Germany: Kiel. The city's attractions

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Germany: Kiel. The city's attractions
Germany: Kiel. The city's attractions

The city of Kiel, Germany is an amazing corner on the B altic coast. What is remarkable about this city? What interesting things can be found in it?

Germany: Kiel

Kiel is a small town located on the coast of the B altic Sea. Geographically, it belongs to the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and is considered its capital. The city is located on the coast of the Kiel Bay, which is connected to the North Sea by a canal. This location contributed to the development of Kiel as a major port.

Kiel has good transport links. From the city you can easily get to other cities of the country (Flensburg, Lübeck, Hamburg, Hannover, etc.), and to the countries with which Germany is neighboring. Kiel is connected by ferry to the Norwegian capital Oslo and the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. By rail you can get to Denmark.

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Its population is about 300 thousand people, however, it is one of the cities that Germany is famous for all over the world. Kiel is known for its annual sailing competition as well as its music festival.

During the Second World War, a significant part of the ancient architecture of Kiya was destroyed. The main city castle was also damaged. However, some buildingsmanaged to survive, and the destroyed quarters were rebuilt later.

Kiel, Germany: sights of architecture

The city hall is considered the symbol of the city, and the inhabitants of Kiel mostly appreciate its architectural style rather than antiquity. By tradition, the town hall is located on the former market square. In 2011, the city celebrated the 100th anniversary of the building. The height of the tower of the town hall is 106 meters, the ringing of its clock tells the time every quarter of an hour.

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The Church of St. Nicholas is considered the oldest building in Kiel. Its construction dates back to the 13th century. Since then, the building has retained its former features, although it has gone through many renovations. The church is made in a restrained Gothic style, typical for German buildings of that time. Inside, wood carvings made in the 16th century have been preserved. At the entrance to the church there is a sculpture of Ernst Barlach's Dukhoborets, which, along with the town hall, is a symbol of Kiel.

Christian Albrecht University was founded in 1664. Now it is one of the most famous universities in Germany. Its oldest building is located on the territory of the monastery. The new buildings are also worthy of attention, they were built around the 18th century.

Other attractions

We must not forget that the city of Kiel (Germany) has long been a major port of the country. There is much evidence of this here. On the embankment, which stretches along the canal, you can look at ships, boats, and even submarines. The Labe Historic District is home to a submarine used in World War II combat.There is a memorial nearby.

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The building of the former fish warehouse now houses the Naval Museum. Among the expositions are small copies of copies of naval military equipment, for example, the legendary Bismarck and Seydlitz. The museum houses the only Brandtaucher submarine in the world.

Interesting exhibits dedicated to the art and history of the city can be seen in the exhibition center "Warleberger Hof". It is located in a 17th-century mansion at 19 Danish Strasse. Both antique and European art pieces are presented here. In addition, in Kiel you can visit the Industrial, Zoological and Geological Museums, as well as the Maritime Museum.

Kiel Week

Historical architecture and museums are not all Germany is known for. Kiel is gaining more and more popularity among sailing enthusiasts every year. At the end of June, the "Kiel Week" takes place here. Hundreds of ships take part in the regatta every year.

The first race took place on June 23 in 1882, then there were 20 yachts. Already in 1907, more than 6,000 ships participated in the race. Recently, the regatta has turned into a real holiday. The competition between the courts was just an addition to the massive action.

One of the traditions of the Kiel Week now is the "Old Vessel Parade". Centuries-old multi-storey ships sail one after another, lining up in a line. Guests are invited aboard the ships for a gala dinner later.

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Parade of vintageThe courts take place on the last day of the holiday, and throughout the week guests of Kiel are entertained by participants in the international music festival.

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