"Kuban Airlines": reviews and company description

"Kuban Airlines": reviews and company description
"Kuban Airlines": reviews and company description

"Kuban Airlines" is an air carrier, considered one of the largest in the south of Russia. The official office of the company is located in Krasnodar, where the base airport is also located. The main slogan of the carrier is that everything must be harmonious in flight. Kuban Airlines achieves this thanks to a professional team of pilots, polite flight attendants and the presence of safe aircraft in the fleet.

The company daily sends flights both within Russia and to countries near and far abroad. Routes are expanded every year. There are 12 Yak-42 aircraft in the air carrier's fleet, and a few years ago Boeing-type aircraft also arrived. The company plans to gradually update all machines, moving to more modern models.

Kuban Airlines

"Kuban Airlines" reviews are positive from passengers who used the services of the carrier. Pleasant and kind staffboth on the ground and in the air they will not leave their customers without attention. Experienced pilots make smooth takeoffs and soft landings. The company has almost no flight delays. The only reason for this trouble can only be weather conditions.

"Kuban" - airlines that will provide their passengers with a pleasant journey, organized by the best flight specialists in the south of Russia. In the near future, the company plans to upgrade its flight fleet with domestically produced ships. In 2011, a preliminary agreement for the purchase of 12 new aircraft was already concluded at the World Expo. The air carrier took first place in the regional competition, where it was said that he made the greatest contribution to the development of the Kuban airways.

kuban airlines reviews

Tickets for flights offered by the company are sold out in the shortest possible time. In addition, flight safety should be noted, as all cars are equipped with the best navigation systems. Kuban Airlines schedules flights in such a way that it is convenient for passengers to get to their destination, and, if necessary, transfer to another plane. Therefore, the company's customers do not have to worry about inconsistencies if they fly in transit.

kuban airlines

Due to the fact that all aircraft are constantly maintained in good condition by professionals, you can not worry about the safety of travel, regardless of weather conditions. Kuban Airlines values ​​its reputation andThey try not to let down the customers who trusted them. For travelers who often use the services of the company, there are special promotions, discounts, savings programs. At the same time, the cost of tickets to many destinations is relatively low compared to competing air carriers.

All this is the reason that every year the number of those wishing to travel with this company increases, due to which its material base also improves. The personnel working here are tested annually, which confirms the airline's commitment to making its flights as safe as possible.

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