Monsanto, Portugal Attractions, Pictures

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Monsanto, Portugal Attractions, Pictures
Monsanto, Portugal Attractions, Pictures

The village of Monsanto in Portugal is considered one of the places that personify the country. Thanks to this, she is known far beyond the borders of the state. What is so special about Monsanto in Portugal? Attractions and features of the village.


The fabulous village is located in Portugal on the slope of the mountain of the same name, which has a height of more than 800 m. The name of the peak is translated as "holy mountain". Monsanto is located just 277 km northeast of the capital of Portugal - Lisbon. At a distance of 306 km from the village is the city of Porto.

It is possible to get to the village by public transport, which is quite well developed. There is a train connection, the only inconvenience of which is the need to transfer in the city of Castelo Branco. Travel time is about 3 hours from Lisbon and about 5 hours from Porto.

It is also possible to get there by bus, in which case you will not have to spend time on transfers. Also, this method is faster.

For those who love comfortin all its manifestations, it is recommended to rent a private car. In order to get to Monsanto, you need to move from Lisbon along the A23 or A1 highway. The A25 highway leads from the city of Porto to the village. Free parking can be found at the entrance to the small town.

Village Features

The main attraction of the town of Monsanto in Portugal is the fact that it is located among huge stone boulders. Historically, it so happened that at the time of the formation of the settlement, the locals decided not to clear the mountainside from large boulders, but to build their dwellings between them. And so it happened that the stones were used as supports, foundations or even walls of individual buildings.

local beauties

The result is a quaint village, about which the locals themselves say that it is very difficult to determine where the stone ends and the residential building begins. This feature of the city was imprinted not only on the chaotic construction of residential buildings, but also on the roads. Sometimes they are so narrow that the only way to get through is on foot.

Climatic conditions

Due to the fact that the temperature in the village of Monsanto in Portugal rarely falls below 0 degrees Celsius, the climate can be called temperate. In summer, the air temperature warms up to +15 degrees, so tourists travel to this country year-round.

Warm and mild climate allows you to spend time in comfort. However, when planning a trip to Portugal, you should take into account that in winter thethe amount of precipitation that can significantly interfere with local sightseeing.

What to look out for?

Reviews of Monsanto in Portugal note the following must-see attractions:

  1. Local rocky and winding streets. The peculiarity of the territory is that they are all made of local stone, and the largest of them serve as the foundation or walls of some houses. Many stones simply hang over residential buildings, which creates a certain flavor of the area. You should also pay attention to the fact that some of the passages between the buildings are so narrow and winding that they are made in the form of stairs. Therefore, traveling through the city by car is not possible.
  2. Sculpture of a silver rooster, which is located on the building of the clock tower of the town hall. It is the city's award for winning the competition for an authentic city in Portugal, which was held in 1938.
  3. silver rooster
  4. The ruined castle of the Knights Templar. It strikes with its grandeur, despite the fact that it is in desolation. It is worth paying attention to curly battlements and high towers. There is a legend that during the siege the castle almost surrendered when all the provisions ran out. However, a local resident was able to prove to the enemies by cunning that they did not give up and dropped the last cow on them. This proved that there was still food in the city, so it was pointless to continue the siege.
  5. templar castle

The city of Monsanto in Portugal standsalso visit because of the unique atmosphere that hovers among the old houses and narrow streets.

Where to stay?

Due to the fact that the village of Monsanto in Portugal is popular with tourists from all over the world, it has a well-developed hotel system. There are both hostels where you can stay for a budget overnight stay, as well as small authentic guest houses, the prices for a room in which start from 50 euros. The most popular, according to vacationers, are the following hotels:

  • Casa de Amigos.
  • hotel in monsanto
  • A Casa Mais Portuguesa.
  • Monsanto GeoHotel Escola.

Accommodation may include breakfast and free internet.

Where to have lunch?

Since hotels do not provide three meals a day, it is recommended to pay attention to local cafes and restaurants that offer tourists to taste local cuisine.

Among the most frequently visited are the following:

  • Monsanto GeoHotel Escola.
  • Baluarte.
  • Taverna Lusitana.

It is recommended to pay attention to the fact that all dishes presented in these restaurants are prepared exclusively from local products, as well as according to old recipes that have historically developed in this area.

portuguese cuisine

Historical facts

The town of Monsanto in Portugal arose in 1165, when King Afonso I the Great, having conquered the area from the Moors, gave it to the orderTemplars. The knights built a fortress on a mountain, under which later a stone city arose. The fortress withstood 800 years, having changed rulers for many centuries. She heroically withstood sieges, wars and changing climatic conditions.

The castle of the Knights Templar would still be in its original state today, if not for the explosion in the powder warehouse, which destroyed it. Unfortunately, no one was involved in the restoration.

Today, only about 900 inhabitants live in the town of Monsanto, however, this does not prevent it from being an interesting tourist center in Portugal.

narrow streets

City holidays

Every year on May 3, the village celebrates the day of the Holy Cross. Guidebooks advise visiting Monsanto on this day, as the city is changing. The solemn procession is different from ordinary holidays. The inhabitants, who are dressed in national costumes, go to the ruins of an ancient castle, carrying with them a large white pot filled with flowers. It symbolizes a cow, which in the distant past saved the fortress and the city from the siege. After some rituals, it is thrown down from the cliff, thus symbolizing the sacrifice that the townspeople make in honor of the liberation of the fortress.

Despite the fact that these events are long in the past, the tradition of the annual celebration of liberation continues to this day. The holiday will be interesting for visiting tourists to get acquainted with authentic Portuguese costumes, as well as some traditions of these places.


Photos of Monsanto in Portugal show everyonelocal beauties, for which it is worth visiting the village. Finding yourself in such a place, you get the feeling that the city was built by some giants, the stone boulders scattered throughout the village look so indestructible and majestic.

Tourist does not leave the feeling that he was in an unusual fairy kingdom. It is especially intensified during the celebration of the day of the Holy Cross, as the townspeople put on ancient costumes. It is also worth noting the natural beauty and diversity of vegetation that these regions are rich in.

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