How to fall asleep on an airplane: effective methods, review of drugs, reviews

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How to fall asleep on an airplane: effective methods, review of drugs, reviews
How to fall asleep on an airplane: effective methods, review of drugs, reviews

No one wants to spend the first 36 hours of their vacation recovering from a flight. Therefore, you should choose a time and try to get some sleep during a long flight.

But given the noise on the plane, the lack of legroom and the large number of people on board, knowing how to sleep on the plane is becoming an invaluable skill for travelers.

The tips in this article on how to fall asleep on an airplane will help not only beginners but also experienced travelers to get enough sleep during the flight.


To fall asleep during a flight, you should think about what people who sleep do not like. They don't like everything. So you should make your flight as convenient as possible even at the booking stage.

It is better to choose a non-stop flight if possible, and also prefer night flights and ideally on the most unpopular day to fly, to increase the likelihood of selectionseats.

inside the plane

Choosing a seat

Seat location can be one of the most important factors in how well and how quickly a passenger can fall asleep on an airplane. If possible, choose a window seat so that you can lean against the wall and keep your elbows off the drink serving tables. The location should also be as far away from service areas and restrooms as possible. Among the reasons why first class sits at the front of the plane is the atmosphere. The farther away the seat is on the plane, the louder the ride gets.

Also, you should think twice about the seats near the emergency exit. While the extra legroom can be nice, some of the seats in this row don't recline so they won't be a hindrance in an emergency.

Another area to avoid when thinking about how to sleep on an airplane is the last row of seats. Again, they may not recline and are often located right next to restrooms, where both noise and odor can be an issue.

Most airplanes have engines under the wings. Sitting in front of the wing is like being behind a speaker. All engine sounds will be heard.

how to sleep on a plane

However, choosing a seat away from the wings may not help if you sit next to a crying baby or a chatty neighbor, but if fellow travelers are quiet, it may be a chance to sleep through the entire flight.

You should also consider recommendations on where to sit in order tofeel the least amount of turbulence. The best seat is usually in the middle of the cabin.

There is less traffic in the middle because passengers are closer to the center of gravity. The farther the place is from the middle, the more turbulence-like movement will be felt.

Reduce hand luggage

If you take two full-sized bags with you in your hand luggage, one of them can be under your feet, limiting space for them and making it difficult to sleep. Instead, you should pack everything in one bag with a few essentials at the top - a book or magazine, a snack. Before you put the bag in the top compartment, you can take out important items that you will need during the flight and put them in the pocket of the back of the seat in front.

Reclining the back of the chair

Bending your back will help relieve pressure on your lower spine. With less pressure on your back, it will be easier to fall asleep.

The second best position is to sit upright. But if the abdominal muscles are not strong, then there will be no lumbar support and this can lead to lower back pain. The solution in this case is a special pillow that helps maintain this curve in the lower back. You can use a travel pillow or even a rolled up sweater.

The worst thing you can do when deciding how to fall asleep on an airplane is to fall asleep leaning forward without any back support. This position puts the most pressure on the spinal discs.

Use headphones as intended

Television and filmswill help maintain vigor during the entire flight and will interfere with falling asleep. On the other hand, listening to soothing music can help distract you and help you fall asleep. Earplugs are a less effective but cheaper alternative.

headphones in flight

Stay away from the light

Animated movie screen flashes, reading lights, interior lights, sunlight streaming through a porthole can all disrupt sleep. Another tip on how to fall asleep on an airplane is to get a sleep mask over your eyes. Some airlines provide them, but it's best to have one in your travel kit.

in-flight sleep mask

Don't eat too much

It is better to try not to eat 2 hours before the intended sleep. You also need to watch what you eat: overeating or fatty foods can cause discomfort and make it difficult to fall asleep on an airplane. Eating a large amount of fatty foods can also lead to changes that are associated with faster blood clotting, which should be avoided when on a long flight.

Plane sleep medication

There are also drugs that can help you fall asleep even in the most difficult conditions. Take pills to sleep on an airplane only after consulting a doctor:

  • Melatonin. It is a substance found in nature. It is a hormone that induces sleep. The level of melatonin in the human body decreases with age. Exactlytherefore older people often sleep less. Start taking melatonin three days before your trip.

    Melatonin helps induce sleep and set the internal clock. A study conducted by British Aesculapians showed that melatonin reduces the problems caused by jet lag. There are also no serious side effects to worry about when taking it.

    Multiple reviews of preparations containing melatonin indicate that they are the best assistants for long-distance flights, making it possible to sleep at any convenient time. Also, taking melatonin is not addictive, and when arriving at a destination, travelers manage to adapt to local time in a short time.

medicines on the plane
  • "Dramin". This motion sickness medicine is a fairly common over-the-counter drug. But you should be careful, because it makes a person very drowsy, so after using "Dramina" you can not drive a car. Some users advise: if the flight is not very long, and upon arrival you need to be in good shape, then this drug should be avoided. To avoid feeling sluggish, sleep experts recommend administering this medication a week or two before your flight. This way the body will get used to it and the person will know and anticipate any side effects.
  • Sedatives such as valerian, Motherwort Forte, Novopassit. These drugs are readily available and can help thosewho worries about how to fall asleep on an airplane if it's scary. Feeling anxious when boarding an airplane is not uncommon. Studies have shown that every third Russian is afraid of flying. With a calming effect, these drugs will be the best solution for those passengers who want to relax and sleep through the entire flight. Numerous reviews testify to this.
  • Tylenol and other antihistamines. Tylenol is also used to help you fall asleep on an airplane. However, it can make a person feel hungover after waking up. Reviews about the drug "Tylenol" are excellent - it is an effective pain reliever due to the action of paracetamol.

Calculate time zones

When crossing several time zones, you should seriously think about sleep during the flight. Any flight that passes through more than 4 time zones will affect the body's circadian rhythms. As a result of jet lag, the human body struggles to adjust to the new local time. This usually happens at the rate of about one hour a day, so it can feel out of sync for a while.

Scientists at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences who study circadian rhythms have found that they are one of the oldest evolutionary traits in mammals. In addition to the sleep cycle, abnormal circadian rhythm affects metabolism, body temperature, hormone release, mood, thirst, and appetite.

how to sleep on a plane

When it's timewake up…

The worst part of sleep is the need to wake up. On long flights, you should set your alarm 45 minutes before landing. This will give you time to go to the toilet, pack, put on your shoes, watch as you approach your destination, have a cup of coffee, and get off the plane refreshed and well-rested.

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