Overview of Victory Park in Tambov

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Overview of Victory Park in Tambov
Overview of Victory Park in Tambov

Victory City Park in Tambov is probably the largest in area. A great place to spend time and an architectural monument. It appeared on the fiftieth anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War. Here you can always see people walking, the park is almost never without visitors. Due to its multifaceted beauty and rich history, it is quite popular with citizens and travelers. In order to find out what is the secret of the success of this place, let's take a closer look at it.

Historical Monuments of Victory Park

If you go to the city of Tambov, Victory Park is a must-see. It is located in the northern part of the city. In its place, until 1995, there was a wasteland.

Flags of the Victory Park

The park is also a memorial, because it was erected in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Around the territory there are: TGKU, Michurin Street, garage cooperatives, a lyceum and Laskovsky quarry. Opposite the educational building of the Technical University, which is located near the Victory Park in Tambov, a monument was erected that reminds of eachsoldier who died in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989.

If you walk closer to the road, the park will open to visitors in the post-war light. On the territory you can get acquainted with various informative and simply fascinating places with their beauty. These are exhibitions of military equipment and an alley of red stars, aircraft, various artillery pieces and military armored vehicles, which were in service with the Army of the USSR and Russia. These objects can be found if you go along the front edge of the Victory Park, which immediately adjoins Michurin Street.

Free access to samples of military equipment is undoubtedly an advantage for visitors to the Victory Park in Tambov. They will be able to study the exhibits in detail. You can spend time with benefit if you look at the alleys, where everyone can get acquainted with information on all wars involving Russia, as well as the USSR and Great Russia, looking at the stands.

Monument to a veteran

Next, everyone will definitely meet the monument to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, which was erected on May 8, 2010. He is represented by a bronze figure of a veteran with decorations attached to his chest. A little girl sits on his lap. The author of the creation was the sculptor Viktor Kulaev, and the model was Ivan Stepanovich Odarchenko, a resident of Tambov, a veteran who participated in hostilities. He was also a model for the well-known monument to the Liberator Soldier, which is located in Berlin.

Musical fountain

Very close to the monument to the veteran is a fountain, throwing streams of water from under your feet. If alook closely, ahead you can see the MIG-19 aircraft, which is directed upwards, as if it is about to take off for the next task. It was installed in honor of the victory of the Tambov people and the Soviet people over the Nazi invaders.

What trees grow in the park?

Walking trails and alleys - this is what can be found in the depths of the park. It is worth noting that in the remote part of the park there are isolated trees of different species. You will see such trees as aspen, linden, spruce, birch, and white locust. The feeling of wilderness, where the grass is knee-deep, is offset by neatly trimmed bushes.

Popular Summer Activities

The center of the park in the summer time amazes visitors with an active light and music fountain. Water jets shoot up from the cells at the level of the part of the platform on which pedestrians walk. This gives many young people a reason to have fun, allowing them to have water games.

In addition to other places of recreation, every child will be able to find a place for himself in the Victory Park. There are a lot of attractions, thanks to which children have the opportunity to try different types of entertainment in action. For example, ride cars, steam locomotives or carousels, jump high on a trampoline or feel like an astronaut by testing yourself on a centrifuge.

Fun in wintertime

Despite the cold period of time, the Tambov Victory Park does not lose its attractiveness in the eyes of visitors, so it is always full of guests. In winter, ski slopes are located along the alleys.

The Laskovsky quarry is located in the farthest part of the park. itA favorite place for beginner skiers, a skiing track was equipped there. Public holidays are often held here and crowded festivities are held, fireworks and fireworks are launched. Also, visitors are surprised by creative teams, performing with different numbers.

Where is it located?

Victory Park in Tambov, whose address is easy to find on the map even for a schoolboy, is located opposite the Okean market.

You can get to the park by taking minibus number 16. It takes only ten minutes from the railway station. Exact address: st. Michurinskaya, 143a, Tambov, Tambov region, Russia.

Reviews about Victory Park in Tambov

Reviews about the park by numerous residents of Tambov and tourists coming to the city from all over Russia are mostly positive and testify to the following facts.

Firstly, the park is an interactive and historically rich place. Anyone can find entertainment here. People also say that it is divided into three parts: at the beginning of the territory you can find a variety of military equipment, a fountain and attractions are installed deeper. And most importantly, the park has a large green area where you can relax from everyday hustle and bustle.

Prices pleasantly surprise with their affordability. Tickets for children's attractions cost from 50 rubles, for adults - from 80 rubles. Also in the park there are points of sale of ice cream and other joys for children. Everyone who has visited this beautiful place, namely Victory Park, no doubt advises everyone to visithim.

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