The best cars for travel and recreation

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The best cars for travel and recreation
The best cars for travel and recreation

Many people love to travel around the world by car - such trips do not depend on the season and time of day. In addition, you do not need to worry about your life and he alth voting on the track if you have your own vehicle and a place to sleep. Are you looking for a car in which any journey will be comfortable? Check out this article for the best cars to travel - all you have to do is choose your option and pack your bags.

Cars for long journeys

Choose a car

Manufacturers offer us a variety of vehicles for travel. But how to choose the right model? Of course, every driver wants to buy a car that will fully meet all his needs. Those options that are ideal for city driving may disappoint their owner during long trips.

Be clear about what kind of car you are buying. If you want to choose a vehicle for long trips, consider the right travel vehicles considering all the main features.

For long-distance trips, the freshness of the model plays an important role. Unfortunately not ateveryone has the opportunity to buy a new car. Focus on buying a new car, but of a lower class, or choose a used version of a higher class. When choosing the type and brand of the machine, consider the conditions in which it will be operated. Where are you planning to go? Consider carefully all the advantages and disadvantages of each particular option.

Travel cars

Pros and cons

  • Sedan. Cars of this type are not very conspicuous, they hold the road smoothly, and their repair is much cheaper than repairing an SUV. Of the minuses - a roomy trunk and little space in the cabin, which is unacceptable for long trips.
  • Minivan. Good cars for travel. Models of this type have a roomy interior. Its cargo compartment can quickly turn into a sleeper. The high landing provides a wide view of the road, the weight of the car is the least dangerous during trips. Of the minuses - an increase in fuel consumption due to gravity, and the car can easily tip over during an accident. The dimensions of the car do not allow a novice driver to easily maneuver.
  • SUV. Large vehicles are reliable, have good maneuverability at high speeds. The interior of the SUV is roomy, the seats are conveniently transformed into a flat surface. Its dimensions can act as a minus - starting with the danger of tipping over in an accident and ending with difficult parking. Thanks to the weight and all-wheel drive, fuel consumption can be high.
  • Van. Salon is quite roomy, equippeda special compartment that can be used as a bed. Unfortunately, it has a high fuel consumption. For beginners, the controls may seem difficult.
  • Universal. Fuel consumption is optimal, cabin capacity is good thanks to folding seats. Such a machine is reliable, fast, has excellent maneuverability. Of the minuses - station wagons are completely unsuitable for off-road, and it will be inconvenient for tall people to spend the night in a car.


Are you going on a family trip? Then exactly what you need is a comfortable passenger car with 8 seats Toyota Sienna ("Toyota Sienna"). This is a minivan with a huge interior and spacious seats. One of the advantages of the car is that all the seats in the third row fold down and form a large and roomy trunk. The machine is equipped with an all-wheel drive system. The engine is reliable and durable. The car lends itself well to repair in Russian conditions and is ideal for traveling around the country.

The best cars for travel

Another manufacturer's model on the list is the Toyota Prius, a 5-passenger, dual-hybrid joint-drive vehicle. The car has good traction at all speeds. Vehicle maintenance is not expensive. Fuel consumption is quite low (2.82 liters per 100 kilometers), thanks to this you can go on a trip over long distances - the vehicle will not only give you comfort, but also save you money. That's what cars are good forlong journeys.

The next model is Toyota Scion xB ("Toyota Scion xB"). The car was included in the list of the safest in the world. The advantages of the vehicle: a spacious interior, four-wheel drive, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption, as well as a beautiful appearance that attracts the eye and attracts attention. Fold down the seats and transport any things - there is enough space for everything. Smooth body lines allow you to park your car in the most unexpected places.

Land Rover

View and rate the best travel cars but still can't find the right model? Pay attention to the Land Rover Discovery ("Land Rover Discovery"). Manufacturers abandoned the outdated motor and replaced it with a more powerful engine. Crossing a ford, confident parking, a system of all-round cameras, climate control with a timer and modern technologies - in general, the car is definitely ready for the test of the road.


An unusual looking car house. Volkswagen Transporter ("Volkswagen Transporter") is a sliding car, the deployment of which adds about 2 meters in length. You do not need to make any effort for this - everything happens automatically. The salon includes a number of amenities: for your comfort, there is a stove, a sink, a compact refrigerator, a table, a TV and several bedside tables. The suspension is soft, the interior is high, the review is excellent. The car is stable on the road, has good maneuverability.

Cars for travel and recreation

Cars for traveling the whole family are highly valued in the market, one of these models is the all-wheel drive camper Volkswagen Westfalia ("Volkswagen Westfalia"). Roomy, comfortable, under a wide voluminous roof you can find as many as two beds - ideal for traveling long distances. It also has a large sofa, kitchen sink and reversible front seats. Westfalia is great for traveling with big luggage.


Do you know about the features that travel and leisure cars have? The Honda Element model ("Honda Element") has several of them. Firstly, these are doors that open like gates (back - back, front - forward). Secondly, all interior elements are made of rubber and plastic, which makes it easy and quick to wash the car. Thirdly, the ability to transport long sports equipment along the cabin. The car is ideal for trips to the coast or to the mountains.

General Motors

Model GMC Yukon Denali ("Yukon Denali") - a compact sports jeep. Large and spacious interior, heated seats, customizable dashboard display, magnetic ride control system that allows you to easily feel the steering wheel at low speeds, quiet operation of the car - what more do you need for a relaxing and enjoyable trip?

Suitable vehicles for travel


It is impossible to ignore cars for traveling around Russia. With the Subaru Forester model ("SubaruForester"), you no longer need to be afraid of dead roads. The car will withstand any, even the most severe weather conditions. Excellent handling allows you to make quick and safe overtaking on the highway. Plus, a powerful engine, low fuel consumption with careful driving. In this price category the car is not inferior in cross-country ability to any SUV.In general, try it yourself.

Another model from this manufacturer is the all-wheel drive Subaru Outback ("Subaru Outback"). A car that brings joy and pleasure to driving every time. Possesses good controllability, clearness in turns. The steering wheel is felt even by inexperienced drivers. The seats in the cabin are comfortable. The suspension is not stiff, the dynamics are good. The car is reliable, fuel consumption is moderate. It has a spacious trunk and interior.


Reliable and passable car for overcoming any hard-to-reach places, with decent directional stability - Jeep Wrangler ("Jeep Wrangler"). Light steering, energy-intensive suspension. An interesting feature of the car is the exterior design. The engine is quite economical. The car is presented on the market in the country in two versions: with a diesel power unit and with a gasoline-powered engine. "Jeep Wrangel" - for those who are looking for adventure.

Cars for travel. Which one to choose?


The Skoda Superb ("Skoda SuperB") model has a huge and neat double trunk with easy access from the passenger compartment, good ergonomics, comfortable steering wheel and seat adjustments. Possessesthe perfect balance between ride comfort and handling. The gearbox is clearly shiftable. The car remarkably holds the road in any weather, clearly following any movement of the steering wheel. Suspension is a bit stiff but not wobbly.


A large and high-quality car with great off-road capabilities and excellent roominess - the Chevrolet Suburban ("Chevrolet Suburban"). Its reliability is ensured by a powerful frame. The car has a rich finish. It is possible to equip an SUV with a special system that allows you to simultaneously turn the front and rear wheels of the car, which reduces the turning radius. Popularly nicknamed the "Texas limousine".

best cars for travel

For those who like to travel the world in their own transport, travel cars will be an ideal option. Which model to choose depends only on your desires and on the possibilities of the wallet. Take your time with the purchase, carefully consider all the options, get acquainted with their characteristics - the right car will serve you for a long and happy time. Have a good road and a pleasant journey.

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