Vishtynetskoye lake camp sites in the Kaliningrad region

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Vishtynetskoye lake camp sites in the Kaliningrad region
Vishtynetskoye lake camp sites in the Kaliningrad region

In recent years, ecotourism is gaining more and more popularity. Even the most capricious tourists, having learned European and Asian sights, begin to explore their native expanses. Russia is an amazing country with a lot of beautiful places. One of them can be called Vishtynetskoye Lake. The photo of the reservoir fascinates with its beauty and causes an irresistible desire to go on a journey to personally see and appreciate all its delights.

Vishtynetskoe lake

Ice Age Legacy

Vishtynetskoye Lake is not by chance considered the pride of the Kaliningrad region. Firstly, a solid age gives the reservoir a certain mysticism. Vishtynets was formed about 20 thousand years ago as a result of the melting of the glacier. The body of water is even older than the B altic Sea.

Secondly, this is the deepest lake in the region. Its depth in some places reaches 54 meters. Many believe that it is because of this that the water here is very cold, so you can relax on the shores of Lake Vishtynets only in summer. However, it is not. Experienced tourists say that if the weather is right, you can swim in the reservoir in September.

Thirdly, Vishtynets is also the cleanest lake. No wonder itcalled European Baikal. In addition, the reservoir is officially ranked as a valuable source of drinking water in Central Europe.

12 streams and rivers flow into Vishtynets, which flow from the Vishtynets Upland, nicknamed by the locals the Lake District. And only one river flows out of it, Pissa.

In 1975, the lake was granted the status of a natural monument in order to conduct scientific research and preserve the diversity of fauna.

Where are you, eighth wonder of the world?

Many people would like to visit Vishtynetskoye Lake. The Kaliningrad region is also famous for other bodies of water, but this one has become a kind of Mecca for tourists, despite the fact that it is quite far from Kaliningrad. The lake is located in the east of the region - in the Nesterovsky district. This is a border area with Lithuania. And the other shore belongs to this state.

Vishtynets Lake

The best way to get to Lake Vishtynets is by car. There are two ways: through Gusev or Nesterovo. Experienced tourists recommend the second route. After all, then on the way there is the village of Yagodnoye, where you can admire the Pissa River and the ruins of an old mill, which are very attractive to travelers.

Features of Vishtynets

However, Vishtynetskoye Lake is not only famous for this. Rest on it promises a lot of unforgettable impressions. It is very convenient to swim here, because the bottom is gentle, without sudden changes in depth.

Clear water is conducive to underwater fishing and diving. However, you can also fish on the shore. In the depths of Lake Vishtynets there are 22species of fish, including roach, pike, burbot, tench, perch. Also, 150 varieties of small crustaceans and mollusks were found in its waters.

Water birds nest on the shores of the lake, mainly ducks and swans. They are not at all afraid of people and willingly eat from their hands.

Vistynets lake rest

Also, tourists love to ride on Vishtynets. To do this, they rent catamarans, boats, kayaks.

A visit to the Rominta Forest also leaves vivid memories. This is the name given to a unique landscape park where you can see frolicking foxes, importantly walking deer, cute and not at all scary wild boars.

Vishtynetskoye lake: camp sites

Now let's look at all the accommodation options in this scenic area. Suppose you decide to personally explore all the sights of Lake Vishtynets. But you are worried about the question of where to spend the night. Finding a temporary shelter is not difficult. Many travelers go here as savages and pitch tents right on the shore. But, according to the reviews, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find a place.

But don't despair. In the vicinity of Vishtynets there are a huge number of tourist centers, campsites, guest houses. Tourists especially praise such camp sites as YuES, Vishtynets, Parus and others. They attract vacationers with quality service, comfort and breathtaking scenery.

Pearl Campsite

This place is often referred to as a camp. It really is. "Pearl" has the status of a center for children and youth recreation. In the summer itboth long-term shifts of teenagers up to 70 people and thematic races of short stays are organized.

However, adults can also relax here: alone or with families. Basically, the "Pearl" attracts lovers of outdoor activities. Skiing (in winter) and cycling (in summer) trips, hiking in the surroundings and kayaking are arranged here.

Triple and quadruple rooms are available for relaxation. There is a pier and a beach, as well as sports fields.

Vishtynets camp site

This guest house has long been appreciated by curious travelers who love comfort and privacy. The camp site is surrounded by ancient pine trees and is located on the very shore of the lake. Guests are offered a jacuzzi and a sauna, a fireplace room, where an aura of comfort and tranquility reigns, and barbecue areas for barbecue lovers.

Vishtynetskoe lake Kaliningrad region

In "Vishtynets" you will have to eat on your own, but for this there is all the necessary household appliances and a spacious kitchen.

The guest house offers sports equipment and catamaran rentals, fishing and excursions.

Sail camp site

This recreation center invites you to visit only in the summer. There are cozy houses with cold and hot water supply, refrigerator and TV. Here you can rent a boat or a catamaran, fry meat and fish on a grill or a fire. By the way, fishing in these places promises a rich catch.

Estate Zayets

It is a solid brick building with 2 floors. Before 1945years it was Romintovskoe forestry. Recently the estate was restored, and tourists flocked to it. It can accommodate up to 20 people.

This guest house is chosen by lovers of modest luxury and comfort. It has 9 rooms represented by different classes: standard, junior suite, suite. In addition, the estate has a banquet hall that can accommodate up to 30 people. It often hosts weddings and other festive events.

Besides these camp sites, South European Economic Community also enjoys a good reputation. There is a wide range of entertainment available. In addition, there are many houses, but despite this, tours must be ordered in advance.

Vishtynets lake photo

Vishtynetskoye Lake will hospitably meet any tourist on its territory. And travelers who decide to admire its surroundings will long remember the beauty and tranquility that this reservoir is famous for.

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