Central Europe is every traveler's dream

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Central Europe is every traveler's dream
Central Europe is every traveler's dream

Probably many of us have heard such a geographical term as "Central Europe" very often. He appears from time to time in the media, in fiction and scientific literature, and just in a conversation between close and not so people.

What is this part of the planet? What countries can be attributed specifically to it? And why?

This article will not only answer all the above questions, but also tell you why Central Europe is so interesting for travelers.

Section 1. General description of the object in question

Central Europe

Despite the fact that during the times of the Commonwe alth and the Habsburgs, Central Europe was a single and indivisible offspring of these empires, today it consists of two parts, albeit with completely different poles.

One pole, represented, for example, by Switzerland or Austria, is considered more prosperous, they offer all the best: quality goods, a high level of services, a calm political situation, a reliable economy.

Central countriesEurope, included in the second pole, are Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. These states are called less stiff and quite loyal.

It should be noted that the term proposed above is not particularly used in Europe itself. Why? The fact is that local residents are firmly convinced that their states should be distributed according to a completely different principle, referring either to the eastern or western parts of the Old World.

Section 2. Why is Central Europe interesting for tourists?

central european countries

It is unlikely that anyone will deny the fact that this place can surprise any tourist. Austria and Switzerland, for example, have approximately the same flow of visitors both in winter and in summer, most of which, as a rule, come to relax or get to know the country.

Ski resorts, various excursions and relaxation at a comfortable cool temperature are the highlights of Austria and Switzerland.

Don't forget that there is high-quality medical treatment here - plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry.

Such a state in Central Europe as Austria often attracts true music lovers. Why? The thing is that Vienna is not in vain considered the musical capital of the world. A huge number of concert halls are concentrated here, and the Vienna Opera annually hosts the most famous musicians on the planet.

But Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic offer travelers a quality and, best of all, inexpensive vacation. Tourists are happy to spend their holidays among the mountains and lakesSlovakia, get acquainted with Polish nature reserves, marvel at the wild and almost virgin nature of Hungary.

Besides this, Central Europe, or rather, its eastern part, is famous for the presence of healing thermal springs. Why not combine business with pleasure - to get acquainted with a new direction and improve your he alth?

And in this part of the mainland you can visit ancient castles, visit museums and breweries.

I would like to talk about some states in more detail.

Section 3. Swiss fairy tale

east central europe

It is simply impossible to talk about the countries of Central Europe without mentioning this state. Let's try to explain why. The thing is that Switzerland can be categorized as a popular tourist destination. There are many reasons for this. Clean as a mirror surface of a lake, magnificent hillsides, mountains standing like majestic stone idols, cities that do not hide their elegance - all these are just the beauties of the country.

And there are many small towns in Switzerland, and each has its own unique flavor.

Section 4. Warm and Sunny Hungary

state in central europe

Agree, many people associate Eastern Central Europe with this country, which is rightfully considered a favorite vacation spot for many travelers from different parts of the world.

Just a few of the benefits:

  • The cheapest hotels in Europe are here.
  • Qualityservice deserves every praise.
  • Lake Balaton is rightfully considered a unique place on the planet.
  • Healing thermal springs generously give he alth to both local residents and thousands of tourists.
  • Tokay wine tends to please everyone, even the most capricious gourmets.

Section 5. Proud Beauty Germany

state in central europe

If you pick up a globe or a map of the world and examine them carefully, it will be simply impossible not to notice Germany. And it's not even about the area. The power and energy of this country are felt in every corner of the planet.

Germans actually have something to be proud of: a stable economy, the best medicine, diverse nature and a good climate. What else do you need for a comfortable life?

Many travelers come to Germany for completely different purposes. Some people want to visit the inside of an old castle, some never cease to be amazed by the stunning Gothic buildings, and there are those who do not mind shopping on the eve of Christmas or Easter holidays.

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