Donetsk - Kyiv: how to get from the city of a million roses to the capital?

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Donetsk - Kyiv: how to get from the city of a million roses to the capital?
Donetsk - Kyiv: how to get from the city of a million roses to the capital?

Before, the road Donetsk - Kyiv did not cause any special difficulties for travelers. Just think, to overcome a little more than 700 km within one country! Moreover, in one city, in another city there were all kinds of points of communication: bus stations, airports, railway stations. Now it is not easy to get to the ATO zone (namely, where Donetsk is located). The list of options has shrunk and travel time has increased. The airport was completely destroyed.

Donetsk-Kyiv: distance

Nevertheless, if you have to travel Donetsk - Kyiv, the distance and other factors should not scare you. If you prepare for the road and choose a good carrier, you will not feel much discomfort. And we will tell you how to do it now.

What you need to know before you travel?

To overcome the way Donetsk - Kyiv, you must have a pass and a Ukrainian passport. There are no exceptions. Please fill out all the details carefully when applying. If a mistake is made, you may simply not be allowed through at the checkpoint.

It is also recommended to carefully study the list of what can and cannot be transported through the "border". Bags are not always checked, but why take the risk?

One last piece of advice:dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather, and bring food and drink with you. Often people stand in line for hours waiting to get through.

How to get from Donetsk to Kyiv by rail?

Several years ago, the train crossed the Donetsk - Kyiv route daily. Now there is no direct communication between the cities. The railway station in Donetsk is closed for passenger traffic due to the danger to the lives of people and the rolling stock themselves.

Nevertheless, those who wish can get to Volnovakha in a convenient way, and from there take a train and go to Kyiv. The train leaves the town in the evening, so you will definitely not miss it. You can buy tickets online, and their cost will please you.

Low price is the only benefit of this travel option. After all, you will have to look for how to get from Donetsk to Volnovakha, wait for the train and carry things manually. But if you don't have luggage, the weather is warm and you're saving every penny, this is the way to go.


How to get from Donetsk to the capital by bus?

The most popular way to overcome the distance Donetsk - Kyiv is a bus service. Now many carriers offer various options for getting from the city of a million roses (it used to be known by that name) to the capital.

Tickets for both one and the other way, everyone can buy directly from home using the site. The main point of departure is the Covered Market, although many carriers even offer customers to pick them up from home.

You can also take a bustransfer luggage. According to customer reviews of bus carriers, this travel option is the most convenient. Bus passengers do not have to queue as long as motorists (sometimes they stay overnight).

Since the direction Donetsk - Kyiv is a route that people often take on a regular basis, some bus companies even offer a discount system of cumulative discounts to their customers.

Before you set off, it is worth clarifying whether there will be a transfer. If yes, this means that you will have to get off the transport in front of the checkpoints, move for a while on foot, and then transfer to the next bus. When you have heavy bags and it's freezing outside, this is a bad option. But these tickets are cheaper.

Donetsk-Kyiv: train

How to get from Donetsk to Kyiv by car?

For car owners, the trip will be as comfortable as possible, albeit a long one. As a rule, one has to stand at checkpoints for several hours. In addition, there must be documents that confirm the ownership of the car.

But, moving in your own transport, you can take as much luggage as you like, listen to music, sleep, have a snack. And if someone from the privileged category travels with you, transport is allowed through a separate accelerated queue.

When planning a trip from Donetsk to Kyiv by car, carefully study the reviews of other motorists in groups on social networks and on forums. It is there that the most up-to-date information about queues and road conditions is published.

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