Camping in Kabardinka (Krasnodar Territory)

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Camping in Kabardinka (Krasnodar Territory)
Camping in Kabardinka (Krasnodar Territory)

Every person is faced with the question of where and how to spend their holidays in order to get maximum pleasure. Those wishing to find solitude on the Black Sea coast should visit the modern comfortable camping "Skala" in Kabardinka.

camping in Kabardinka
camping in Kabardinka


The resort is located in the Krasnodar Territory, it is located twelve kilometers from Gelendzhik and seven from the airport. Camping is located on Cape Doob in the area of the village of Kabardinka.


The campsite is located on a rocky surface, hence the name. In order to go down to the sea, a comfortable staircase with wide steps was built. The territory of this campsite in Kabardinka is divided into several zones:

  • tent area;
  • tent area;
  • trailer area.

Located in the resort village of Kabardinka, the Skala campsite occupies an area of three hectares. The hotel has a three-star rating in terms of quality of service and service. The main goal is to create a comfortable secluded holiday in a camping environment. Pricesfor services are very democratic, for example, the price of a room starts from 300 rubles per day. You can relax on the camping beach without stopping there, this service is called day camping and costs 100 rubles. Of the minuses, one can note the not very convenient entrance to the sea.

rock camping kabardinka
rock camping kabardinka

Family Camping

Prices for all services provided can be found on the campsite's own website. Rest in the resort village of Kabardinka in the camping "Skala" is provided for the whole family. Suitable conditions can be chosen according to your taste. Consider what conditions are provided in this campsite:

  1. "The Rock" has its own 150 meters long pebble beach.
  2. This is the only place in Russia where safari tents with an area of about 50 square meters are used for recreation. meters and their own terrace.
  3. Accommodation is provided on the campsite in your own tents.
  4. For setting up tents, sand cushions are provided under the base. All zones are electrified.
  5. The camping area is fully fenced, guarded, has landscape lighting.
  6. In the village of Kabardinka, the campsite has its own parking.
  7. Favorable conditions for families with children have been created: a playground and a room and a cozy beach.
  8. Wireless Internet is available for guests.

The resort in Kabardinka is also popular because of the incredibly beautiful fabulous view that opens to the sea from the cliff.

camping rock kabardinkareviews
camping rock kabardinkareviews


  • you can use the shower (showers), washbasins and toilets for free;
  • communal refrigerators available;
  • sockets connected to each tent;
  • camping area fully electrified;
  • mangal zone is functioning;
  • lounger rental;
  • free Wi-Fi connected;
  • renting a tent for two will cost 500 rubles per day;
  • Hammock rental - 300 rubles per day;
  • there is free parking and paid parking (200 rubles).

Kabardinka, camping "Skala": reviews

Vacationers in this campsite leave only positive feedback. They talk about an unusually beautiful view from the cliff - the sea and the city of Novorossiysk. They note the cleanliness and order on the campsite, friendly staff, warm clear sea, new and clean showers and toilets. Tourists consider it one of the best campsites in the Krasnodar Territory.