What are the activities in Vladimir for children?

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What are the activities in Vladimir for children?
What are the activities in Vladimir for children?

The ancient city of Vladimir is quite rich in sights. Here you can visit many places that will interest adults and children. Vacationers will get a lot of positive emotions and plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient cultural center.

Museum-fairy tale "Babusi Yagusi"

Museum - fairy tale "Grandma - yagusi"

Which child doesn't love fairy tales? Yes, of course, everyone loves to listen and read exciting stories. Baba Yaga has been a favorite character of many people since childhood. The museum is designed like a real house of a fairy-tale character. Here you can see other characters from your favorite fairy tales. The room is semi-dark, equipped with lighting effects. It is not recommended to bring children under the age of five.


water park in vladimir

Active entertainment in Vladimir for children is considered to be a water park. Here, children can ride the slides, run through the labyrinths. There will be entertainment for adults too. You can visit the sauna and then swim in the pool. If you want a relaxing holiday, thenyou can relax in the tea room on a soft sofa in front of the TV. The interior design of the water park resembles a tropical island.

Puppet show

Puppet theater in Vladimir

If the rest is spent together with the family, then you should definitely visit one of the most interesting entertainments in Vladimir for children - the puppet theater. A wonderful theatrical atmosphere, performances capture all the attention of children, forcing them to experience together with the heroes of the play. The repertoire of the theater is made up of works by Russian and world classics, as well as works by contemporary authors. The performances take place on a large stage in a cozy theater hall.


The unknown always attracts. In the planetarium you can see a lot of interesting things, learn everything about the planets and stars, admire the sky through a special apparatus. Of all the entertainment in Vladimir for children, the planetarium is the most mysterious and exciting place. It regularly hosts entertainment events, evenings in a certain theme. You can order any children's holiday.

Workshop "Chocolate"

Workshop “Chocolate”

A tour of the institution includes stories about the history of the appearance of a favorite delicacy, master classes in chocolate making are held. When choosing entertainment in Vladimir for children, you should pay attention to this workshop. It will be interesting for children to listen to the history and admire the unusual exhibits in the windows. Chocolate figurines have the most unusual shape. Atif you wish, you can take part in the "Chocolate Workshop" program.

Science Center

If a child shows a craving for knowledge and is interested in various experiments and experiences, it is recommended to visit the scientific and educational center "Evrika". Here, children will have exciting excursions around the halls, they will see the equipment through which various experiments are carried out, and they will also be able to participate in experiments in chemistry and physics. If you are looking for such entertainment for children in Vladimir, where to go, you can ask the guides.

Shopping and entertainment centers

There are many such universal entertainment places in Vladimir. While adults go shopping in the trading floors, children will always be entertained by cheerful animators. The centers provide special playrooms for fun and active recreation of children. Extensive pools with balls, inflatable trampolines, slides of various sizes will attract the attention of the child for a long time. On weekends, there are interesting programs with prizes and fun and interesting competitions. Children of all ages will find something to their liking.

Park of Culture and Leisure

park of culture and recreation in vladimir

When you want to arrange a relaxing holiday in Vladimir for children, you can go to the central park of culture and recreation with the whole friendly family. There are interesting attractions here that will capture the attention of children, you can always take a break from the bustle of the city among the green trees on the benches. If the rest fell onwinter period, then children will be able to ride on an ice slide with delight. From the Ferris wheel you can see the splendor of the old Russian city and admire the surroundings and wonderful landscapes.

Trampoline complex "Flight"

Young children will love visiting the trampoline complex, which is located in the city center. Here you can always run and jump to your heart's content. Active children will especially like the entertainment, they will not want to leave there. A climbing wall, foam pits and a trampoline area are waiting for their visitors every day.

Upon arrival with the family in the city of Vladimir, entertainment for children occupies all parents during their holidays. I want the children to have a good rest, get a lot of positive emotions and remember the trip for a long time. It will not be difficult to provide leisure in Vladimir, here there are interesting exciting events and activities for every taste. Children will be impressed for a long time. Not enough vacation to visit all the interesting places, so you will want to come again.

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