Baydarskaya valley. The largest reserve in the Crimea

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Baydarskaya valley. The largest reserve in the Crimea
Baydarskaya valley. The largest reserve in the Crimea

What to do when you arrive in the Baidarsky reserve? It is almost impossible to answer this question unambiguously. Although one thing is for sure: there is something for everyone here. Some who climbed the Crimean Mountains in this place just like to take a break from the bustle of the city, lying in tall grass and watching the birds scurrying back and forth. There are those who climb the mountains for the sake of mesmerizing panoramic shots. But especially practical and conscious people set off in search of medicinal plants, harvesting for teas, for example, thyme, chicory, yarrow or lemon balm.

Baydarskaya valley. General information

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As mentioned above, this area is very famous for its medicinal herbs. Even in ancient times, it received special fame thanks to rich forests and miraculous springs.

Many mistakenly believe that the Baydarskaya Valley, where recreation is magnificent at any time of the year, got its name thanks to kayak boats. Nothing like this! Historians claim that once on the site of the nearby village of Orlinoye there was an ancient Tatar settlement of Baydary, named after one of the local leaders. And more recently,valley, another name appeared - Crimean Switzerland. And this is not surprising, because, surrounded by mountains, it has a mild comfortable climate and wonderful, one might say, unique nature.

There are a lot of sights in the valley: historical monuments, ancient buildings and places of worship. Water meadows, waterfalls, rocky mountains, canyons, lakes, mountain rivers and juniper groves, yew and beech forests, thickets of hazelnuts and dogwood are a truly magnificent sight.

Flora and fauna of the Baydarskaya valley are represented by more than 50 species of plants and 40 species of animals listed in the Red Book. Wild boars, hares, roe deer and foxes live here in large numbers, eagles and falcons soar above the sky, fish splash in the reservoirs, ducks swim, and domestic horses, cows, goats and sheep calmly roam in the meadows next to wild animals.

What are the Baydar Gates of Crimea?

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Actually, nothing special. Many will say that the Baydarsky Gate is another convenient mountain pass, the Crimean Mountains have many identical ones.

However, not everything is so simple in historical terms. Here, for example, a stone portico once served as an important stronghold. And it was built in the middle of the 19th century.

Now this is only one of the sights of the Crimea, but during the war, in 1941, in this place, a detachment of border guards held back the fascist army for more than a day, preventing it from getting close to Sevastopol.

Now you can see a picturesque panorama from this place. Dense forest, bluethe sea, the church on the rock, the wonderful Baidarskaya valley, Sevastopol, seen below, and the boundless firmament delight the eye of any, even the most sophisticated traveler.

Foros Church

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The villages of the Baidar Valley look great against the backdrop of a unique temple built high in the mountains. Moreover, from any corner the view opens up magnificent, and if you want to take a picture for memory, without rising high, you definitely won’t have to look for the right angle for a long time. The exquisite Church of the Resurrection of Christ above Foros seems to be specially posing on the Red Rock at a distance of almost half a kilometer above sea level.

It was built back in 1892 by the tea tycoon Kuznetsov as a ransom, because at that time only the royal family was engaged in growing and selling tea. The temple was erected in memory of the accident in 1888, when the train of the royal family tragically crashed.

The originally magnificent two-story church with nine domes, a patterned porch with a bell tower directed upwards, gilded crosses, columns with carved capitals, marble window sills and panels represented the beauty of the Russian style. Inside the church, there was a carved oak iconostasis and walls painted with Byzantine ornaments.

Unfortunately, in 1924 the church was closed, and all its property was taken away. Only after the restoration in 1990 did the church gossip again. Especiallyshe began to look beautiful at night, illuminated by spotlights, against the background of the starry sky.

Bold? Prove it! The famous Devil's Staircase of the Baydar Gate

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The Devil's Staircase, or Shaitan-Merdveden, is a former reliable and convenient mountain pass in the Crimean mountains. It connects the foothills and the South Bank. The stairs were used until the last century, and to this day, on the flat bends of limestone, paired ruts, knocked out by wagons, have been preserved. Indeed, the Baydar Valley is fraught with a lot of surprises.

How did this steep mountain slope get such an unusual name? Experts say that the devil's staircase got its name because of the limestone outcrops in the form of huge slabs that still resemble steps. This name was given not only to the stone staircase itself, but also to the entire pass, one and a half meters wide, which is located at a level of more than 500 m. Rocks and blocks of limestone, steep-walled valleys, crepes roads, remains of side walls and stone marches are scattered everywhere along the pass.

The path up the Devil's Staircase is very winding and steep. The length of all marches is approximately 250 meters, and the slope in some places is 30 degrees. The loops of the stairs braid the stone blockage at the bottom of the gorge, the shelves and cornices of the mountains.

To this day, only three turns of the path have survived. In vain, many consider such a corner of the peninsula as the Baidarskaya Valley to be flat and safe. Crimea, or rather, its southernmost part, often becomes a venue for rallies of climbers and rock climbers. Here actuallycould be dangerous.

Unique natural monument - Uzundzhi Canyon

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The most beautiful place in the western Crimea, the Uzundzhi canyon, is a deep winding gorge with a river of the same name at the bottom. Nearly kilometer peaks hang over the canyon. The river takes its source on Mount Ai-Petri at an altitude of more than 750 m. It flows through the Uzudzha basin, then abruptly changes direction, runs along the Skelskaya basin and flows into the Chernorechenskoye reservoir. The river is only 11 km long.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in such a stunning place as the Baidarskaya Valley, Crimea will never cease to amaze you for a minute. Take the opportunity and take a walk through the canyon. The journey will take place along a picturesque narrow mountain road, starting from the Skelskaya cave. Then the path will pass along a dirt path in the forest, and finally come to the walls of an old dilapidated fortress.

By the way, it should be noted that Uzundzhi is the largest freshwater spring in Crimea.

What you definitely didn't know about

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Many, even very experienced travelers are surprised when they learn that the Baidar Valley, or rather, its gates, is also a real gateway to the southern Crimea. Going here on a tour, you should be prepared for the fact that the panorama opening through the arch of the gate will actually make a stunning impression on you.

Skelskaya cave was discovered in 1904 by the teacher F. Kirillov. To date, it has been established that it isof several halls, the length of the largest is 80 m, the height is 25 m, and the width in some places reaches 18 m.

In 2003, a chapel was built on the Laspinsky Pass in honor of the second millennium from the Nativity of Christ, which is worth a visit.

Wonders of the Skelskaya Cave

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Skelskaya cave, consisting mainly of stalactites, is located in the south-west of Crimea. Its age is several million years. First of all, it is distinguished by its impressive size and the preservation of calcite formations. Note that the cave is divided into halls, each of the rooms has its own characteristics. For example, the Fireplace Hall actually resembles the construction of the same name, the Knights' Hall is considered the most beautiful and largest. You should also visit the Ghost Hall and the Dolphin Hall.

The highlights of the cave are a seven-meter stalagmite called "Knight with a spear", fabulous streaks in the form of a waterfall, dragon skulls with eyes and fangs, a figure of a phoenix bird and others.

The walls of the cave are decorated with bath niches, drip curtains and ribs. This stone miracle has not yet been fully explored, but the length of the known part is about 670 meters. It is impossible not to mention that this place has been a natural monument since 1964.

Skelsky menhirs

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If you are going to explore such a stunning corner of the Crimea as the Baidarskaya Valley, the map will definitely come in handy. Why? The thing is that far from all placesexcursions are organized, but there is actually something to see here. Here, for example, why not go to the Skelsky menhirs?

Note that in general menhirs should be understood as once created obelisks and steles. Skelsky menhirs are the first known example of architecture. There are two monolithic blocks in the form of obelisks, placed vertically. They stand at the entrance to the village of Rodnikovskoye. The first menhir is about three meters high and weighs about six tons, while the second is only one and a half meters high. He is more stocky and massive.

Historians note the cult affiliation of these monuments and claim that their age is 4-5 thousand years.

Waterfall Visor

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Not far from the tourist camp "Mulovskoye Lake" there is a Kozyrek waterfall. Unfortunately, his historical name has not survived to this day. Although there are legends about a girl who died here and about a mighty wolf who saved the village from enemies.

And it is compared with a visor because of the rocky ledge hanging over the grotto, from which fast and cool water runs down even in the summer months.

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