Mount Demerdzhi: description, photo, interesting facts

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Mount Demerdzhi: description, photo, interesting facts
Mount Demerdzhi: description, photo, interesting facts

The variety of beautiful places on the Crimean peninsula is so great that it is not surprising to get confused. The unique reliefs of the Valley of Ghosts, placers of Stone Chaos and other impressive historical and natural sights can be seen by visiting such an object as Mount Demerdzhi in Crimea or the mountain range of the same name - Yaylu, which is part of the Crimean Mountains.

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Short description

The massif is divided by a saddle of mountains into South Demerdzhi, located at an altitude of 1,239 m above sea level, and Northern Demerdzhi, whose area is much larger, and its height is 1,356 m. It is interesting that the geological structure of the two "neighbors" is different. The northern mountain consists of the so-called marble-like limestones. The southern one is multi-layered and is composed of limestones and conglomerates, which are rocks cemented over millions of years, consisting of pebbles, sandstones, clay, and mountain fragments. But what is of particular interest to scientists is the drops of small pebbles of red granite and quartzite in these rocks.Their age is estimated at about a billion years, while clay, limestone, sandstone arose about 140-180 million years ago.


Such an interesting object, which eventually got the name of Mount Demerdzhi, has an older name - Funa, which is translated from Greek as "smoking". Over time, it was forgotten, and people gave her a new one - Demerdzhi - "blacksmith-mountain". Under the influence of natural elements, stones break off from the mountain range, and falling, they create sounds that are very reminiscent of blows with an iron hammer. The medieval ruins of the fortress, located on a hill at the foot of the south side of the mountain, bear the same name.

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Initially, in the first half of the 9th century, there was a Christian settlement located on the path of caravans and wanderers. And the fortress and the temple of St. Theodore Tyrone appeared later, approximately in the 15th century, and they were part of the defensive fortifications of the Principality of Theodoro. The fortress was destroyed by the Turks, and the temple stood for a long time, until it finally collapsed. This happened in the XX century after the famous Y alta earthquake.

Big Stone Chaos

Mount Demerdzhi, the photo of which is contained in the article, has interesting places, and one of them is an impressive natural phenomenon - the so-called Great Stone Chaos. It is a heaped multi-ton boulders, hiding the lower part of a huge rock, dotted with cracks. The current appearance of the slope was given by a powerful collapse that occurred in April 1894. Limestone with pebblesand boulders, water, wind and time are invisible builders of amazing stone "sculptures" located in the Valley of Ghosts on the southern slope, which is considered the main attraction of Demerdzhi.

The height of the mountain constantly challenges climbers. The realm of stone strikes with its quirkiness and variety of forms, reminiscent of an alien landscape. It is especially interesting here on foggy days, and if the imagination runs wild, then for a few moments the pillars come to life and take on the silhouette of either a person, or a fabulous animal or bird. The higher up the hill, the more unfinished the figures become. The most famous of them is the rock "Catherine's Head", named after Catherine II. Although she actually has nothing to do with the image of the empress and more like a man's head. Here is a paradise for artists and painters, because during the day the color background of the slope in the sun changes several times.

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Brocken Ghost

Another rare natural phenomenon is the Brocken Ghost. It can be observed at sunrise from the side of such an object as Mount Demerdzhi. It appears on both the north and south sides. This phenomenon is unique. From the side, it looks like a huge shadow that rises above the clouds.

Plant world

A variety of meadow vegetation prevails at the foot, and on the slopes there is a steppe with forest islands, representatives of which are mainly long-stemmed pines, hornbeams and beeches. From early spring to frost, almost everything here is covered with a carpet of variouscolors. You can even meet the prickly tragacanth inherent in conglomerates. The relief has karst forms, so karst cavities, fields, wells or funnels often come across.

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You can't miss the ancient MAN cave, located on the northern slopes of Demerdzhi. It is an old pagan altar. Only on the day of the summer solstice, the light of the setting sun penetrates the entrance of the cave, revealing an amazing view of the niche, in the middle of which there is a stone in the form of an altar. Above it is scratched a cross and a drawing resembling a human face.

Mount Demerdzhi will delight tourists with a beautiful waterfall. It is located at an altitude of more than 800 m. This waterfall is called Dzhurla. Its transparent waters sparkle in the rays of the sun, reviving the gloomy rocks. But in summer, especially in dry years, the waterfall almost dries up and a small stream remains.

The Ulu-Uzen East River flows through the Khapkhal gorge, forming the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall hidden from human eyes. When you contemplate how the water falls in huge streams, it seems that it breaks out from below in foamy streams.

Interest in grief

The diverse nature of the Crimean peninsula is easily recognizable in many domestic films. So, most of the episodes of "Prisoner of the Caucasus" were filmed in the tract of such an object as Mount Demerdzhi. Climbing a huge boulder (to which a ladder is carefully attached), you can try yourself in the role of Natalia Varley, singing the famous song called “Somewhere in the World”. Probably everyone remembersStepan from the film "Sportloto-82", which ruined the sign in this place. A six-hundred-year-old tree “Nut of Nikulin” grows here, from which the hero of Yuri Nikulin fell. And wandering through the Valley of Ghosts, you can remember the footage from the movie "Hearts of Three".

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How to get there?

There is a pearl on the Crimean peninsula that attracts not only travelers from all over the world, but also scientists, researchers, film crews and photographers. And it is called Demerdzhi (mountain). How to get to this unique place? You can come here by buses that depart from the bus station of Alushta, Partenit, Simferopol. It is also proposed to travel by the picturesque trolleybus route No. 52 along the Simferopol - Y alta highway and get off at the "Poselok Radiant" stop. Passing through it, any tourist will be at the foot of the South Demerdzhi, where the hike uphill begins. There are signs posted on trees and rocks along the way.

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