Rest in Nizhnyaya Tavda

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Rest in Nizhnyaya Tavda
Rest in Nizhnyaya Tavda

It is possible to have a great rest and recharge with vivacity and optimism not only in foreign resorts, and domestic resorts are an excellent confirmation of this. Experienced tourists often choose ecologically clean areas where you can not only admire the local sights, but also relax away from the noisy and polluted city. If you are also interested in resting in an ecologically clean area, then you should pay attention to Nizhnyaya Tavda, located in the Tyumen region.

Fountain Lower Tavda

Location and climatic features

Nizhnyaya Tavda is a small village with a population of just over 7,000 people, located near Tyumen. The climate in this area is moderately cold with high rainfall. The temperature varies from -25 in winter to +30 in summer. Summer is considered the most favorable time for vacation in this region, although some tourists claim that even in the cold season hereyou can have a great rest.

Sights of Nizhnyaya Tavda

Despite the small size of the settlement, there is something to pay attention to here. This is a village with a very rich history, and therefore, it is rich in historical monuments and ancient architecture. Before arriving in Nizhnyaya Tavda, Tyumen region, you need to prepare in advance a list of sights that you plan to visit, this will not only save time searching for them, but also carefully plan your route. Locals believe that it would be a big omission to come here and not admire the following sights:

  1. Church of the Holy Trinity, erected in 2006. The style of the church is somewhat reminiscent of a hipped building from the 16th century.
  2. Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in the form of a memorial stone.
  3. Monument to V. I. Lenin, there are a great many of them.
  4. Fountain.
  5. Local local history museum, where you can see not only a large number of ancient household items of the peoples of the North, but also the interior decoration of the courtyard. This museum is also significant in that its exhibits are located not only in its building, but also in its courtyard.
  6. Local registry office with an unusual monument in the form of wedding rings.
  7. Foul lake. The name of this lake, according to historical data, appeared after the bloody battles between Yermak and the Tatar princes. After the battle of the killed enemies, Yermak ordered to drown in the lake, as a result of which it became known as Pogany.
Landmark of Nizhnyaya Tavda

However, not only these attractions canattract the attention of tourists. There are a lot of cozy courtyards decorated with local craftsmen - wooden sculptures, but the nature of the village is simply mesmerizing with its virgin beauty.

Rest in the Tyumen region in Nizhnyaya Tavda

It is a mistake to think that this small village will be very boring. Rest in this historical area will surely be appreciated by both fishermen and hunters, connoisseurs of cultural heritage and even the most fastidious tourists. But in order for the rest to be successful, you need to take care in advance not only of the cultural program, but also of your accommodation. Of course, you can pitch a tent in some picturesque area, but it is best to rent a house or a hotel room with the same name "Tavda".

Hotel Tavda

Resting on the river bank or walking around the area is far from the only entertainment in Nizhnyaya Tavda, as this village has its own indoor pool, dolphinarium, oceanarium and even a water park. Therefore, rest in this comfortable village will surely appeal to both children and the older generation.

Tourist Guide

To get to Nizhnyaya Tavda, Tyumen region, you should overcome about 85 kilometers from Tyumen, passing the settlements:

  • Tyunevo;
  • Karaganda region;
  • Velizhans;
  • Iska;
  • Cherepanovo.

You can get to the village both by car and by bus.

As you can see, it is interesting to have a rest even in such a small village as Nizhnyaya Tavda, and for sure suchrest will be appreciated even by the most fastidious tourist.

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