Club "Attic": in Moscow, Irkutsk, Barnaul. Reviews

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Club "Attic": in Moscow, Irkutsk, Barnaul. Reviews
Club "Attic": in Moscow, Irkutsk, Barnaul. Reviews

How many interesting cities on the territory of the Russian Federation - do not count. And there are even more clubs that organically fit into the urban flavor. The entertainment industry today is developing by leaps and bounds. Gradually, the capital is losing the status of a leader in this area. Nobody argues, there are much more opportunities in the metropolis. But in order to relax, it is not at all necessary now to conquer the expanses of Moscow. There are plenty of other cities where you can have fun until you drop, and have a delicious dinner, and just meet friends.

Attic nightclub

The name, frankly, is unusual. It is quite possible that this fact attracts visitors here. Do you think a club with that name exists only in the pretentious capital? No matter how! You can visit the "Attic" in Irkutsk and Barnaul. In each of these cities, establishments have their own concept, their own surroundings, but, according to reviews, in any of them it is warm, cozy and stylish. Maybe it's all about the magical name, which is permeated with an extraordinary aura that attracts thousands of visitors to the Attic Club.

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Let's try to make virtual city tours to see what issurprising and attractive in establishments of the same name.

What pleases the capital of Eastern Siberia?

If you are in Irkutsk, you are unlikely to ignore this popular place. He is praised, admired, called his favorite club. However, there are not only positive reviews. However, we have long known that you cannot please everyone. It is its ambiguity that attracts a non-standard democratic club. This is probably why it attracts crowds of visitors.

Interior highlight

What attracts the "Attic" club (Irkutsk)? Reviews unequivocally hint at the originality of the interior. The room is decorated and really unusual. The hall is divided into several thematic zones.

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So, for example, the "homeless" is equipped with wooden, roughly knocked together benches, metal backs of armored beds, which have long sunk into oblivion. And there is also a "library", "laundry", "fireman's room". In short, the interior, stuffed with vintage items from the Soviet era, is impressive.

What's for lunch today?

The menu that the Attic club can boast of is also attractive. Maybe there are no unusual delicacies in it, but European, Caucasian and Siberian cuisine is represented by a wide range of dishes. If you want, you can try low-s alted omul. And someone will like eggplant rolls with nut filling more. Lots of salads, pizzas for every taste, seafood, even the Japanese "Oyakidon with chicken" can be tasted here.

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The bar list does not disappoint either. Moreover, each drink has its own appetizer. For strong cognac - fruit chips, for noble whiskey - hot croutons with cheese and veal tongue, and for hoppy beer - zucchini rolls with salmon and cheese.

Music Digest

One can talk endlessly about music. True, it is strictly thematic here (with a retro bias). Compositions of the 70s and 90s shake the walls of the club. The only drawback that visitors complain about is that the dance floor is too small. Sometimes it gets crowded.

As you can see, the Attic club in Irkutsk deserves to be visited at least once.

Pearl of the Altai Mountains

Of course, we come to Altai to admire unforgettable landscapes: majestic mountain spurs, lakes that do not freeze in winter; relax on the ski bases. But without entertainment, life is boring. Where to go to those who came to Barnaul? Club "Attic" (reviews characterize it as a cozy place, devoid of any pathos) will always be happy to open its doors to you.

Cocktail of style and atmosphere

Probably, it was not easy for the designers who created an island of antiquity in the very center of the capital of Altai. The interior of the room is stylized as retro motifs.

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2 floors: on the first floor there is a small hall for small companies and a billiard room where you can show off your talents in American pool. On the second floor, in fact, the club "Attic" is located. 37 steps lead to the artificially agedoak door. It looks massive and very impressive. Open - and find yourself in a completely different environment.

Menu Features

Kitchen in the Barnaul "Attic" is mixed. But here they appreciate not so much food (by the way, delicious), but cocktails. They say that the bartenders in the club are virtuosos. Order a cocktail and get a real show with juggling bottles, playing with fire and other purely professional tricks.

The sushi bar located on the ground floor is also generously praised. As the reviews testify, the rolls here are simply amazing. And the rest of Japanese cuisine deserves attention.

Where there is no place for pops

Club "Attic" in Barnaul can be called a cult place. Here you will not hear unpretentious pop melodies, which seem to warm the soul, but give little food to the mind. In the "Attic" ball "techno" rules. Hundreds of tunes are played here in one night.

And Barnaul "Attic" is famous for its events. On Fridays, everyone can play the famous "Mafia" here. Do you want to learn how to dance? Then you are definitely in the club "Attic": the studio "Alternative" often holds master classes there. The rhythm of Latin American dances fascinates and provokes, allows you to reveal yourself to the fullest, express through music and mind-blowing steps all your emotions, thoughts, feelings.

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When you are in Barnaul, be sure to check out the Attic, it is not without reason that the institution is called a great place.

What is there, in the open spaces of the capital?

And what does the noisyand many-sided Moscow? For all fans of the unusual in the capital, a new project of the famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov has been launched.

Do you want originality? Then visit the cafe-bar-club "Attic" (Moscow). Reviews about this institution are full of many laudatory epithets. Yes, you yourself will understand everything, as soon as you cross the threshold of an old mansion on Kuznetsky Most.

Vintage! How much in this word…

The interior of the establishment is striking. The combination of the incongruous - this is how the main concept of design can be called. Judge for yourself: solid furniture from distant Arkhangelsk, grandmother's lampshades, and next to them - modern spotlights; old, scribbled chairs harmoniously coexist with soft comfortable sofas. The variegation of colors does not strain, but, on the contrary, pleases the eye, forcing you to peer into the details and guess their history.

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To be fair, it must be said that at first glance, such a rich color seems chaotic. But it is worth spending an evening in the Attic, and you understand: the first impression is deceptive. Everything here is thought out and organic.

What are the secrets of the author's menu?

Kitchen in the club is surprisingly diverse. Jonathan Curtis is the chef at the Attic. He made sure not only that the dishes amaze with their taste, but also that they surprise with their design and appearance. According to regulars, it is worth trying a salad with chicken in satsebeli sauce, and "glass" noodles with ground beef. And for dessert (a joy for those with a sweet tooth) - a strawberry cup with vanilla cream. Treat - fingerslick.

Music connected us…

What about dancing? DJs start entertaining the audience after 9 pm. Music is the most varied. The dance floor (although a little cramped), but is comfortable. You can dance famously even in high heels.

And besides this, there are also Mafia tournaments and participation in various show programs.

Attic dance club is a place where you can have a great rest, dance and eat with pleasure, feeling like a gourmet.

Whichever city you choose, an institution with a very unusual name will not disappoint you.

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