"Yugan" - Nefteyugansk cinema

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"Yugan" - Nefteyugansk cinema
"Yugan" - Nefteyugansk cinema

There is nothing better than going to the movies with your family, loved one or friends: popcorn crunch, laughter, tears, emotions and delight - it's all about watching a good movie in the right company. Every city has a place where you can watch world premieres, including in Nefteyugansk. The cinema of the city is a popular place among residents of all ages. How to get there and what to see?

Description of the cinema

cinemas in Nefteyugansk

There is only one organization in the city that shows world premiere screenings on the big screen - the Yugan Cinema, located in the center.

The building has a beautiful waiting area with comfortable sofas and a cafe-bar where you can buy popcorn, soda, chips, beer, crispy biscuits and even sweet confectionery for a movie show.

In Yugan there are two cinema halls with individual interiors - green and red, they are designed for 304 viewers.

Comfortable soft chairs are installed in each hall, and the demonstration equipment is equipped with the Dolby Digital system, which creates a three-dimensionalenveloping sound just like real life.

In addition to the regular session, 3D screenings are held for lovers of new technologies, and there is also a hall and 5D, designed for 5 people.

For children there is a special play area with vending machines - in such an atmosphere, waiting for the movie will pass quickly and carefree for the little visitors.

Cinema Nefteyugansk: address and reviews

cinemas in Nefteyugansk address and reviews

Yugan location: 3rd microdistrict, 24. Nearby are bus routes 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, which follow from different parts of the city.

Customer reviews are different: there are satisfied viewers, but there are not so much. The main inconveniences noted by visitors are the lack of ample parking, strict age restrictions, for some the quality of the picture and seats are inferior to those installed in larger cities.

Many viewers consider the advantages of the cinema in Nefteyugansk to be: democratic prices, a decent assortment of goods in the buffet, convenient location, showing all the expected films.

What can you see in Yugan?

The cinema of Nefteyugansk keeps up with the world schedule of premieres, and every week all new films of the world and Russian scale are introduced.

There are definitely cartoons at the box office that you can watch with the whole family.

There are practically no genre restrictions in Yugan: horrors, thrillers, comedies, dramas, science fiction - films for any requests.

Especially expected premieres at the box office can go up to a month, in order toso that everyone can enjoy the film novelty.

Ticket prices and opening hours

cinemas in Nefteyugansk

The cinema of Nefteyugansk "Yugan" based its activities on the principle of accessibility for every resident of the city.

Seater seats are divided into 3 categories (economy - the first and closest rows to the screen, standard - middle rows, comfort - the farthest rows), different in price. Also, the cost depends on the time of the session. So, from 10 am to 5 pm tickets can be purchased at a price of 200 to 350 rubles, evening sessions can cost from 200 to 450 rubles.

Every Wednesday there is a promotion for films that are last shown at the box office: the cost of economy rows is 150 rubles, and standard and comfort is 200 rubles.

Friday evening, weekends and holidays are formed according to a single tariff: economy - 250, standard and comfort - 450 rubles.

The cinema is open daily from 10.00 to 01.00.

Thus, despite the fact that there is only one cinema in the city, it can satisfy the needs of TV viewers: premiere screenings, reasonable prices, a buffet varied enough to comfortably watch a movie.

In addition, the address of the cinema in Nefteyugansk is in the center, which means that there will be no problems with public transport and it will not be difficult to get to it, which is especially important for mothers with small children and elderly viewers.

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