Sights of Netanya - description and photo

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Sights of Netanya - description and photo
Sights of Netanya - description and photo

A city in Israel with the beautiful name Netanya is located near Tel Aviv, in the Sharon Valley. There is a lot of greenery in this amazing corner of our planet, the city is decorated with fountains and sculptures. Its beaches are excellently equipped, which makes the rest on the golden coast more comfortable and unforgettable. There is always a festive atmosphere here.

Photos of Netanya sights and description will allow you to get acquainted with the culture of the city, its customs and traditions.

Utopia Park

In the vicinity of the city there is a very famous landmark of Netanya - a beautiful green area - Utopia Park. This is a very large recreational area, founded in 2006 and covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters.

Utopia Park

The huge territory is divided into several thematic zones, one of which realistically recreates the rainforest. In the park, you can see rare species of orchids or watch exotic insects. There are many on the territorywonderful fountains, equipped enclosures with animals, a labyrinth and recreation areas, which are so popular among vacationers with children.

Old ruins

Not far from the city is the attraction of Netanya - the ruins of Qaqun Castle, the first mention of which dates back to the XII century. It was built on top of a hill and served as a fortification designed to defend the city. Today the castle is of great historical interest. Some of the stones used in the construction of the fortress are decorated with unique antique ornaments.

Castle ruins

Popular museums

There is another unusual object in the city - a museum of the history of tractors, which was opened in a renovated hangar. Its exposition includes about a hundred types of transport equipment. Some of them are exposed in the open air, the rest are kept in the hangar. The most valuable exhibit is McCormick Deering. Absolutely all the machines presented in the museum are in working order.

Beirut - a museum and urban cultural center, located in one of the oldest buildings in Netanya, introduces visitors to the history of the city. The gallery has a rich collection of various historical artifacts, including farming tools used by local farmers while working in their citrus orchards. It also houses important archaeological documents, old maps and photo collections.

Promenade - the center of nightlife

The largest promenade in Netanya is a promenade that stretches along the coastline for 4.5 kilometers. FROMThis place offers a beautiful view of the sea. On weekends it is usually crowded with tourists and locals.

The amphitheater in Netanya is located in the center of the promenade, not far from Independence Square. In addition to enjoying musical performances or other cultural events, the amphitheater is considered an ideal place to watch the evening sunset.

City Center

Central Netanya is made up of tiny streets and small shops. The square is a place where all the citizens gather to sit in cozy cafes or go shopping. In the center of the city there is a fountain in the form of a pond decorated with lilies.

Fountain in the center

On Hertsed Street, the most famous in this corner of the earth, there are four statues of Jewish musicians - a famous landmark of Netanya. These sculptures are very popular among tourists, everyone wants to take a picture with them, and the locals themselves love and cherish them very much.

Netanya Beaches

Netanya is a very famous and popular resort in Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches here are distinguished by amazingly clean sand, they are fully adapted for relaxation and equipped with everything you need: changing cabins, volleyball courts, fountains with drinking water, barbecue grills. Entrance to all beaches of Netanya is absolutely free.

For believers, a separate place for recreation is provided - Tsanz Beach, where special conditions are provided for them. The place is fenced, women and men bathe at different times and even on different days.

Entire resort areadivided into landscaped areas, each of which has its own name.

Seasons Beach - you can go down to the beach by stairs. This is a great place for young people who love music and beach parties.

Amfi - south beach, located next to the amphitheater, sea sports are popular here: windsurfing, canoes and catamarans.

Argaman Beach is narrow, without breakwaters, triathlon competitions are held here.

Poleg Beach - this area was closed for many years, but after it became clear that this place is absolutely environmentally friendly, it was reopened to the public. However, in order not to put vacationers at risk, experts take water for analysis every week.

Poleg beach

Bay Beach is the northernmost beach on the coast of Netanya, there are many rocks around it that form cozy bays.

Shvaim Water Park

Shvaim Park is located between Tel Aviv and Netanya and is considered the largest in Israel. The park is divided into three parts: water park, car park and paintball. The number of extreme slides there is simply huge:

  • Fantastic track invites you to go down the double tube and see special effects during the descent.
  • Caribbean for kids is the Caribbean coastline with fountains, slides, playgrounds and pools.
  • Adults can ride on an artificial turbulent river.
  • A pirate ship with slides, cannons, pools and a relaxing jacuzzi will be of interest to both adults and children.
Shvaim Park

Reservesand parks

Winter lake is located south of the city, east of the Karkur ridge, on the seashore. When it rains, precipitation accumulates in the drainage basin and forms a small picturesque lake, the size of which changes every year depending on the amount and duration of rains. Biological life awakens in this small area every winter, and more than a hundred eucalyptus trees planted around the lake give it a special look and serve as a nesting site for herons.

winter lake

The Sergeant's Grove is an urban natural site with unique species of flora and fauna. To preserve the object, when visiting the grove, you should follow certain rules: you can only walk here, you cannot enter protected areas.

Grove of Sergeants

The Iris Reserve is located in the south of the city, near the sea coast and is a place where you can see colorful and rare species of irises. In February and March, the park blooms, thousands of visitors come here to see this extraordinary beauty.

Netanya is full of various and significant places, there will be something to do for every guest who has arrived in the country. This is a wonderful place, a famous and prosperous resort, where tourists come from all over the world. Photos of Israel and Netanya with the sights of the country will be a worthy decoration of a family photo album.

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