What to bring from Omsk as a gift: a list of souvenirs with a photo

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What to bring from Omsk as a gift: a list of souvenirs with a photo
What to bring from Omsk as a gift: a list of souvenirs with a photo

Where the Irtysh and Om rivers merge, the Siberian city of Omsk is located. It is a large industrial, scientific and cultural center. In 1918, during the Civil War, Alexander Kolchak declared the city the third Russian capital. He became her, but not for long. The city of Omsk is known to us as the birthplace of celebrities. The names of such famous artists as Valentina Talyzina, Mikhail Ulyanov and Lyubov Polishchuk are associated with this city.

Everyone will be interested in visiting this city. Arriving there, the tourist invariably asks the question: what to bring from Omsk as a gift?

Most souvenirs can be found on the main street of the city. Note to tourists: on the first Sunday of August, the inhabitants of Omsk celebrate City Day. A lot of souvenirs are sold on this day.

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Souvenirs with views of Omsk

Invariably the most popular souvenirs are magnets with different views of the city. They are compact and won't take up much space in your suitcase. By hanging a magnet on the refrigerator, you can always admire the beauty of the image andremember the trip. In addition, you can not be tormented by doubts: you will like the gift or not, whether it will be needed and useful. A magnet is a win-win souvenir option and will look great in any kitchen, regardless of interior design.

Besides magnets, views of the city can be depicted on dishes. You can buy a cup or plate with views of Omsk. These souvenirs are always very popular. Whatever you choose, it will be a great gift option for friends and family, as well as a keepsake for yourself.

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Souvenirs for hockey fans

Those who are not indifferent to hockey can bring a souvenir with the logo of the infamous Avangard hockey club. It can be a puck, a keychain, a mug, a scarf, a T-shirt, and the like. Also, such a souvenir will please not only a fan, but also every person who used to live in Omsk and then left it.

Great gift for a friend

Omsk football team "Irtysh" is not very popular. But thanks to the humorous program Our Russia, Omsk is known for the fictional football teams GazMyas and GazMyasochka. Souvenirs with team logos are easy to find, as they are sold in all souvenir shops and stalls in the city. A T-shirt with "GazMyas" will be a wonderful gift for a friend with a sense of humor, of course, if he watched "Our Russia".

Souvenirs from Omsk what to bring

Who are Lyubochka and Stepanych

The most famous souvenir fromthose that can be brought from Omsk as a gift are small figurines - reduced copies of two city statues - the beauty Lyubochka, sitting on a bench, and the plumber Stepanych, crawling out of the sewer manhole. All guests of the city, being on Lyubinsky Prospekt, are sure to take pictures with these statues, which can be called symbols of the city. Like Shurik and Lidochka, standing on the main street of the city of Krasnodar, Lyubochka and Stepanych are inextricably linked with the image of the city of Omsk. These original architectural structures appeared not so long ago: 1998 (Stepanych) and 1999 (Lyubochka). They were created by Sergey Noryshev and Igor Vakhitov.

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What to bring from Omsk: souvenirs for the sweet tooth

What to bring from Omsk? Surprisingly delicious sweet processed cheese with cream "Omichka" is loved by both children and adults. It is sold in many cities of Russia, but it is in Omsk, where it is made, that you can choose more than ten varieties of Omichka.

It's no secret that "Lyubinsky" condensed milk, which is made in Omsk, has been recognized more than once as the best condensed milk in the country. In Soviet times, buying it outside of Omsk was quite problematic. "Lyubinskaya" condensed milk was a scarce commodity. Now this condensed milk can be bought in any city in our country, but it would be a great idea to bring it as a souvenir for the joy of the whole family. It is very tasty, it is made according to Soviet recipes, strictly observing all the necessary technological processes.

While wondering what to bring back from Omsk, some peopleprefer to purchase more traditional gifts. For example, candy. It is also an excellent choice, because such candies, which can be found on the shelves of Omsk stores, cannot be found anywhere else. There are several factories in the city that produce very tasty original sweets. There are legends about the Sladunitsa factory. The marshmallow that she produces is very popular. Candy products are also known: “Ezhkin cat”, “Vredina-confetina”, “Clouds from milk” and others. These sweets are not in the official gift box, but you can purchase the Sweet Bird Soufflé gift set.

The products of the Konvita factory will also please the tourist. A gift set with dried fruits in chocolate is a must-have to bring from Omsk.

In Omsk stores you can buy delicious creamy waffles with a variety of fillings - a product of the Sladonezh factory. The most popular sweets of the factory are "Omichka Bird".

Pine nuts from Omsk

Pine nuts are a tasty and he althy product. In Omsk, they are much cheaper than in many other cities of the country. For example, in Moscow you will have to pay a triple price for them. But if a tourist comes from another Siberian city, then buying pine nuts in Omsk does not make sense, since in his hometown they will be on the shelves in the same quantity and at the same price.

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It is worth bringing cedar halva from Omsk. It is not cheap, but it is very tasty.

A gift with care

What can be brought from Omskclose people? For those whose he alth you care about, it is recommended to bring camelina oil. This is oil from the seeds of the sowing camelina with the use of pressing technology. Camelina oil is very useful, as it helps to stimulate important processes in the human body. You can buy butter at any major grocery store.

Cedar oil will cost a little more. Natural product can be found in he alth food stores.

Tasty and he althy

Those who have not yet decided what souvenirs to bring from Omsk can bring the gifts of the forest. If you don’t have enough time to go to the forest, then you should go to the market and buy delicious berry jam from local grandmothers. Factory-made jam won't taste as good. It is also worth buying mushrooms in the market. Omsk mushrooms are very tasty, especially mushrooms.

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Omsk has wonderful mineral water, which is annually named among the best of its kind: "Omsk-1", "Alaska". You can not only buy it as a gift, but also take it with you on the road. Omsk also produces Khlebny kvass and several varieties of lemonade, which taste like lemonade from the times of the USSR.

Connoisseurs of strong drinks can buy 5 Lakes vodka as a gift, which is called the most popular vodka in Russia. Omsk Husky vodka is also popular. This is an expensive alcoholic drink that is of high quality. It does not contain harmful substances as it is cold processed.

Souvenir for a friend

In many cities there isthe opinion that local girls are the most beautiful in Russia or even in the world. But only in Omsk do girls provide evidence of their undoubted beauty in a separate printed publication.

What to bring from Omsk to a friend - a true connoisseur of beautiful women? A good option would be to bring him a calendar with erotic photographs of Omsk girls. All the girls in the photographs are attractive. Signatures in the calendar are devoted to a single topical topic.

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