Hajdúszoboszló Thermal Spa, Hungary

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Hajdúszoboszló Thermal Spa, Hungary
Hajdúszoboszló Thermal Spa, Hungary

In a small Hungarian town with a hard-to-pronounce name Hajdúszoboszló is the country's most popular resort with balneological thermal springs. Moreover, it is considered the best in comparison with the rest, because there are more than enough similar places in Hungary.

The resort deservedly received its high status and among the people acquired the nickname "Mecca for bathers and a paradise for patients with rheumatism." The locals call it "hot gold" not only because of its healing effect, but also because there is no end to tourists all year round. Plus, the town itself has a special old European atmosphere, which you can feel in restaurants, pubs and coffee houses.

About the resort

The resort of Hajdúszoboszló (Hungary) is located in the west of the country, twenty kilometers from the city of Debrecen, the second largest after Budapest. The glory of this resort has long crossed the borders of the state and spread throughout the world. The thermal spa of Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary is located in the town of Nagyalfeld or in the Great Hungarian Plain. In fact, these are real endless steppes, creepingpainting canvas. Due to this location, the city always has a warm climate in the summer months, but in the winter it is "severe" cold. Of course, the cold days of the year cannot be compared with the Siberian ones, because the average temperature in winter drops to plus three degrees Celsius. In summer, the temperature rises to +25 degrees.

Since the climate is dry, it rarely rains here, but the summer heat is well tolerated due to the proximity of a large natural reservoir and thermals. The latter are in great demand among patients with rheumatism, arthrosis, psoriasis, eczema, neuralgia, chondrosis and even infertility. Many athletes who have suffered professional injuries also come here to “lick” their wounds.

The waters of the Hajdúszoboszló resort in Hungary are endowed with a wonderful and unique composition. According to scientists, not a single thermal spring in the world repeats the water formula of another. The air in this place is filled with iodine and s alt vapors, and the conditions created by the state for recreation in recent years are attracting more and more tourists.

Aquapalace games

The big plus of a holiday in the thermal resort of Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary is its location relative to the city itself and all the necessary civilized infrastructure. The urban hydrotherapy complex spread its borders right in the central part of Hajdúszoboszló. Its area is 25 hectares and it contains three indoor pools filled with medicinal water with different temperature conditions. There are also a lot of children's, sports and other pools, coupled with the premises wherevariety of treatments.


The Hungarian resort of Hajdúszoboszló was founded before the 17th century, but, like the rest of the country's cities of that time, it was destroyed by the Turks. The prince of Transylvania, by the name of Bachkai, restored the city. He also presented all the territories of the modern resort to the Haiduks, who mercilessly fought against the establishment of the Turkish yoke and saved the country from the establishment of Habsburg rule in Hungary. The name of the city, by the way, also retained a particle of haiduks - “haidu”.

As soon as the inhabitants returned to the walls of the newly rebuilt city, the measured life of the Hajdúszoboszló resort in Hungary began to boil with renewed vigor. However, in 1925, the most important event in the entire period of the city's existence happened. During the study of the outskirts for the presence of natural gas reserves underground, geologists stumbled upon far from gas deposits. After making a shallow dig, jets of water with a strange smell poured onto the surface.

Healing water pool

As it turned out, this water was endowed with unique properties and composition. Among the thermal spas in Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló has taken a special place, especially after a lot of advertising around the world. Since then, this year is considered a kind of birth date of the resort area. Although all the beneficial properties of water did not become clear immediately. Gradually, women who washed clothes in this water and took baths in it began to notice that their back problems disappeared. Then the scientists conducted a series of studies, the results of which confirmed the healing properties of the springs.


Since this is a world-class resort, tourists have no problems with accommodation. According to reviews, the Hajdúszoboszló resort in Hungary has twelve hotels, most of which are located next to the bathing complex. In addition, all have their own private pools filled with thermal water.

According to the recommendations of the guests left on the tourist forums, the best hotels are the hotels of the Hunguest hotels network. In total, there are three of them on the territory of the resort and each is marked with four stars. The rooms are furnished in a classic style with modern facilities. The restaurant provides full meals and even has a Russian-speaking employee at the reception.

Hanguest Aqua Sol is located in the most central part of the resort. Paying for the room, the guest receives half board, which includes the so-called afternoon tea from four to five in the evening (coffee, tea, cakes, cookies). This hotel has a pedestrian crossing to its fellow Hangaro Spa, living in Aqua Sol can use its seven thermal pools, the beach, and also visit the Aqua Palace.

Another hotel in the resort of Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary, part of the above chain - "Hangest Back". It has only two hundred rooms, but it has all the necessary services on its territory: here guests are offered free use of the fitness room, swimming pools and saunas.

Swimming pool of the hotel "Silver"

The next popular hotel in the Hajdúszoboszló resort in Hungary is the "Silver". Reviews about itThe place is full of conflicting information, but for the most part positive. It is also located in the center and it takes only five minutes to walk from it to the thermal springs. The hotel offers a buffet system and many different he althy treatments.


In addition to treatment, the Hajdúszoboszló resort in Hungary has several entertainment options to offer. For example, all summer the beach is open within the city, which includes thirteen pools. The beach itself is covered with sand and there is even a separate area for those who like to sunbathe naked.

If tourists are vacationing with children, then a family trip to the water park, which opened in 2014, will be an ideal entertainment. There are 15 different slides for adults, a separate area for children and a water castle.

Aquapark in Hajdúszoboszló

Of course, as in any other resort, they hold their holiday parties here. So, on April 29 every year, the organizers arrange the opening of the season. During the summer, you can also visit various events, such as the folk music festival or, for example, the festival of the sun.

Pros of the resort

What are the main advantages of this resort? Firstly, this place is open all year round. Secondly, the city has a good and developed infrastructure, and hotels are organized according to the usual European standards. Thirdly, here you can put your he alth in order with the whole family, because the air is filled with the most important and useful elements for the body - iodine and s alt vapours. Well, an important plus is the presence of two hundred sunny days a year.

Fair and Festival

What is thermal water made of?

The composition of the spa's thermal waters includes iodine, s alt, bromine, titanium, silver, tin, barium and many other elements that, in reaction with the rest, help people suffering from various diseases. Being in water, the body becomes lighter, thereby reducing the load on the joints, tissue metabolism improves, and with it blood circulation.

Mineral water is also used in the treatment of asthma by regular inhalation. There is also a drinking course, which is prescribed for diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for treatment

Like any world resort, the waters of Hajdúszoboszló have their own indications for use and contraindications.

Consider the positive effect for the body. Thermal springs will be useful if a person suffers:

  • chronic joint inflammation;
  • muscle pain;
  • nervous disorders and chronic inflammation of the nerves;
  • vasoconstriction
  • chronic diseases of the spinal column;
  • skin and gynecological diseases.

Treatment with thermal waters is indicated for people undergoing rehabilitation after a sports injury and suffering from paralysis of the limbs. A referral is also issued here for the healing of severe fractures.

Medical procedure


There are actually not so many contraindications. It is not worth using the services of the resort for people with acute inflammation, the presence of a malignant tumor of any stage,tuberculosis, high blood pressure, diseases of the central nervous system, and pregnant women.

What treatments are available at the resort?

What procedures are used at the resort to treat injuries, skin and neuralgic diseases, pain in the joints and muscles? In the medical complex you can find about forty services, for example:

  • different types of massages - refreshing, underwater, therapeutic, foot reflex and even Thai;
  • inhalations;
  • treatment with mud;
  • ultrasound;
  • iontophoresis;
  • selective current excitation;
  • plating bath;
  • laser therapy;
  • electric bath;
  • s alt room;
  • physiotherapy exercises and gymnastics;
  • carbonic acid bath;
  • stretching the spinal column.

How to get there?

The easiest way would be to fly from Moscow to Budapest. There is a regular direct flight. But from Budapest to the city of Hajdúszoboszló it will be easiest to get there by car. There are also trains and buses. The distance between these two Hungarian cities is 200 kilometers.

city ​​fountain

If a tourist does not want to spend money on a taxi, then it is cheaper, of course, to buy a train ticket. It departs from the Ferihed station, located right next to the airport. Direct train runs from early morning until late evening. But there is an opportunity to get there with a change, for example, through Szolnok. You can book and buy a ticket on the official website of the railway serviceHungary.

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