Rawai Beach (Phuket): reviews, description, hotels, cafes

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Rawai Beach (Phuket): reviews, description, hotels, cafes
Rawai Beach (Phuket): reviews, description, hotels, cafes

Rawai is a small village located at the very edge of the ocean. It is she who is the founder of the tourism business in Phuket, which was started by local residents. They came to the beach on weekends to swim, relax and sunbathe under the gentle rays of the sun.

General Facts

Rawai, Phuket, is about seventeen kilometers from the city. Now Rawai is perceived as the starting point for numerous excursions that are put forward several times a day in different directions. In 2007, a mall was erected here, which was originally conceived as a walking place for residents, as well as for fishing enthusiasts. It is here along the coast that you can find "parked" light boats that can be rented for any amount of time and set off on a sea expedition to neighboring islands.

Evening is another matter. It is with the onset of twilight that the Rawai Pier in Phuket, Sea Gypsy Village, and this is the name of the mall, comes to life and turns into a concentration of entertainment events that are visited not only by travelers, but also by local residents. Shining bright lightsbars where local music groups perform, restaurants and discos. Cafes on Rawai Beach are notable for their unbridled fun and tear-off discos at the end of the working week.

Rawai beach

Road to the beach

Getting to Rawai is easy, because there are many signs everywhere. The main thing is to follow Wiset Road. It runs parallel to the coast and leads straight to Rawai beach, Phuket. You need to follow up to a dead end on the pier, then turn right - and you are on the beach. There is no road further, so you need to park in a convenient place and, taking everything you need, move on foot.

sunset in Rawai

The beach itself

Description of Rawai beach in Phuket is by no means the most colorful. It is not suitable for a relaxing holiday and "felting" under the sun's rays, and it is also not advisable to swim in the water. The attraction of the beach are numerous restaurants with seafood dishes. In addition, it is here that the owners of long boats and boats are concentrated. At any time, you can hire one of the ships and go on a trip to the neighboring islands. The beauty of such a rental is that the captain of the boat or boat will be waiting for you as long as you need for a leisurely walk around the island, and will bring you back. Thus, there is no need to worry about the way back home.

The special charm of Rawai Beach, Phuket is the gastronomic journey. Numerous restaurants provide the possibility of ordering food. Couriers deliver it to you anywhere. You can order delicious food andsit on the beach, let's say, to contemplate the sunset. Pay attention to what establishments Thais themselves prefer. They love the local cuisine and know how to serve delicious food at reasonable prices. Beautiful views coupled with great food can stop time in Phuket and fully immerse yourself in the culture and life of this paradise.

Rawai nightlife

Thai Dream Pool House

Particular attention should be paid to the place of residence. Hotels in Rawai, Phuket, are distinguished not only by the full list of services needed by the traveler, but also by the magnificent views that open from their windows. For example, "Thai Dream Pool House" is the most popular hotel of the highest category among tourists. Despite its status, the price of the room corresponds to the quality of the services provided. This hotel must be booked in advance in any season.

A small one-story hotel created according to European standards with the involvement of national motifs. Each room is equipped with all necessary household appliances: air conditioning, refrigerator, where you can store your own food and drinks, hair dryer, iron. The bathroom has a complete set of personal hygiene items, slippers, bathrobe, several towels. In the courtyard of the hotel, the administration created a lounge for midday or evening relaxation, there is an outdoor pool with views of nature. Check-in before noon. If you need any extras, such as an infant changing table, it is best to notify the hotel staff in advance.

hotel room

"Rawai Art D2 Villa'

Reviews of Rawai Beach in Phuket are inextricably linked with the hotels in which tourists live. One of them is "Rawai Art Villa", four stars. The hotel is decorated in a modern urban style. There are comfortable large sofas in the living areas, where you can gather in a large company and play board games or have a glass of wine before dinner. The architecture of the hotel is formed in such a way that through the glass walls you can observe everything that happens on the street. Inside, the hotel is beautifully decorated with live plants and flowers, so that you can feel completely immersed in the magnificent nature of the island.

The hotel rooms are considered one of the best. The rooms have comfortable double beds, on which bed linen, dishes, electrical appliances are changed daily. The bathroom is fully equipped with all bath accessories and personal hygiene items. Each room has a balcony where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

Lunch in Rawai

Almali Rawai Beach Presidency

The four stars on the facade of this hotel speak for themselves. Here you will find complete relaxation and caring care of the staff. A large multi-storey complex is designed not only for large groups of tourists. Individual tourists traveling alone will find it no less comfortable and interesting here.

There is an outdoor swimming pool in the courtyard of the hotel. At any time of the day, you can immerse yourself in warm water and relieve stress,swim several tens of meters. There are sun loungers at the side, the hotel staff is ready to bring you soft drinks and light snacks to the pool. Don't forget to use sunscreen.

The number of rooms is beyond praise. If reviews of Rawai Beach in Phuket are not always rosy, then reviews of the hotel are extremely positive. Tourists note attentive staff who are ready to solve your problem at any time of the day. The kitchen is excellent. The hotel's chefs serve not only excellent local cuisine, but also the usual dishes of Italian, European, Japanese and Asian cuisine.

cafe in Rawai

Rawai Studio Apartment

Classic European style hotel. A distinctive feature of this hotel is the unusual layout of each room: from the bedroom you get straight to a mini-observation deck like a loggia, from where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views.

The hotel staff aims to fulfill all the wishes of the guests and resolve all emerging issues politely and efficiently. No need to ask twice, judging by the reviews of vacationers who have already been there. The hotel has a large swimming pool with inflatable mattresses for those who do not really like hard sun loungers. You can ask to bring refreshments and snacks to the place of rest.

The rooms at the hotel are equipped in such a way that nothing prevents you from distracting yourself from life in the big city and feeling all the beauty of nature, because in Phuket it is magical. The rooms are equipped with everything you need of the best quality, but without fanaticism and unnecessary details. eye, byAccording to the administrators, he must rest. The nearest beach is only 20 minutes walk from the hotel, so you can wake up early, take a couple of sandwiches with you and go meet the sunrise at the ocean's edge.

boats on the beach

Neco Cat Cafe

Reviews of Rawai Beach in Phuket are closely related to food. It is not surprising, because the beach is a concentration of cozy cafes with dishes for every taste, where the Thais themselves love to relax. Those with a sweet tooth and vegetarians will benefit from the following address: Rawai Beach, 39/57 Soi Saiyuan. This is a cafe serving vegetarian food as well as gluten-free desserts and drinks. The interior of the coffee shop is decorated in light pink colors, where not only adults, but also children will have a good time. Soft cozy sofas, pillows scattered on the floor, allow you to take the most comfortable position for visitors. The cafe has its own zest - a huge red cat that greets visitors, loves attention and affection. The cat calmly allows himself to be petted and played with, which children really like.

The average check in a cafe is about ten dollars, the institution is open from Wednesday to Monday from ten in the morning to seven in the evening.

Coffee Tribe Phuket

What kind of fish delicacies Rawai beach in Phuket is famous for! Tourist reviews not only praise the local food and drinks, but also strongly recommend visiting the Coffee Tribe Phuket cafe. The institution is famous for the original serving of dishes. The cafe presents itself as an institution with European cuisine, where you can find a wide range of dishes forvegetarians and vegans. Gluten free meals are served. The cafe opens at seven in the morning and closes at ten in the evening, so you can not only have breakfast there, but also have lunch with friends, as well as sit at a delicious dinner while contemplating the sunset. Takeaway food is available at the cafe. In addition, couriers will deliver the food you ordered within half an hour. In the institution itself, tables are located not only indoors, but also on the street. Near the cafe there is parking, as well as off-street free parking. There is a dedicated lane for wheelchairs. Wi-Fi is free for guests. The average check varies from two hundred to five hundred rubles, which is much cheaper than in the city center. Portions are not only cheap, but also large.

Fish Market

Time in Phuket will be less well spent if you don't find a few hours to visit the famous Rawai fish market, or, as it is also called, the seafood market. Boats on the Rawai beach go out to sea before dawn and by five o'clock in the morning deliver the freshest shrimp, mussels, fish, octopuses and lobsters to the market. The choice is large. You can get to the market from Patong or Phuket Town in twenty minutes. If you ride a bike, ten minutes is enough.

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