New Dinosaur Park in Moscow at VDNKh

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New Dinosaur Park in Moscow at VDNKh
New Dinosaur Park in Moscow at VDNKh

Unfortunately, not a single person could visit the world of dinosaurs, because at that time there were not the best conditions for people to live. Now, you can learn about these amazing creatures that once inhabited the planet Earth only from textbooks or while visiting a museum. But this activity is not as fun as the opportunity to be in an environment corresponding to those times and see dinosaurs in their real form in every way.

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Dinosaurs conquer Moscow

Not so long ago, a dinosaur park appeared in the capital of Russia, but it has already gained great popularity among city residents and tourists. For all children, this is just a real entertainment center that you can visit on vacation or go there with your parents on weekends. Of course, before you could see these inhabitants of the ancient world in the Paleontological or Biological Museums, but going there does not imply entertainment, but most likely promises a training program. The Dinosaur Park in Moscow at VDNKh is an opportunity to have a very good rest and give the child knowledge about the ancient world in a fun way,that existed millions of years ago. Now the park at VDNKh was closed. But they opened a new one - in Lubyanka.

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What draws everyone here?

Every person visiting this park will stock up on impressions for a long time. Here are realistic models of dinosaurs, which are also mobile. The design in the appropriate sound and light scale allows each visitor to mentally transport himself into the world of habitat of these peaceful or predatory creatures. The Dinosaur Park, whose photos could be seen in books or on the World Wide Web, has become the best place in Moscow for leisure activities and family holidays. Everyone can watch a fascinating film about these inhabitants of the Mesozoic era in 3D. Dinosaur Park is a place where the most interesting master classes are always held, and each of them has its own specific theme.

Dinosaurs every day

Dinosaur park opening hours are not limited to weekends. Everyone can get here even at the height of the working week. You can buy tickets directly on the spot or pre-order online, on the official website. Such a pleasure as visiting the park will cost one person approximately 500 rubles on weekdays or 600 rubles on weekends. The price is quite pleasant, which allows a person to visit the fascinating world of these ancient creatures more than once. You can safely take a camera with you and save the most vivid impressions of being in the world that we canfind out after staying here for a while.

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Dinosaur Park: how to get there

Unlike the museums that are scattered throughout the city, this object is located in the very center of the capital, on Lubyanka. When planning to go here to Detsky Mir, you can visit the grandiose and popular dinosaur park in Moscow. The best designs from all over the world have gathered here, so there is something to see. And the location of the park makes it easy to get here.

The Dinosaur Park in Moscow offers its visitors, for a minimal fee, to fulfill their childhood dreams and visit the world where real giant dinosaurs live, which are provided here in full growth. This is much more interesting than just sitting at home and watching cartoons or reading books, imagining incredible giants.

dinosaur park in moscow at vdnh

This park is an interesting and educational place where everyone can relax. Children will be impressed by such a fabulous and extraordinary environment for a long time to come. And not only children, because everyone will be interested in going to an amazing world that a person could not conquer and even see in real life.

Dinosaur Park pleases visitors from Moscow and other regions of the entire vast country. If you do not have enough new sensations and exciting adventures, you are here. The inhabitants of the dinosaur park will be waiting for you every day to give you a good mood and a lot of positive feelings. To learn something new and interesting is one of the inherent in a personfeatures, and you need to take the opportunity to develop it to the maximum. The dinosaur park will bring joy to people of all ages and professions. Do you like to study the features of living creatures of the Mesozoic era? If yes, then you should definitely look here.

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