Neberdjay Valley: holy springs that give strength

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Neberdjay Valley: holy springs that give strength
Neberdjay Valley: holy springs that give strength

For a long time, people have known about the beneficial properties of spring water. Places rich in such sights attract thousands of travelers. A popular sightseeing tour among believing Christians and those wishing to improve their he alth on the Black Sea coast is the Neberdzhay Gorge: the holy springs that are located here have gained fame as healing ones. Coming to Anapa, you should definitely visit this place to get stronger spiritually and physically.

History of the area

The most incredible legend associated with Neberdzhaev sources is about Prometheus, a titan from ancient Greek mythology. Examining written sources, some scientists put forward a hypothesis that the fire thief could be chained for his sin not to Elbrus, but to the Big Utrish (the initial rock of the Caucasus Range). Prometheus brought fire to people, for which he paid with his cruel punishment. The predatory eagle (translated from the Adyghe language) - "nybedzhai" - pecked out the hero's liver, subjected him to terrible torments. From this word comes the name of the mountain.

One of the most ancient inhabitants of these lands were the Circassians, and the valley owes its name and beautiful legend to them. Even then pilgrims came herefrom afar. Gradually, the coast of the Black Sea and the lands of the Caucasus began to be populated by other peoples. This process went most actively in the 19th century, after reunification with the Russian Empire. Around the crystal clear springs, people built settlements, chapels and cultivated fields. This land seemed to them favorable and even holy.

But not all the time around the holy springs there was an atmosphere of grace. During the persecution of the Christian faith in the Soviet republics, the glory of the Neberdzhay valley was trampled on. The need to build a railway for the oil industry practically buried one of the main sources - the Holy Pen. However, the water has made its way to the top, and now the complex is fully restored.

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Healing properties of water

The picturesque nature of the complex and the purity of the springs have a scientifically proven beneficial effect. The water of the Orthodox complex was studied at the Pyatigorsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology, where a conclusion was made about its healing properties. Excursion to Neberjay, Holy springs, is suitable for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, the initial stage of diabetes, and just everyone who wants to improve their overall well-being. Water from springs belongs to mineral table and medicinal drinks. It is saturated with silver ions, and this has a healing and regenerating effect on internal organs.

Five springs - five saints

In the Neberdzhay valley, the holy springs of the complex have symbolic Christian names. At the source of St. Nicholas, you can say to himprayer, as well as at the spring of John the Baptist, ask for he alth for yourself and your loved ones. Another spring bears the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of preaching Christ's covenants. The remaining two sources are named after the Holy Great Martyr Barbara and the Mother of God, the latter is also called the "Holy Pen". It is also customary among believers to pray to the Great Martyr Barbara and the Mother of God in order to receive healing.

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Complex "Holy Pen"

The source of the name of the Most Holy Theotokos suffered various disasters, but nevertheless, with the help of believers, it became a famous center of pilgrimage. Now several chapels have been built here, the infrastructure necessary for tourists has been created. Attentive residents at one time discovered the similarity of the silhouette of the spring with a female hand, and this name stuck. Everyone can read a prayer to the Mother of God here and drink water from the source, improve their he alth and let go of all the hardships of life, get peace.

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In 2005 Patriarch Alexy paid a visit to the landmark and blessed this place. It is surprising that when in 2012 a terrible element approached the coast of Anapa, the sea level rose, waterfalls from the mountains flowed onto the springs, landslides began, the entire complex did not receive a single damage. As if some invisible hand saved this holy place from destruction. Miracles do not stop here, each healed person writes his story in a thank-you book, and for many yearsThere are dozens of such stories. Faithful Christians can also pray in Neberjay in one of the chapels or take a bath in the font, in which the temperature is always the same - 10 degrees.

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Excursion selection

Those who wish to visit Neberdzhay, Holy springs, can choose a short or full route. The full route means visiting two hard-to-reach springs behind the railway. There is a dead-end road where you have to leave the car and continue on foot. A 3-minute walk compensates for the picturesque view and the feeling of solitude, because the majority of tourists prefer to visit only the lower tier of the complex.

Neberjay, Holy springs: how to get there

Holy springs are located 10 km from Kursk. You can order an organized excursion tour with a guide, it will take the whole day from 7 am to 8 pm if you travel within the Krasnodar Territory. This includes visiting the main springs, fonts, as well as rest and lunch in colorful Kuban cafes.

neberjay holy springs how to get there

For tourists by private car from more distant areas who want to visit Neberjay, Holy springs, it is better to specify the address using a map. You should move along the Kursk - Novorossiysk highway, and in the direction of the springs on the road you can find a sign with the inscription "Holy Pen". There is no sign on the way from Novorossiysk, so you should turn right to the village of Neberdzhaevskaya.Drive straight for 3 km, then, without turning into the settlement, turn left from the main road. Another 15 km of the way along a straight road - and you are at the goal. Have a nice trip!

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