Outskirts of Rome: sights, places of interest, photos, travel tips

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Outskirts of Rome: sights, places of interest, photos, travel tips
Outskirts of Rome: sights, places of interest, photos, travel tips

Most tourists and travelers dream of visiting Rome. Some have already fulfilled their cherished dream, others are just planning a trip to the Eternal City. What explains the popularity of the Italian capital? Why do thousands of people come here every year?

Rome is an amazing treasure trove of unique historical, architectural and cultural monuments that many want to see with their own eyes. If you have already been to the capital of Italy more than once, and it seems to you that you know the interesting and memorable places of this city well (although, in our opinion, this will take a lifetime), we suggest that you poison yourself in the vicinity of Rome. What to see in the nearest suburbs of the capital? We assure you that the areas surrounding the noisy and modern city will seem very interesting to you, and the sights of the suburbs are not inferior to those of the capital - picturesque mountains and lakes, ancient castles and villas, streets of ancient cities - all this is locatedat a distance of no more than 60 km from the capital.

Italy: around Rome


We will start our acquaintance with the outskirts of Rome from a settlement located northwest of the capital - Cerveteri. This is a town with a rich history, where the Etruscan settlement was located in ancient times. Cerveteri is surrounded by a complex of ancient cemeteries (necropolises), where representatives of one of the most progressive civilizations in those distant times found their last refuge.

The Etruscans were convinced that a person who had gone to the afterlife should have a home, so they built large houses for the dead with the necessary utensils a little away from the city of the living. This is how necropolises appeared. Having been in one of them, you feel a special connection between the past and the present.

Things to see around Rome


The most famous and frequently visited city in the vicinity of Rome is Tivoli, known since ancient times. It welcomes tourists with magnificent nature and ancient architecture. The town is famous for its three villas: Adriana, Gregorian and d'Este.

We advise tourists to visit the once luxurious estate of Emperor Hadrian. Unfortunately, only picturesque ruins have survived from it to this day.

Villa d'Este is located in the heart of the city. This is a magnificent park with fountains and graceful sculptures. Experts are sure that it was this villa that became the prototype of Peterhof and Versailles. If you are an admirer of the beauty of gardens, we recommend visiting Villa d'Este. It is located opposite Villa Adriana. It's a great estate, buttourists come here most often to see the gardens. What is remarkable about them? This is a collection of unique and unusual plants, as well as picturesque landscapes.

Villa d'Este

Walk through the winding labyrinths - at every turn you will find a surprise in the form of an elegant statue or a musical fountain. In addition, the garden has amazingly beautiful waterfalls. And when you get a little tired from walking, you can relax and drink a cup of aromatic coffee in small cozy restaurants or buy a souvenir in boutiques located along the narrow streets of the villa.

Third villa - Gregoriana. This is a huge park where you can see gloomy caves, impressive waterfalls, ancient temples and huge grottoes. This place is a must see.


The next place in the vicinity of Rome that deserves your attention is the ancient port city that reached its peak during the imperial period. It was at this time that it became a major trading and business center. Today, its population has decreased several times, but many attractions remain.

First of all, this is an archaeological complex that has the atmosphere of an ancient Roman city: narrow streets, luxuriously decorated baths, a tavern, a theater, houses of ordinary citizens and nobility, temples … In addition, here you can relax on an excellent beach.


Sights around Rome you can see in the Italian region of Umbria, located two hours drive from the capital. Here is a medieval cityAssisi. It has preserved many monuments related to religion.

But the main attraction of the city is the Basilica of St. Francis, which has become the final resting place of the country's patron saint. The paved roads of the city will lead you to the magnificent cathedral, where you can enjoy the exquisite architecture of the temple and its interior decoration. Inside, the ceilings and walls are decorated with unique frescoes.

Basilica of Saint Francis

Next to the Basilica there are medieval houses and even small shops that are also worth a look. Don't forget to visit the city center where you can find the ancient clock tower, the Basilica of St. Clare, the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minevrai.

Albanian hills

If you are still interested in what to see around Rome, we advise you to visit the "Roman Castles" (Albanian Hills). This is a stunningly beautiful area that combines several small towns and a natural park. Once upon a time, the ancient Roman nobility loved to visit this place. And today most Romans find him attractive.

The amazing beauty of lakes of volcanic origin, stunning landscapes, aromas of famous Italian wines and national cuisine - this is a true paradise for gourmets and lovers of outdoor recreation. Everything here is imbued with calmness and tranquility.

Roman castles

Island of Capri

Do not forget about the natural attractions of Italy in the vicinity of Rome. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the fabulous island of Capri. You can get here by boatfrom Naples, enjoying the amazing scenery on the way.

There are many interesting sights on the island, but if your time is limited and you can't see them all, be sure to visit the Blue Grotto. This is an amazing cave, through which the reflection of the emerald and blue color of the water spills.

Island of Capri

Experienced travelers recommend visiting the highest point of the island - Mount Solaro. You can take the lift to its top. From the top there is a stunning view of the sea and the island. Tourists usually take great photos here.


Italians will call your trip to the capital in vain if you do not visit the famous city of Pompeii, located in the outskirts of Rome. The road here will take no more than two hours. You will have a unique opportunity to wander through the streets of the ruined ancient Roman metropolis and see buildings, public places that were buried almost two thousand years ago.

Pompeii street

The National Museum of the city presents an exhibition of unique historical artifacts, as well as works of art discovered during the excavations of Pompeii.

Lake Martignano

Our review of sights would be incomplete if we didn't mention the lakes. There are several of them in the vicinity of Rome, and each is unique in its own way. And what landscapes are here! For example, Martignano is a lake of volcanic origin, located just north of the city. Having passed a small descent from the track, you will find yourself on the shore, which adorns the English lawn, andyou will see an unusually beautiful reservoir. The Romans and guests of the city enjoy spending their weekends here - you can swim in the lake, sunbathe on the shore. You can also listen to local musicians here.


Lake Albano in the vicinity of Rome is a favorite vacation spot for citizens. It is located very close to the capital and attracts vacationers with magnificent landscapes. A lake formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Its area is six kilometers, the depth is about 170 meters. Interestingly, the water level in it is regulated by an antique sewage tunnel, which was laid in 398 BC. Lake Albano and neighboring Lake Nemi are separated by Monte Cavo.

Lake Albano

Bracciano: Orsini-Odescalchi Castle

Where to go in the vicinity of Rome for lovers of antiquity and ancient castles? Bracciano is a lake located in the town of the same name. It is the drinking reservoir of the Italian capital. It is one of the cleanest and second largest lake in the province of Lazio.

On the shore of Bracciano rises the ancient castle of Orsini-Odescalchi (XIII century). It still belongs to the descendants of the aristocratic Odescalchi family. Before the castle belonged to another famous family - Orsini. One of the representatives of the family has earned a very dubious reputation: according to rumors, Paolo Orsini settled the souls of his wives in the galleries of the family castle.

The castle itself and its interior are perfectly preserved: huge fireplaces, carved and wrought-iron canopy beds, Renaissance furniture, portraits of beautiful ladies and a hugenumber of old frescoes. Ten years ago, the castle hosted the wedding ceremony of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Never seen so many Hollywood stars in a small town at the same time. Today, a museum operates within the walls of the castle, which has several halls: armory, Etruscans, sciences, Caesars, etc. The castle tower offers stunning views of the mountains, lake and valleys.

Castle of Orsini-Odescalchi


It is unlikely that anyone plans a trip to Italy just for the sake of sightseeing around Rome. The sea here is warm and gentle, conducive to a comfortable beach holiday. If you want to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing, Positano is the place to be.

This is a picturesque commune with many colorful fairy tale houses and a beautiful pebbly beach. To get here, you should take the train from Rome to Salerno, and from there take the ferry to the end point.

In addition to relaxing on a warm beach under the gentle rays of the Mediterranean sun, you can explore the mountains located here, where you will find picturesque waterfalls and unusual plant species.

Lido di Ostia

The town of Ostia is a suburb of Rome, located 25 km from the capital. It is famous for its numerous beaches (both paid and public), all of them are well equipped. The beaches in the town are sandy, and the gentle bottom of the Tyrrhenian Sea allows you to relax here with children.

Santa Marinella

Small seaside town withWith a population of 16,000, it is located on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is an hour away from Rome by train. The town is very calm and quiet, which is what attracts tourists and Romans here. Free beaches in the city center are often crowded. They are all very clean and well maintained.

Santa Marinella

On the coast, vacationers can visit numerous small cafes and restaurants that offer seafood treats and gourmet national cuisine.


Excellent beaches around Rome await vacationers in Anzio. The ancient city is much older than the Italian capital. Its founder, according to legend, is Antaeus, the son of the sorceress Circe and Odysseus.

Before joining the Roman lands, the city was a fortification of the Volscian tribe. Today, here you can relax on the beautiful beaches, the length of which exceeds 12 kilometers. Sailing enthusiasts and surfers prefer to relax in Anzio. In between beach holidays, you can visit the archaeological and military museums.


Anzio flows smoothly into another town - Nettuno. The Romans love to relax on the beaches of this city, so it is better to come here on weekdays. The water here is crystal clear, and the shore is covered with fine clean sand.


The beaches of Sabaudia are located 95 km from Rome. They are part of the Odyssey Coast. All of them are awarded the Blue Flag, but at the same time they are not as crowded as on other beaches in Italy. The most popular of them are La Buffala Beach, Lido AzzuroSabaudia, Duna 31.5.

The beaches of Sabaudia

Interestingly, Sabaudia is a city that was built in 200 days by order of Mussolini as an elite resort. This calm and quiet place is popular with Italian celebrities.

San Felice Circeo

Another city on the Riviera is Odyssey, located near Sabaudia. It is famous for its comfort and intimate atmosphere. Those who wish can have a great time both on paid and free beaches, however, there are always a lot of vacationers on the latter.

The beaches are sandy, with a gentle bottom. Closer to the foot of the mountain, the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea have been chosen by snorkelers and divers. The city has many cafes and restaurants. The town is interesting for its location: it has two parts. One of them is located on the mountain, the other - at its foot. According to an ancient legend, thousands of years ago, the mountain on which the city was built was an island that Odysseus sailed past. Here he first met the beautiful Circe.

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