Modern stores: "Red Square" (Krasnodar). Shopping for the whole family

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Modern stores: "Red Square" (Krasnodar). Shopping for the whole family
Modern stores: "Red Square" (Krasnodar). Shopping for the whole family

Do you want to know where to spend time in Krasnodar? You can make purchases and have fun in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the region, where the best shops are collected. "Red Square" (Krasnodar) surprises with its diversity and structured layout. Here you do not have to wander through the halls in search of the desired department, because they are all divided into sections by category. This makes the shopping center the most attractive shopping place for residents and visitors of the city. A staggering figure - about 1 million people visit it every month! So "Red Square" can rightfully be called a favorite place for recreation and shopping among Krasnodar residents.

About the mall

This year the shopping and entertainment center "Red Square" will celebrate its 14th anniversary, its opening took place back in 2003. Throughout this time, he maintains the European level of comfort and service. Also, "Red Square" is striking in its scale - the entire area of ​​the shopping center is 180,000 square meters. m.The mall is open to guests from 10 am to 10 pm. You can try to go around all the shops and use all the services during this time, but this is almost impossible. The main thing is that here everyone can easily find everything they need. For such a megacenter, a diverse assortment and range of services is the main criterion, a kind of sign of the institution's quality.

In the shopping center "Red Square" (Krasnodar), shops range from mid-range to premium boutiques. But the expensive segment is complemented by affordable chain hypermarkets and salons. So anyone can make purchases in this mall, as well as find goods that fit their budget. The mall has a convenient location and all kinds of additional services, which makes it an attractive place for spending time with the whole family.

Shops "Red Square" Krasnodar

"Red Square" (Krasnodar): list of stores

The mall has more than 500 shops selling clothes, shoes, sporting goods, cosmetics and food. Convenient navigation, a website and the placement of boutiques in thematic areas will help you not get lost in this place, and not in a chaotic manner, as is the case in other malls.

In the shopping center "Red Square" (Krasnodar) there are shops for every taste and budget. Here are such popular European brands as Zara, Mango, H&M, Next, Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban. From sports shops you can visit "Sportmaster", "Decathlon", Adidas. Buyperfumery and cosmetics stands in L'Etoile. A wide range of household appliances and gadgets is available in M-Video. Many luxury boutiques will offer unique designer clothes and shoes, but the cost of such goods will be much higher. Jewelry and accessories can also be purchased in one place - in the "Red Square". Productive shopping is possible in one place - the owners of the first megacenter of Kuban took care of it.

Image"Red Square" Krasnodar shops

Entertainment & Extras

The shopping center has a developed infrastructure and a large selection of entertainment. Here you can not only come for shopping, but also have fun, take advantage of personal care services, and even solve business issues with documents. Of the important functions in the shopping center are postal services (a branch of the Russian Post), the multifunctional center "My Documents", where you can apply for the use of public services. The bank branch will help to solve financial issues. Insurance and travel companies are also needed in this town inside the metropolis, everyone can use these services.

Families with small children don't have to worry about comfort, as the mall has a mother-and-child room. Every week in the "Red Square" free children's performances are held on weekends. There is a huge cinema center with 7 halls with the latest equipment. With a group of friends, you can spend time bowling or ice skating. ForThe fair sex has many beauty salons. For visitors there is a food court with a large selection of restaurants and fast food chains. And visitors can even stay overnight at the hotel. Laundry services are also available. And the exhibition space hosts many interesting city events organized by trading companies.

children's shop in krasnodar on red square

Children's store in Krasnodar on "Red Square"

Separately, it is worth mentioning the assortment of children's goods. For little dandies and fashionistas there are special children's shops. Red Square (Krasnodar) represents such brands as Adidas Kids, AZIS bebe, Bobo, and many others. Toy stores "Katyusha", Imaginarium, "Bim-Bom", "Young Technician" offer a wide range of entertainment for children of all ages.

shopping center red square krasnodar shops

How to get there

For those who do not have personal transport, it will not be difficult to get to where modern shops await them. Krasnaya Ploshchad (Krasnodar) is located on Dzerzhinsky Street, 100. There are 3 public transport stops nearby, since the shopping center is included in public transport routes as a separate facility.

More than 4,100 parking spaces are provided for car owners. There are 3 entrances equipped with traffic lights and proper road signs. It is easy to get here from any part of the city, which makes the shopping center an attractive place for shopping.

red square krasnodarstore list

Visitor reviews

Visitors say that they really like the way the stores are located. "Red Square" (Krasnodar) has a huge range of products for the whole family. There is a developed infrastructure and a large selection in all categories. You can have a delicious lunch and watch a movie, for example, in one place - in the megacenter. Also, the mall is highly appreciated by visitors for the convenience of location and interior. Many visitors call this center their favorite shopping spot.

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