Georgia, Ureki. Sanatoriums of Georgia. Rest in Ureki

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Georgia, Ureki. Sanatoriums of Georgia. Rest in Ureki
Georgia, Ureki. Sanatoriums of Georgia. Rest in Ureki

Hospitable Georgia is famous for its warm clear sea, beautiful landscapes, mild climate, healing mud and springs. Ureki is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the country. Not so long ago, the village was covered with swamps, which dried up. In their place, a real treasure was discovered - magnetic sands that heal any disease, heal, charge with strength and positive energy. Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy the clean air, the hospitality of the locals, beautiful nature, as well as delicious dishes and impeccable wines that Georgia offers.

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Ureki - a resort on the Black Sea coast

The town is located right on the Black Sea coast between Poti and Batumi, not far from Kobuleti. Couples with small children come to Ureki to relax, because the sea here is shallow, convenient for bathing kids. In recent years, the city's infrastructure has improved markedly. New hotels have appeared that are famous for their high level of service, good food, and attentive approach to each guest. The beaches were improved, concerts are often held on the seashore in summer, many musicians come to Ureki. Butthe most important we alth of the resort is the gentle sun, warm clear sea, velvety fine sand with unique healing properties.

Climate of the town

Many travelers are attracted by the climatic features of Ureki. There are almost never frosts here, in the winter months the thermometer does not fall below +6 °C. The climate in the resort is mild, maritime subtropical. In summer, the temperature generally stays within 22-26 °C, July is considered the hottest month. A little more than 2000 mm of precipitation falls annually. Georgia attracts tourists with sunny days, fresh wind, warm, like fresh milk, the sea. Ureki also pleases with numerous sunny days.

Unique properties of magnetic sand

Ureki can be ranked among the developing resorts of Georgia, more and more people come here every year. There are no cultural and historical attractions that would arouse genuine interest among travelers. The town is famous for another treasure - magnetic sand, which has no analogues anywhere else in the world. Its healing properties have been known since ancient times. Indian yogis, Greeks, Egyptians actively used sand for treatment. Today, it has been used in modern medicine, namely in magnetotherapy.

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For many years, people have been healed of various diseases in Ureki. Magnetic sand was found on the Black Sea coast in the 19th century. The inhabitants of the town magically cured their chronic diseases. Sand properties over timephysicians, scientists, researchers became interested. It has been proven that a magnetic field can have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect on the human body, increase protective functions, and stimulate tissue regeneration. Perhaps the secret of longevity for many Georgians lies precisely in the magnetic sand. Magnetotherapy is currently used in cosmetology, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, and in diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Holidays in Ureki serve as prevention and treatment for many diseases, so adults and children from nearby countries come here.

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Who should visit the resort?

Magnetic sand can be dangerous for people with blood diseases, malignant tumors, severe bronchial asthma, tuberculosis patients. Everyone else can and even should come to Ureki. Georgia (reviews of grateful travelers will not allow you to doubt its hospitality) will help people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These include osteoarthritis, chronic polyarthritis of infectious and rheumatic origin, osteochondropathy, osteoporosis. Magnetic sands help to recover faster from injuries. In Ureki, neurosis, depression, neuralgia and other diseases of the nervous system can be cured. People suffering from infertility and other chronic urogenital diseases also come here. Unfortunately, many children do not shine with he alth, babies come to the resort with birth injuries, rickets, spinal paralysis and cerebral palsy.

Sanatorium Ureki

ResortIt is famous for its magnificent he alth resort, which annually raises thousands of people to their feet. Sanatorium "Kolkhida" is located in a picturesque place, right on the coast, surrounded by a pine forest. The he alth-improving complex has its own beach (about 250 m), as well as a yard (3 hectares). Georgia offers traditional hospitality, high level of service, comfort, a huge number of treatment programs to its guests. Ureki has a unique magnetic sand, so the treatment in the sanatorium is based on its properties. It is best to come to Colchis for 24 days, because that is how long the full rehabilitation course lasts.

Guests undergo acclimatization, take solar, air, sea, magnetic sand, eucalyptus baths. Especially for children, the sanatorium created the project “Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recreation Program for Children with Special Needs”, it lasts 14-21 days. Psychiatrists, rehabilitologists, orthopedists, speech therapists, physical therapy specialists improve the psycho-emotional state of the child, develop his communication and social skills, and provide active recreation.

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In "Colchis" 3 meals a day, dietary and fasting meals are provided. In addition to treatment, entertainment programs are also offered. There is a billiard room, ping-pong, a basketball and football ground, a climbing wall, a massage room, a summer cinema, etc. Ureki (Georgia) sets prices for accommodation in a sanatorium at an acceptable level. A double room with a park view costs $45 per person, a double room with a sea view costs $55.$70 and 3-room apartment $80

Ureki Hotels

Gorgeous weather, beautiful landscapes, clean air, sea, forests favors Georgia. Ureki hotels are located in the most picturesque corners of the city, not far from the coast. The resort provides guests with both luxurious villas and economy class hotels. The Albatros Hotel is very popular, the average price per day here is about 2400 rubles. It is located just 30 meters from the sea, all necessary services, entertainment programs are provided, there is free Wi-Fi.

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Lovers of luxury and comfort will love the Ureki Apartments Hotel. Georgia receives reviews from grateful tourists not only for hospitality, but also for the ability to provide a high-class vacation. The apartments are located just a 5-minute walk from the sea. Theodora Hotel is considered the best representative of the economy class. You can rent a room here for only 1000 rubles. It is located 100 meters from the park and a 5-minute walk from the coast.

Private resort

If for some reason it is not possible to rent a hotel room or settle in a sanatorium, you can always stay with the hospitable and friendly residents of Ureki. The private sector offers a wide range of housing options. Going on vacation with a large company or family, it is reasonable to rent an apartment. Usually a day costs from $100 and more. You can also rent only a room in a private house, the owners ask for it from $ 15. Of course, it should be understood that the price is affected by the location of the housing (the fartherfrom the sea, the cheaper), provided conditions, infrastructure, weather. Ureki (Georgia) is always happy to welcome guests, there are no problems with renting rooms and apartments here.

What to do on vacation?

Sanatoriums of Georgia are ready to receive guests at any time of the year, but what is there to do at the resort, besides visiting medical procedures? On the coast very often in the evenings visiting pop stars arrange concerts, you can also just wander along the seashore, enjoy the sound of the waves, breathe fresh air. You can jump with a parachute, swim on a yacht. Lovers of good food will be happy with the variety of dishes provided by restaurants and cafes of the city. A trip to neighboring resorts will even brighten up your vacation in Ureki. Georgia will not let anyone get bored.

Sights of Kobuleti

Ureki has no special places, so if you want to see something unusual, you need to go to the neighboring city. Kobuleti is home to the Mtirala National Park. It was opened in the summer of 2007; the reserve covers an area of ​​about 6,000 hectares. Its main feature is considered to be mineral springs and healing springs. Georgian sanatoriums often use their water for medicinal purposes. There are a lot of different types of plants in the Mtirala park, there are also those that are found only in this part of the planet. On the territory of the reserve there is a village, which is already 200 years old. Despite her advanced age, she managed to maintain her original appearance.

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The Petra Fortress is a complex that includes ancient settlements and a citadel. There arerepresentatives of the period of both the late Bronze Age and the Middle Ages. It was here that the Byzantine emperor Justinian founded the fortress city. In the 19th century, the bloodiest events unfolded here during the Russian-Turkish war.

Sights of Poti

In this resort town you can visit the Colchis National Park, located near Lake Paliastomi, right on the Black Sea coast. The reserve protects the unique flora and fauna of the Colchis lowland. It is here that you can look at patches of tropical forest that appeared here 65 million years ago. Today, not many ancient trees have survived, most of them have been cut down, now swamps cover half of the park.

Another attraction of Poti is Lake Paliastomi. Its area is a little more than 18 km2, today it looks more like an estuary. Scientists believe that the ancient Greek city of Phasis rests at its bottom. Traces of a 2nd century settlement were discovered here in 1961. Now sport fishing is organized on the lake, and migratory birds are watched.

Georgian cuisine

National dishes always cause genuine delight among travelers. Georgia has been famous for its culinary masterpieces for many years, so when you come here to relax, you should definitely try everything. Kharcho soup, barbecue, lobio - these dishes have long become international, although they have their roots in this hospitable country. Georgians are very fond of meat, so this product is added to almost all dishes. The visiting card of the national cuisine can be called chakhokhbili,chihirma, khachapuri. Spices are the highlight of Georgia, they are added everywhere, giving dishes a piquant taste.

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Georgian wines

Locals can talk about winemaking for hours. In Georgia, a glass of wine is served with every meal, this divine drink is allowed to be consumed even by children, of course, within reasonable limits, for appetite. More than 500 varieties of grapes grow in the country. Teliani, Mukuzani, Kvareli, Napareuli, Saperavi are the most popular red wines. Each of them has its own special taste and goes well with different dishes. Tsinandali, Gurjuani, Vazisubani, Rkatsiteli are dry white wines that have gained the greatest popularity not only in Georgia, but also far beyond its borders.

Ureki, Batumi, Poti, Kobuleti are the main resorts of the Black Sea coast. Do not hesitate for a long time where to go to rest. Hospitable, beautiful at any time of the year, Georgia will always gladly receive dear guests. Delicious food, interesting excursions, sightseeing, entertainment programs - every traveler who visits this wonderful country will get all this.

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