Varenna, Italy: attractions (photo)

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Varenna, Italy: attractions (photo)
Varenna, Italy: attractions (photo)

Varenna (Italy) is a small resort town and commune located on the shores of Lake Como in the province of Lecco. Picturesque mountain landscapes, ancient castles and fortresses, a beautiful lake - this is what attracts tourists from all over the world.

History of the commune

The small town of Varenna in Italy (photo below) is located 60 km north of Milan (the train takes almost 1 hour) on the shores of Lake Como. There used to be a small fishing village here. According to 2008 data, less than 1 thousand people lived here. The locals are still involved in fishing, as well as barrel making and black marble mining.

Starting from the 16th century. in the villages around Lake Como, they were engaged in the production of multi-colored silk: before the Second World War, plantings of mulberry trees were located here, on which silkworm caterpillars lived. The old European trade silk road ran through the canal between Varenna and Lecco. Now these plantings no longer exist, however, silk processing facilities have been preserved and are working.

The main attraction of Varenna (Italy) is the Castello di Vezio, built in the 11th century. Many houses stand nearwater, and incoming boats can dock right up to the porch of the building.

The shortest river in the country flows through the commune - Fiumelatte (translated from Italian Fiumelatte - "milk river"), which has a length of only 250 m. It received its name for the unique color of the water in the summer months, and in winter she disappears.

Varenna in summer

Lake Como

Lake Como is a mountain reservoir at the foot of the Italian Alps, surrounded by peaks: in the south - 800 meters, and in the north - a mountain 2400 meters high. It consists of 3 water-filled gorges that converge at a single point. Each section is 26 km long.

Scattered along the shores of the lake are picturesque little towns: Como, Varenna, Bellagio and Menaggio. All of them are connected by ferry or boats that run through Como from early morning until night. A map of Varenna attractions is shown below.

Varenna sightseeing map

There is a promenade on the shore of the lake, on which there are many small cafes, restaurants and shops. Here you can drink coffee and admire the picturesque surroundings.

Central Square

The town has a main square, from which narrow old streets fan out. Around - calm and majestic nature and tranquility. Like all small settlements, Varenna has its own face and original atmosphere.

Streets of Varenna

There are 3 churches on the central square of Varenna (Italy):

  • San Giorgio and the bell tower (1313) areexamples of Lombard Gothic architecture, medieval frescoes, furniture and statues have been preserved inside the temple;
  • Santi Nazaro Celso;
  • San Giovanni Battista (11th century) - located at the bottom of the square and turned back, its interior has preserved frescoes painted by medieval artists in the 16th century.

However, cute little churches are not all that visiting tourists can see in Varenna (Italy).

Central square of Varenna

Castello Castle

Castle Castello di Vesio is an ancient fortification, standing on a high mountain above the city. It has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. Now only the observation tower and part of the wall remain from it. During the First World War, underground punishment cells were completed here, and in 1999 they were opened to tourists.

castello di vesio

The main tower of the castle can only be reached through a suspension bridge. Climbing to its top, admire the beautiful view of the lake and the houses of the town. A gravel path runs along the northern wall, immersed in wonderful flowers in spring. Below is an incredible view of Varenna.

Next, you can go to the olive grove. The castle houses a falconry, on the territory of which costume performances are held. It breeds birds (buzzards, falcons, long-eared owls, etc.) for hunting. The castle is open for tourists from March to October.

ghost in the fortress

Villa Monastero

Beautiful Villa Monastero,the walls of which are almost completely covered with climbing stalks of grapes - a former Cisterian monastery. It was built in 1208 by monks who fled from Fr. Comacina (on Lake Como) during the war with Milan, and dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

In 1567 the monastery was abolished, and the building and land were purchased by the Mornico family. After 100 years, one of its representatives, Lelio Mornico, made a restructuring, turning the building into a chic and beautiful haven. The ceremonial halls were equipped here, the facade of the building was rebuilt.

Several centuries the villa passed from one owner to another, until it was acquired by Marco de Marchi. He gave the building to the Hydrobiological and Limnological Institute of Varenna (Italy). Since 1963, Monastero has acquired the status of an international cultural and scientific center.

Villa Monastero - general view

In the interior of the villa, which is now open to the public, you can see the medieval furnishings in the rooms and halls, many frescoes and bas-reliefs. Of particular note is the chic bathroom, decorated in an oriental lush style with a swimming pool.

Monastero occupies a steep section of the mountain slope. Around the villa there is a beautiful garden planted with citrus trees, pines, cypresses and agaves. The alleys of the garden are decorated with bas-reliefs and statues.

Villa Monastero

Villa Cipressi

Beautiful Italian villa was built in 1400 in the style of ancient architecture, but later rebuilt several times. In 1980, the city hall bought Cipressi from the ancient Serpontis family and heldrestoration, after which the Hotel Villa Cipressi was arranged here.

Around the villa is a beautiful park with old cypress trees, after which it got its name. Having paid 4 euros, tourists have the opportunity to inspect it by going through the reception.

Villa Kypressi

How to get there

The city of Varenna Italy is a wonderful and picturesque settlement, in which there are many quiet places where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Here you can admire the beautiful mountains, the lake and visit the medieval castle, villas.

You can get to the town by train from Milan from Milano Centrale (Central) station from Milano Centrale station to Varenna-Esimo, and trains run every 1-2 hours. It is best to buy a ticket for the return journey, because c. there are no ticket offices at the railway station in Varenna.

Another transport is the Mid-lake Shuttle, plying between towns on the coast of the lake. On foot to the pier from the railway station can be reached in 10 minutes. In addition, small boats and ferries depart from the waterfront and port.

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