Ural Airlines: airline reviews

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Ural Airlines: airline reviews
Ural Airlines: airline reviews

A passenger company operating regular and charter flights - Ural Airlines - was founded in 1943. Since then, the carrier has regularly expanded its flight options for its passengers. The head office of the transport company is based in the city of Yekaterinburg.

The main motto of the company can be formulated as opening new horizons and opportunities for its customers who have chosen Ural Airlines as their carrier.


Today's accomplishments

Ural Airlines is not a member of any aviation community, but this does not prevent the passenger transport industry from rapidly developing and achieving success.

In 2006, the company carried its first millionth passenger. According to the results of the same year, more than six million customers used the services of the air carrier.

According to the results of last year, more than eight million people used its services. The company is included inthe five largest air carriers of our country.

To date, in the first months of this year alone, Ural Airlines has carried more than a million passengers.

Reviews about work at Ural Airlines are the most positive. Employees characterize the company as a reliable employer. Many personnel have been working for the air carrier for decades.


"Ural Airlines" has repeatedly received the national award "Wings of Russia". Two years ago, the company was recognized as the winner in the category "Domestic air transportation" in the group where the volume of passenger traffic is more than three million customers, as well as in the special nomination of the best project of the twentieth anniversary of our country's aviation.


Flights with a reliable carrier

At the beginning of its existence, the Ural Airlines fleet consisted mainly of Soviet aircraft. The airline launched a large-scale program to re-equip its aircraft fleet more than ten years ago. The company currently leases forty-three Airbus aircraft on all of its domestic and international flights. According to the feedback on Ural Airlines aircraft, one can judge the positive result of the fleet renewal campaign.

Geography of domestic flights in the new season


"Ural Airlines" provides its customers with a convenient geography of flights for traveling around our country, countries of near and far abroad.Among the popular summer flights, the carrier offers:

  • Flights to Simferopol from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Sochi, Chelyabinsk and Moscow (Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Zhukovsky near Moscow). According to reviews, Ural Airlines flights from Moscow operate without time delays, which is very important for such a huge metropolis.
  • In the coming summer season, flights to Sochi will be operated from Sheremetyevo every day. The resort will become closer to residents of the Far East and Western Siberia. New flights to Sochi will open from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk.
  • Flight to Anapa from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Chelyabinsk.
  • Air transportation to Gelendzhik and Mineralnye Vody from Moscow, Yekaterinburg.

According to reviews, Ural Airlines from Moscow operate flights to all major cities in the south of our country, which is very important on the eve of the new summer holiday season.

Geography of foreign flights in the new season

Ural Airlines

Among the popular summer flights abroad, the carrier offers:

  • CIS countries. Popular flights to neighboring countries will continue in summer. For example, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Baku and others. In recent years, the near abroad has become a favorite vacation spot not only for citizens who lived in the Soviet Union and still love it, but also for youth companies that value a comfortable stay that combines delicious food, an abundance of drinks, high-quality service and a variety of excursions.
  • Europe. The company maintains high-demand flights to Italian resorts from Moscow, Zhukovsky and Yekaterinburg, to Spanish cities from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. In summer you can fly from Moscow to Germany and Poland, and from Yekaterinburg to the capital of France.
  • Asian direction. The usual schedule will continue for Thailand. A flight from Vladivostok to Bangkok, according to reviews of Ural Airlines, is one of the most popular and convenient ways to fly and relax in the country of a thousand smiles. Thailand is loved by everyone, and couples with children, and youth companies, and couples in love.
  • Travel to the Dead Sea will become more accessible as the number of flights to Israel will increase. An ancient state in the Middle East off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered by almost all the inhabitants of our planet as the Holy Land, is a very popular country for recreation, treatment and business.
  • New flights. In April, flights to Italian Bologna, to Frankfurt am Main, begin. Italy and Germany are popular European countries for doing business in the modern world.
  • Hospitable China with a variety of landscapes, reliefs, warm sea, diverse flora and fauna, exotic food is very fond of the people of our country. The Ural carrier opens new flights to Harbin due to the increased popularity of this direction.

According to reviews, Ural Airlines charters are always carried out without delay, strictly at the time specified in the schedule.

Rest in Russia

Flight of passengers

A couple of years ago, many residents of our country turned their eyes to the south of our country (Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik), choosing a place for their upcoming summer vacation. Some citizens did this because quality service at reasonable prices began to be offered in the south of the country. Other citizens did this because it is simply dangerous to be in many foreign resorts today.

Be that as it may, Ural Airlines began operating Airbus A320 flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Simferopol and Sochi this spring.

Passengers flying to Simferopol leave the following reviews about Ural Airlines:

  • The carrier does not allow delays in its flights. If a passenger is at least five minutes late, he and his luggage are removed from the flight.
  • According to the feedback from Ural Airlines passengers, it happens that sometimes there are cases of delay in arrival or loss of luggage. These are, of course, flagrant cases of negligence and a minus for the reputation of any air carrier.
  • The aircraft are new. Salons inside are clean.
  • The company employs professionals in their field, as evidenced by the feedback from passengers about Ural Airlines. Thanks to the pilots, the plane both takes off and lands very gently, preventing the passengers from feeling discomfort. The flight attendant team is professional. Everyone is very polite and friendly. Flight attendants always give briefings before takeoffs and tell you how to fasten your seat belts.security (they are technically sound).
  • Domestic flights only offer drinks and sandwiches. In their reviews of Ural Airlines, passengers note that the food is tasty and satisfying.

So, when choosing an airline with which you will fly to rest, remember that a flight within the country will, of course, be short-lived, but it is better if it is still comfortable. New planes with clean cabins and toilets, professional crew, quality food on board - every passenger has the right to all this. Judging by the reviews about Ural Airlines, this company will provide you with it.

Popular Thailand

Vacation in Thailand

The country of a thousand smiles is a very popular destination among the citizens of our country. Passengers flying to Thailand leave the following reviews about Ural Airlines:

  • Sometimes there are cases of delay in the arrival of luggage. This is inconvenient for passengers who arrive on vacation and are waiting for a transfer at the airport.
  • Planes are not always new. Older Airbuses are uncomfortable because they have a small distance between the seats. The aisle between the rows allows flight attendants to move with great difficulty. If your child wants to go to the toilet, and at that moment a flight attendant with a food cart is moving down the aisle, you will have to sit and wait, there is no other way out.
  • Inside the cabins of aircraft, air conditioners operate to create a favorable microclimate. Inside the planes there is general lighting, and spotlights. If the interior lighting is turned off and the passengerdoes not want to sleep, he can turn on individual lighting and read a book.
  • The company employs professionals in their field, according to passenger reviews of Ural Airlines. Pilots know their job very well, passengers, thanks to their skills, feel completely safe during the flight. The work of flight attendants according to reviews of Ural Airlines is carried out efficiently and quickly. Everyone is very polite and friendly. If necessary, the flight attendant in a perfectly ironed uniform will politely ask you to turn off your gadgets three or four times without blinking an eye and never breaking into rudeness or rudeness. Flight attendants always conduct a mandatory briefing of passengers before takeoff and tell them how to fasten their seat belts, and then carefully check whether all passengers have followed their recommendations.
  • Fairly low airfare compared to other transport carriers.

When going on vacation, especially with small children and to a distant tropical country, remember that you have a long difficult flight ahead of you. The air carrier must be chosen as reliable and responsible, loving and caring for its customers. Good two meals a day, cozy clean aircraft cabins and a professional team are the choice of many regular customers of the Ural air carrier.

Turkish Holidays

Holidays in Turkey

Sunny country Turkey is the most popular holiday destination among the inhabitants of our country, especially in the spring-summer season. Passengers flying to Turkeyreviews about "Ural Airlines" leave the following:

  • There have been cases of delays in the arrival of luggage. Similar incidents, however, are all carriers. This only speaks of the difficulty of establishing uninterrupted work with a large passenger flow by air carriers.
  • Planes are not always new. New planes are clean, old ones are frustrating with dirty seats and carpeting. All vessels are technically sound.
  • Inside the aircraft, the air conditioning system is moderate.
  • During a three-hour flight, they are fed twice. The first time an hour and a half after the plane takes off into the sky. Meals include a hot dish (beef, pork, chicken or fish with side dishes), a sandwich and a drink. The second time after another forty minutes. The second meal includes soda or plain water or juice and dessert (cupcake).
  • According to reviews of Ural Airlines, the company employs first-class pilots who ensure smooth takeoffs and landings, and very patient flight attendants who can find a common language with any passenger, even a pretty tipsy one.
  • The cost of air tickets, in comparison with other transport carriers, can be considered quite affordable.
  • Judging by the reviews about the airline "Ural Airlines", there are always branded magazines on the planes. They promote rest in the Crimea and in the south of Russia. They also have a lot of advertising information about perfume sets, alcohol and expensive stylish looks.

Flight to Dubai

Holidays in the UAE

UAE is a very popular placerest with we althy residents of our country. You can visit this country all year round. Passengers flying on Ural Airlines leave the following reviews:

  • There were also cases of delays in the arrival of luggage on this route.
  • Airplanes are also not always new. I am glad, of course, that all the ships are technically sound, however, according to passengers, it would not hurt to upgrade the fleet.
  • The air conditioning system works inside the aircraft, the microclimate in the cabins is quite acceptable.
  • During a three-hour flight, they are fed twice. The first time an hour and a half after the plane takes off into the sky. Meals include a hot dish, a sandwich and a drink of your choice. The second time they feed after another forty minutes. In this case, the diet includes sweet soda or plain water or juice and dessert. As for the quality of food, there are no particular complaints from passengers.
  • According to reviews of Ural Airlines, the company employs pilots and flight attendants who know their job well.
  • Airfare, when compared to many other transport carriers, is considered acceptable by many travelers.
  • Judging by the reviews about Ural Airlines, periodicals are always available on planes, so you can read newspapers and magazines during the flight.

Passengers flying to Dubai, reviews of "Ural Airlines" leave mostly positive. Dissatisfied responses are usuallyare caused by baggage delay, flight delay or old aircraft provision for flight.


Ural Airlines flight attendant

According to reviews about the company "Ural Airlines", there are many positive aspects in the work of the company:

  • Soft takeoffs and landings thanks to the work of a team of professionals.

  • A competent team of flight attendants, which will provide a pillow with a blanket on time, and calm a noisy passenger without a long scandal. Flight attendants always brief passengers before flying.

  • Clean aircraft cabins, toilets.

  • Working air conditioning and lighting system (general, individual).

  • Good food during flights. Meals must include a hot meal. Before takeoff, they offer sweets and lollipops, which is not provided by all operating carriers.

  • It is equally important that, according to employees, Ural Airlines is a very reliable employer. The organization has an expanded social program.

As a result, judging by the reviews about Ural Airlines, there are a number of disadvantages in the operation of the company:

  • Delays in the arrival of passengers' luggage.
  • Uncomfortable seats in old planes, there is nowhere to sit even for a short person. A small distance between the rows, which makes it difficult for flight attendants and passengers.

But that's all, you see, such trifles that many may not evenpay attention.

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