Paradise vacation. Shatsky lakes

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Paradise vacation. Shatsky lakes
Paradise vacation. Shatsky lakes

Many people prefer to spend their holidays on the seashore, listening to the cries of seagulls and sunbathing. But if you are a calm person, dreaming of an idyll against the backdrop of picturesque nature, then you need a completely different vacation. Shatsky lakes are that corner of the world where you can spend time serenely, engage in quiet hunting, swim in amazingly clear water and admire the landscapes glorified by Lesya Ukrainka every minute.

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A bit of general information

Let's tell a little about the place where we propose to spend your vacation. Shatsky lakes are a group of three dozen reservoirs of large and small sizes. They are scattered between the banks of the Western Bug and Pripyat rivers in two districts of the Volyn region (Ukraine). This is practically the border of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Reservoirs with amazingly clear water are hidden in forests, where numerous sanatoriums, camps and recreation centers are located. In 1983, the authorities created the Shatsk Natural National Park to protect the uniquenatural complex. Its total area is 32,500 hectares.

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Pearls of Volyn

Shatsky lakes, photos of which can be seen in our article, are different in size and depth. The largest water bodies of the group are:

  • Svityaz (ranks second in Ukraine in terms of size);
  • Pulemetskoye Lake;
  • Bows;
  • Lucimir;
  • Ostrovyanskoe Lake;
  • Sand Lake;
  • Crimean.

They are all concentrated in the swampy area. Their shores are flat and low, made of sandstone and pebbles, densely overgrown with reeds. In summer, the waters warm up very well, in winter they are completely ice-bound.

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If you like a quiet, measured rest - Shatsky lakes will give it to you. You can sit for hours with a fishing rod on the shore (by the way, you don’t have to take it with you, as you can rent it). Indeed, more than thirty species of fish live in the water column (pike, loach, perch, eel, crucian carp, roach, catfish, bream, carp, whitefish, pike perch, trout perch, carp and others), crayfish. You can go on a quiet hunt for mushrooms and berries (just don't get lost!). Swans, wild ducks and geese nest near water bodies, but it is forbidden to hunt them. And it’s also impossible to burn fires anywhere - this is a nature reserve.

Handsome Svityaz

This is the deepest karst lake in Ukraine. Its maximum depth is 58.4 m, which is more than that of the Sea of ​​Azov. But the water is clean and clear. The total area of ​​the reservoir is 25.2 sq. km. In the centerthe lake has a large island.

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You can swim here already at the end of May, so at this time tourists are already coming here for vacation. Shatsky lakes are an ideal place for family vacations, for children's he alth improvement. The purest air and water, nature, entertainment favor relaxation and recovery.

But don't limit yourself to stopping only at Svityaz. It is optimal to come here by car to roam from pond to pond, because they are so different.

Legends and traditions

People have made different legends about this lake - sad and romantic, heroic and fantastic. They fascinate with colorful language and make you believe in a miracle. Some of them inspired creativity. For example, Adam Mickiewicz wrote two poems: "Svityaz" and "Svityazyanka".

Ancient legends say that once upon a time there was a beautiful princely castle on the site of the lake. But its owner left his land to help his neighbor in the war. The cunning enemy took advantage of this and led the army to the walls of this stronghold. Seeing that she could not resist a huge army, the daughter of the prince began to ask heaven to prevent the invasion of enemies and pray that her house would not go to them. At the same moment, the walls trembled and crumbled, and an amazing lake appeared on the site of the castle. The water in it was healing, and various flowers bloomed on the banks.

Another mysterious place is the Island of Lovers on Svityaz. According to legend, he appeared where two young people turned into trees in order to be together. They say there is a pathwhich leads to the island by land, but no one knows where it is. Therefore, couples go here only by boat.

Legends are legends, but the water in Svityaz is able to heal wounds, soften the skin (due to the content of glycerin and silver). Many Polish women used to wash themselves with its waters, which were specially delivered from Shatsk.


The most common type of recreation on the lakeside - savages. There are many campsites and tent camps in the region, where there is everything you need (toilet, shower, electricity, places for kindling fires). Just remember that this is a forested region, and snakes live here. You can also pitch tents on the territory of a private house - local residents charge a very small fee for this. And you can always rent from them.

Tourists accustomed to comfort can also go to the Shatsky Lakes: there are plenty of sanatoriums and recreation centers here. The most popular of them are "Vityaz", "Forest Song", "Themis", "Galitsky Dvor". Most of them were built back in the days of the Soviet Union, so they have the appropriate amenities. The Shatsky Lakes recreation center (the village of Svityaz) is considered the best, which has cozy houses, its own beach and a large selection of entertainment (boats, catamarans, sports grounds, a disco, cafes, excursions, and so on).

shatsky lakes sanatoriums

How to get there?

Easy to find the Shatsk Lakes: the map of the Volyn region must have a mark. It is most convenient to go by private car or bus through Lutsk or Kovel (the second option is muchfaster). From Kyiv, it is best to take a train to Kovel, and then transfer to a bus (both stations are located nearby).

Picturesque Polissya, shrouded in secrets and sung by a brilliant Ukrainian poetess, hospitably invites you. Its beauty, as if on the day of the creation of the world, will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, you will want to come here again and again.

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