Tours in March. Where to go in March to the sea? Where to relax in March abroad

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Tours in March. Where to go in March to the sea? Where to relax in March abroad
Tours in March. Where to go in March to the sea? Where to relax in March abroad

What if there is a vacation in March and an irresistible desire to plunge into the warm sea waves, take a sunbath? Three decades ago, it was almost impossible to combine these conditions - the waters of the Black Sea coast and the reservoirs of some friendly countries that hosted compatriots did not warm up to a comfortable temperature in early spring. Today, Russians have the entire globe at their service. And this creates a new problem - to choose among a huge number of proposals. Southeast Asia will be a good solution when looking for an answer to the question of where to go on vacation in March.


The most famous resort in this direction for Russian tourists is Thailand. The high season lasts from November to March - at this time the minimum amount of rain falls here, and the water in the Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman and South China Seas is warmed up to 28-35 degrees. When purchasing tours to Thailand in March, it is not necessary to opt for noisy and, frankly, dirty Pattaya. There are more interesting places on the mainland, for example, Hua Hin.The numerous islands of Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Chang, Krabi, Koh Samet will accommodate guests with great comfort in excellent hotels and offer the maximum number of services at prices that please the wallet, service is the strength of the Asian people.

Travelers appreciate the beaches of Klong Chao on Koh Kood and Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley, promoted by Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach.

Thai massage, popular all over the world from qualified specialists at ridiculous prices, is another reason not to think long about where to go on vacation in March. Massage parlors are located literally at every step.

Thailand has festivals (magic tattoos, kites) and various holidays (Thai Elephant Day, Muay Thai Thai Boxing Day, etc.) at the beginning of spring in Thailand.

Thai islands Phi Phi Don


Thailand explored far and wide? A tour in March to neighboring Cambodia is inexpensive, and will add vivid impressions to the trip. The friendliness and smilingness of the inhabitants is the first thing you encounter when you get to this country. First you need to explore the famous temple of Angkor Wat, which gained fame thanks to the filming of the film with Angelina Jolie. Then - happy pizza with secret additives of dubious legality: try a slice, but don't get carried away. For beaches with white sand and a clear sea of ​​fresh milk temperature, you need to go to the Sihanoukville peninsula or the islands of Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Thmei.

angkor watt cambodia


Another interestingthe country that you can add to your trip by choosing tours to Thailand in March is Laos. The sea, like the ocean, is not here. But there is plenty of jungle, where everyone can feel like Tarzan (or a gibbon, as the tour is called). The Gibbon Tour includes a jungle trek with accommodation and an overnight stay in tree houses, ziplines (steel ropes stretched over the tops of trees and special devices for moving over them), visits to waterfalls and wildlife watching. Tours run in Nam Kan National Park all year round, but the driest months are from November to April.

Gibbon Tour Laos


If we ignore other amazing places in India, the coast of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea in Goa and the Andaman Islands will completely satisfy the office worker who yearns for a long winter on sunny days. Tours to Goa in March are in demand among compatriots. The weather at this time is hot and dry, the water temperature is +28°C.

In March, India celebrates Holi - a festival of spring and bright colors. On the first night of the celebration, an effigy of the demoness Holika is burned. For the next two days, an enchanting procession takes place on the streets with songs, dances and showering of everything that moves with multi-colored powder. The fun is incomplete without the traditional Tandai drink, which contains marijuana.

When going on a tour to Goa in March, it is better to take light and spacious clothes, do not forget about a hat, sunscreen. Drinking water must be bought to avoid infections, it is not recommended to usefor drinking tap water.

Goa coast


March in Vietnam is a dry season, the temperature in the resorts is kept at the level of thirty degrees, the water in the South China Sea is not far behind the air (+28 °C). Travel agencies constantly offer last-minute tours to Vietnam in March, since there is not a large flow of tourists at this time. The resort towns of Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet will plunge into the atmosphere of the exotic. Local cuisine will delight with original dishes, before ordering which tourists should master the phrase “not spicy, please” in several languages.


Island Malaysia is a great place for those who want to explore the rich underwater world and master the art of diving. The islands of Langkawi, Redang, Penang, Borneo, Tioman, Perhentian Islands will create conditions for a measured rest away from the bustle of the city and provide impressions until the next trip.

The beach with the romantic name "Blue Lagoon", which is located on the Perhentian Islands, is one of the best in Malaysia. It has all the ingredients for a beach holiday - the finest white sand, clear water, tropical greenery. Its second name is Turtle Bay, or turtle bay. Turtles come to this place to lay their eggs.

Turtle Malaysia


Add color to boring everyday life in March tour to China. Hainan Island has long been mastered by Russian travelers. Sanya City, located on the south side of the island, is surrounded by cliffs and has access to the picturesque beaches of the South China Sea. Air purityhighly rated by experts, according to this parameter, Hainan ranks second in the world due to the large percentage of green areas and strict control over production. Chinese people are sensitive to he alth, so here you will find a wide range of healing procedures: from traditional medicine with jars and leeches to modern diagnostic centers with the latest equipment. The average air temperature in March is +28 °C, water +25 °C.


Many travelers do not like the Maldives for its “lazy” rest and isolation from civilization, but this is precisely the point of the trip: a hammock in the shade of coconut palms, an ocean with a light breeze, hundreds and thousands of marine life and unobtrusive service. This is the perfect gift for your beloved woman on the famous spring holiday. The secret is that a last-minute tour to the Maldives in March will not hit your pocket very hard. Night fishing under the starry sky - what could be more romantic. Most visited atolls: Ari, Baa and Raa, Male, North and South Male.


Sri Lanka

Where to rest in March abroad for those who like to explore new lands by constantly moving? This is the island of Sri Lanka. Fans of various modes of transport will be especially impressed: buses rushing at breakneck speed to the deafening rhythms of national songs, steam locomotives entering the platform straight from the Indiana Jones movies, cars tacking and skillfully dodging larger brothers. From the windows of these vehicles it is possible to seelandscapes stunning in their beauty: mountains, cliffs, tea terraces, vegetation of all shades of green that exist in the palette. Having passed through the island, it is worth stopping at the coast and recharge with the power of the Indian Ocean. Add to your tour in Sri Lanka in March a visit to the small fishing village of Mirissa, where it is nice to dine, sitting on the ocean in one of the cafes, freshly caught fish, shrimp and marine reptiles. In noisy Kuta, you can have fun with a big company and choose a professional instructor to learn how to surf.


Forgot to make a wish to the sound of the Kremlin chimes? Tours in March from Moscow and other cities in the direction of Indonesia will help to catch up. Indonesians celebrate the new year or Nyepi in the first month of spring. True, the airport does not work on this day due to the evil spirits that, according to legend, come to the surface, so it is better to arrive a little in advance. March is the beginning of the dry season. Therefore, lush tropical vegetation and full-flowing waterfalls, saturated during the rainy season, are guaranteed.

The most popular place is the island of Bali. Surfing in the ocean, diving, walking around the island among rice terraces, coffee and chocolate trees, excellent infrastructure, shopping, more than six thousand hotels and one of the best water parks in the world await guests who are wondering where to go to the sea in March.

Surfing Bali


From January to May is a great time to visit the Philippines to relax on the world's leading beaches, which are located on the islands of Boracay and Panglao. itclassics of a beach holiday: palm trees, hammocks, white sand and gentle ocean. A room in a luxury hotel here can be booked at a price of one hundred and thirty dollars a day. Watching magnificent sunsets to the sound of the waves of the Pacific Ocean with a cocktail in hand is a pleasant picture that arises in response to the question of where to relax in March abroad. Do not forget about the tightening of measures to combat drug trafficking and at your own risk, purchase any suspicious substances from traffickers for a few minutes of dubious pleasure.


Mysterious Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), which recently opened its borders to tourists, is also ready to compete for the title of owner of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. The construction of hotels in Ngapali is going at an accelerated pace. Compared to Thailand, there are much fewer people here, so there is an opportunity to see the original culture of the country. Tours in March to Myanmar will allow you to combine a beach holiday with getting energy recharge in one of the "places of power" - the Shwedagon Pagoda, where the relics of the four Buddhas are kept: a staff, hair, part of a tunic and a water filter.

Shwedagon Pagoda


On the southwest coast of Sentosa Island, in the Republic of Singapore, artificial beaches of Siloso, Palawan, Tanjon have been created, which are in no way inferior to natural ones and will fully satisfy the request, where a beach holiday in March is best. This state constantly follows its motto: "Forward, Singapore." Since 1959, an incredible leap has been made from a third world country to one of the countries withthe highest standard of living. In addition to the beaches, there are plenty of interesting places to visit, including a magnificent zoo, Gardens by the Bay nature park, Universal Studio amusement park, a fountain show and a shopaholics paradise.

singapore giant trees

Where to go to the sea in March, based on this diversity? In any of the proposed places, taking into account personal preferences and the thickness of the wallet. It is worth remembering that Southeast Asia is not only heavenly beaches, a comfortable climate and gentle ocean. In some places, poisonous snakes and fish, sand fleas, scorpions live, dangerous plants grow. An unpleasant discovery may be the fact that a cute little turtle will easily bite your finger, and a funny monkey will take away both a banana and an expensive gadget. The bite of a small mosquito threatens with malaria. In Indonesia, the fight against rabies among dogs is still underway. This is not a reason to cancel your trip, but before heading to a particular country, it is better to familiarize yourself with the safety rules so as not to ruin your vacation.

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