Park Hotel Rimini 4(Italy): overview, description and reviews of tourists

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Park Hotel Rimini 4(Italy): overview, description and reviews of tourists
Park Hotel Rimini 4(Italy): overview, description and reviews of tourists

Italy is an extraordinary country, and you can talk about it endlessly. From year to year, crowds of tourists come here: someone wants to see Rome or the legendary Colosseum and take a lot of good photos, and someone just wants to take a break from the bustle of the world, soak up the fabulous white beach and plunge into the warm azure waters. The shores of Italy are caressed from all sides by the waves of five seas: Tyrrhenian, Ligurian, Adriatic, Ionian and Mediterranean. Today we will talk not only about this amazing country, but also about the wonderful Park Hotel Rimini 4 (Italy, Rimini).

Hotel location

The hotel in question, which attracts a large number of tourists every year, has a very convenient location. This is one of the advantages of this hotel, which primarily lies in the proximity to the sea and the main attractions. Getting to the Park Hotel Rimini 4from the airport is also not difficult: just half an hour drive. It takes a little longer to get from Rome: a trip by car can take up to four hours. This hotel is located on the first line from the sea, very close to the historical center of the city, in which, in addition to visitingexcursion objects, it is very pleasant to walk and do shopping. From the windows of the first floor you can see the beach and the surf, and from the top floors of the hotel you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire coastline of the city of Rimini. A short walk from the hotel is a water park, which has dozens of slides, rides and recreation areas.

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Hotel facilities

Park Hotel Rimini 4 has a well-developed infrastructure. This is required not only by the number of stars or a very good location, but also by the reputation among guests from all over the world. The hotel, in addition to the number of rooms, has a restaurant, a small spa area and a swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, available at any time of the day. On the territory of this piece of paradise there is a small oasis - a garden with relic and evergreen plants that not only please the eye, but also create a special microclimate of this place. In addition to first-class infrastructure, which we will talk about further, the hotel offers a wide range of different services: catering, maids, laundry, security services, beach service and SPA. One of the most important points is that the hotel has animation. Let's dwell on this in more detail.

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Animation at the hotel

Like any other self-respecting hotel, Park Hotel Rimini 4boasts another very convenient and important service. Traveling and staying in hotels is a family activity, so you will probably need the services of animators. Created on the basis of the hotelconditions for organizing leisure activities for children of all ages. Animators constantly come up with various games, hold competitions, distribute gifts and make the child's pastime in the hotel as useful and interesting as possible. You no longer need to worry, trying to find the answer to the question: where to leave the child in the evening? Parents can easily transfer their child into the hands of professionals and organize a romantic dinner for two and a walk along the evening embankment of a beautiful Italian town.

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In addition to children, adults can also use the services of animators. The hotel has a swimming pool, where water aerobics, fitness classes and just a morning workout are held in the morning. The hotel also has its own dance, which the animators develop together with everyone who wants to join the corporate culture of relaxation.

Entertainment at Park Hotel Rimini 4

When choosing a hotel, you should determine what is more important: an excursion program to memorable places and sights or a relaxing beach holiday with evening events. If the choice is in favor of a trip to museums, monuments and temples, then the best choice is, of course, the Park Hotel Rimini 4in Rimini. Of course, all the most important monuments of this amazing country are not located here. But using land transport, it is easy to get to neighboring Rome or the Vatican. And the tour booking service, which cooperates with the hotel, will definitely help you with this. For little money and a certain amount of time, you can travel around many interesting places by train while livingwhile in the same city. Park Hotel Rimini 4has a developed infrastructure and, among other services, offers mini-tours in Italy and excursions both in the city and beyond.

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This hotel is also designed for those who want to soak up the seaside. It has its own restaurant, a huge beach with sun loungers, awnings and umbrellas, entertainment facilities and a sports hall. It is known that vacationers spend most of their time either on excursions or on the territory of the hotel. Therefore, the Park Hotel Rimini 4provides everything you need for a dream vacation, something that allows you to relax by the pool with a cocktail and forget about everything in the world.

Hotel benefits

As we have repeatedly noted, the Park Hotel Rimini 4is a four-star hotel. Is this an advantage, or rather a disadvantage? In fact, this is a question that does not have a clear answer. Every tourist and traveler who often stays in expensive hotels has his own opinion on this matter. In fact, the main difference between a 4-star hotel and a 5-star hotel is the price. Four stars make this hotel much more affordable for the average tourist, especially if he is from Russia. More affordable doesn't mean worse. Getting the last star is not so easy, but for any self-respecting hotel, this is a very strong motivation. It is this star that will make it possible to raise prices, bring the hotel and brand to a new level, and in some cases even receive certain preferences from the state.Therefore, the level of service and maintenance in four-star hotels is even better than in five-star hotels, as the administration of the institution is doing everything to reach that very new level as soon as possible. The Park Hotel Rimini 4 is no exception.

As for the differences, there are very few of them. There is a certain regulation that was adopted by an international organization that evaluates hotels, according to which all hotels in any country in the world are assigned a certain number of stars. So the fifth star is the observance of trifles: a canopy over the entrance, the waiting time for the elevator, the number of tables in the restaurant, the quality of the flooring or the cleaning time in the room. All these differences are imperceptible to an ordinary guest, since they are completely insignificant. So if it is unimportant for you to wait for the elevator not 27, but 30 seconds (roughly speaking), then the Park Hotel Rimini 4in Rimini (Italy) is created for you.


The hotel referred to in this article is located almost in the very center of the city, in close proximity to the sea and the beach. Not far from here is the exhibition complex, which constantly hosts some events and interesting exhibitions, as well as a conference hall. The hotel itself is a low rise building, very stylishly decorated both inside and out. Directly in front of the hotel is its own large swimming pool, where you can relax in case of a storm at sea or if you come in the off-season, but you really want to swim. There is also a wonderful garden with incredibly beautiful compositions and relic plants thatcreate a special microclimate and have a healing effect.

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Of course, many potential guests may be concerned about the question: what are the prices here? Park Hotel Rimini in Rimini (Italy) is not the most expensive hotel. If you translate the cost of a room into rubles, then it will cost from 3 to 20 thousand. It all depends on the category of the room, the view from the window, meals, the desired service, the number of guests, the season and additional services. From all this, the final price is formed. It is also worth remembering that early booking can be more profitable, since, as a rule, hotels make discounts for those who buy a room for six months or another long period of time.


As already mentioned, this hotel is a small and cozy oasis almost in the very center of a typical Italian resort town. There are only 65 rooms here. All areas of the hotel, including the rooms, have recently been completely renovated. In total, the hotel has several categories of rooms: standards, suites, VIP-class rooms. Separately, it should be said about the rooms of the Park Hotel Rimini 4Balcony in Rimini, which, as the name suggests, have their own balcony. These are spacious rooms with their own small terrace and incredibly beautiful sea views. All rooms, regardless of their category and area, are equipped with the latest technology: there is satellite TV, all necessary equipment, a bathroom, a hairdryer, air conditioning, a safe, a mini-bar, and a reliable system of passes. A separate highlight is the new exclusive furniture made onorder from eminent Italian manufacturers. The quality and high level here can be traced in absolutely everything, and it immediately catches the eye.

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Hotel area

The hotel area corresponds to the entire complex and is a real oasis island. The paths paved with Italian stone, alpine hills, flower arrangements, coniferous plantations and landscape design thought out to the smallest detail make this place truly cozy and attractive. It has its own beach area with sun loungers and a heated pool. Among other things, on the territory of the hotel there is a dry cleaning service, a bicycle and car rental point, a parking lot, a security point, a solarium, a spa area, table tennis and 2 excellent restaurants: an American-style bar and the main large restaurant Regina, whose panoramic windows overlook directly on the beach. side and look at the Mediterranean Sea.

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Negative reviews of tourists about the hotel

Reviews are always the most important part of any trip. It is impossible to imagine planning a trip without studying the reviews and stories of people who have already visited certain countries and stayed in certain hotels, for example, in the Park Hotel Rimini 4in Rimini. The reviews for this place are mostly positive. There are, of course, reports of dissatisfied. For example, some guests did not like the fact that the hotel staff did not speak Russian, or that there were few vegetables at breakfast. In addition, the general manager of the hotelis not always present on site, which can complicate the solution of certain problems. On some portals, guests complain that sockets and some electrical appliances do not always work in the rooms. But this is more of an exception than a system.

Positive feedback from tourists about the hotel

In good reviews, they note daily cleaning, delicious food, friendly staff, professional animators who will not let your children get bored. Cleanliness, order, safety, a good contingent of vacationers - this is an incomplete list of what awaits you in this cozy hotel complex. Separate praise, according to the guests, deserves a large warm pool. This is one of the main areas in the hotel, and there is always enough space and sunbeds for everyone.


In Italy in general and in Rimini in particular, there are a lot of hotels of different stars and different levels. Park Hotel "Rimini" is one of the best of its kind. It combines the standard of Italian hospitality, delicious cuisine and the atmosphere of eternal summer and eternal holiday. There is no place for unpleasant incidents, and if there are any problems or questions, the staff tries to solve them as quickly as possible. People come to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for relaxation, impressions and entertainment. All this gives them Park Hotel Rimini 4. Reviews about this place are only additional confirmation of these words.

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