Moskvich Sports Palace: history, description, address

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Moskvich Sports Palace: history, description, address
Moskvich Sports Palace: history, description, address

The Moskvich Capital Sports Palace is an integral part of the huge complex. It was opened back in 1969. The palace belongs to a large sports complex.

Historical background

Many people know that most of the major sports facilities in Moscow were built on the eve of the famous 1980 Olympics. But here we are talking about an exception. The construction of the AZLK Moskvich Sports Palace began long before this event - back in the 1960s. It was intended for the workers of a well-known automobile factory.

Sports Palace Moskvich

Now few people know that it was originally called MZMA. This abbreviation stands for Moscow Plant of Small Cars. By the end of the 60s, it was renamed AZLK (Automobile Plant named after Lenin Komsomol).


The Moskvich Sports Palace is still often called AZLK by the people, this name often appears on marathon and other specialized forums. However, the automobile plant itself was liquidated as a result of bankruptcy in 2010.

Moskvich Palace of Sports

Despite this, the sports complex, which once gathered workers from AZLK within its walls, is still working andquite successfully. Now it is a full-fledged Olympic reserve training school for children and youth.

Components of the complex

Often in search of information about the activities of this center, people are interested in what activities there are in the Moskvich Sports Palace. There are a lot of sections here:

  • athletics arena;
  • ice palace;
  • gym;
  • pool;
  • wrestling zone;
  • aerobics;
  • volleyball and basketball halls.

Both children and adults can sign up for the following sports here:

  • figure skating;
  • shooting;
  • curling;
  • tennis;
  • softball;
  • dancesport and more.
Moskvich Sports Palace textile workers

According to the data, the number of students exceeds seven thousand people.

Contact details

If you live in the south-east of the capital, then you can easily get to the Moskvich Sports Palace. Address of the sports complex: Lyublinskaya street, building 15, building 7. The nearest metro station is Tekstilshchiki.

All information regarding classes you can find out by phone 8-499-179-31-23. The complex is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. The last day of the month is sanitary, on this day the palace is closed.

Different cost of classes at the Moskvich center. The Sports Palace offers a variety of sections, the price of a visit ranges from 200 rubles per lesson. A subscription for a long time will cost more.

How to get to Moskvich(Sports Palace)?

"Tekstilshchiki" - a metro station, which is located in close proximity to the sports complex. Professional athletes have calculated that the distance between them is only 86 steps. And if you plan to travel from another part of the capital by car, then you need to go to the Tekstilshchiki metro station along Volgogradsky Prospekt. There is a large car park next to the sports complex.

Quantitative composition

This sports school has about 600 students. Among them are members of the main team, some have the title of master of sports.

Palace of Sports AZLK Moskvich

About 100 people play for the Russian national teams in various sports, more than 60 athletes are on the reserve. According to the order of the Moscow Sports Committee, taking into account the presence of a proper base and professional trainers, Moskvich has launched experimental groups in figure skating, football, athletics, shooting and other sports.

Famous Alumni

Over the years, Moskvich (Sports Palace) produced real figure skating stars who started their journey here: Irina Slutskaya, Ilya Averbukha, Irina Lobacheva and other champions, as well as participants in famous world competitions.

Reception of students is carried out from the age of four and is held in August. But keep in mind that the classes are intended for those who plan to seriously pursue a sports career.

Children from the age of 4 are accepted into the developmental choreography group. Apart fromdancing, stretching, partner gymnastics and other disciplines.

Where can I run?

Moskvich Sports Palace has excellent infrastructure for professional runners. The athletics arena is located on the fourth floor of the complex, the hall is very spacious, the windows are high. All treadmills are equipped with synthetic turf, some of them are a standard size circle, others are straight, their length is 110 meters. Inside is a playground, which is disconnected by nets.

Sports Palace Moskvich address

Reviews of professionals about the sports palace are mixed, many complain about the dull atmosphere and the Soviet style, others do not like the hard surface of the tracks. Joints often hurt after exercise. To prevent this, they recommend carefully choosing sports shoes.

The rules of running in a special arena are as follows:

  • movement should be carried out along the lanes counterclockwise, and warm-up run - on the outside;
  • you can't cross marked lanes and change them abruptly;
  • don't run against the general movement;
  • before you go out for training, you need to look to the left side so as not to collide with anyone.

The pool and its characteristics

The Moskvich Sports Palace also has a large swimming pool. Its length is 50 meters. It also includes 8 tracks. The depth of the pool is from 1.2 to 3.5 meters. There is an electronic scoreboard.

You can train in the pool both with a coach and on your own. Also here you cango to water aerobics, special swimming groups have been created for children. Admission age - 7 years and older.

Of the minuses, visitors note time restrictions, the closure of the club in July and August, as well as crowded locker rooms. A doctor's note is required to sign up for the pool.

Conditions of stay

Most visitors do not complain about the conditions of their stay in the sports center. The changing rooms and showers have been recently refurbished and are in good condition. Wardrobes can be locked, and outerwear in the cold season is offered to be taken to the cloakroom. The cleanliness of the room is noted.

What activities are there at the Moskvich Sports Palace

The arena often hosts classes for children, so if you want to run there on special tracks, then choose the unoccupied ones or check the schedule of group trainings.

In addition to sports sections, there is a solarium, a beauty salon, rooms for massage and beauty treatments.

Where can I have lunch?

Naturally, after power procedures, many will want to eat. On the territory of "Moskvich" there is a cafe where you can have lunch or just a snack. It does not serve alcoholic beverages. Also in the complex you can buy all the sports goods you need for training in a specialized store.

The Moskvich Sports Palace is two stadiums, a swimming pool, an ice arena, tennis courts and much more. If you want to always be he althy and lead an active lifestyle, you can visit this sports complex.

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