

Fans of Irish themes should visit a pub called The Auld Shillelagh. The age of this institution exceeds 130 years. The pub is hailed as the best Irish-themed establishment.

Another interesting club is Proud2. Everything here resembles incendiary Ibiza. An innovative audio system plays a special role in the organization of the premises, which gives many positive moments of evening relaxation.

There are in London and those institutions that harmoniously combine many functions. This is the O2 Arena. It combines at different times of the day and night a concert hall, a basketball court, a hockey rink, cinema halls, nightclubs and restaurants. "Arena O2" is a full-fledged complex that allows you to have a great rest. Very often families come here too: children spend time at the cinema or on the skating rink, and adults enjoy a gourmet dinner with friends.

An interesting restaurant in the capital is the Paramount restaurant. It is located on the 32nd floor of one of London's skyscrapers, which attracts attention. In addition, the restaurant is famous for its exquisite cuisine. Chefs prepare delicious and hearty dishes in the best English traditions.You should definitely try coffee with dessert while enjoying the view from the window.

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