The best resorts and sanatoriums in Transcarpathia

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The best resorts and sanatoriums in Transcarpathia
The best resorts and sanatoriums in Transcarpathia

There are many places in the world where you can relax both in body and soul. But there are unique places where you feel a special atmosphere, real magic. Transcarpathia is such a region where you seem to plunge into a completely different world. Legends and legends, traditions and modernity, national color and fantastic nature, clean air and healing water. This is what attracts the numerous sanatoriums of Transcarpathia.

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A little about the region

The unique border region seems to be created for recreation. And in winter, when the slopes of the mountains are covered with a snow cap, and in summer, when the rocks are hidden under emerald thickets, you can spend time here. Ski resorts, lifts, thermal baths and healing mineral water are complemented by the hospitality of the locals. And there are also ancient castles and palaces, waterfalls and lakes, interesting monuments and a certain mystery that always attracts a traveler.

In the heart of Europe(this is what the memorial sign says) there are such sights as the Carpathian Mountains (since 1993 - a UNESCO site), the unique Valley of Narcissuses (near Khust). But the main pride of the region is the sanatoriums of Transcarpathia, which open their doors wide to meet travelers.

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Resorts behind the Carpathian passes

Sanatoriums of Transcarpathia are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The most popular and visited of them are:

  • Shayan;
  • Sunny Transcarpathia;
  • Kvass;
  • Lower Solotvino;
  • Solochin;
  • Polyana;
  • Beregovo;
  • Vinogradov;
  • Bruise;
  • Svalyava.
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A feature of the resorts and sanatoriums in the region is that they are open all year round. In each town you can find comfortable hotels of different star ratings, recreation centers, you can also rent housing in the private sector.

The rich composition of mineral waters, which are used for external and internal use, allows you to treat a wide range of ailments. These are diseases of the nervous, digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular systems, blood and hematopoietic organs, skin, genitals, metabolic disorders. That is why the sanatoriums of Transcarpathia are always full of people!

Picturesque Shayan

Only eighteen kilometers from the glorious city of Khust is the resort of Shayan. Surrounded by three mountain peaks and the Tisza River, it is famous for its rare beauty, soft, almost windlessclimate. In this heavenly place is located the sanatorium "Shayan" (Transcarpathia). The main attraction of the city is medicinal water - an analogue of "Borjomi", "Narzan" and "Essentuki". It is widely used for both healing and prevention.

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The history of the institution dates back to 1952, when the first rest house was opened here, later turned into a sanatorium. Above it rises the largest mountain - Big Shayan, on the other side a river flows. Guests have at their disposal two dormitory buildings, a boarding house, a balneary, utility rooms, standard and deluxe rooms. At the same time, the institution can accommodate two hundred vacationers. In the neighboring village of Velyatino, there are thermal baths where you can go at your leisure.


This resort nestled on the banks of the Sinyavka River. A mountain climate with high humidity reigns here, and nature around seems to have been created only yesterday. In the thirties of the 19th century, Count Shenborn built a bathhouse here. Today the most popular in the city is the eponymous sanatorium "Sinyak" (Transcarpathia). It offers five bedroom buildings that can accommodate more than three hundred people, as well as a full range of medical services. The main healing factor is the water that fills the pool. It promotes the removal of heavy metals from the body, prevents liver damage.

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"Sunny Transcarpathia" in Polyana

Sanatorium "Sunny Transcarpathia", which is located invillage Polyana, Transcarpathian region, can help people with ailments of the digestive system, metabolism and urination. The institution has a dozen modern dormitories with comfortable rooms, excellent infrastructure, the latest medical equipment and experienced staff. For procedures, mineral water "Polyana Kvasova" is used, which is very close in composition to "Borjomi". On its territory, the sanatorium "Sunny Transcarpathia" has its own pump room. Check-in is for a minimum of 12 days, children are accepted from the age of four.

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Excursion program

Treatment is good and he althy for the body, but in Transcarpathia you can also relax with your soul. For example, go on excursions that can be booked at any sanatorium or hotel. The highlight of the region is the amazing Palanok Castle in Mukachevo. Built and rebuilt several times during the 14th-18th centuries, it amazes with majestic and impregnable walls, graceful architectural lines, and a medieval spirit that has been perfectly preserved. The city of Uzhgorod is also interesting, in which a fortress has also been preserved, there are several ancient temples, the longest linden alley in Europe. It is worth at least once in your life to walk along the shore of Lake Synevyr and listen to the legend of the eternal love of Ukrainian Romeo and Juliet. Or listen to the lively conversation of the powerful streams of the Shipit waterfall, try real cheese, banosh and homemade grape wine.

What do people say?

Were the people who visited the sanatorium satisfiedTranscarpathia? Their reviews, of course, are different, because it all depends on the resort and the he alth institution itself. Almost all guests note the positive effect of treatment, excellent service and comfortable rooms. There are, of course, disadvantages, but they do not occur in every sanatorium and are easily eliminated. For example, vacationers recommend changing towels more often, equipping a green cinema, and so on. But in general, all travelers want to come back here again.

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