Food in Pattaya: national dishes, tips and reviews from tourists

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Food in Pattaya: national dishes, tips and reviews from tourists
Food in Pattaya: national dishes, tips and reviews from tourists

Everyone should eat. After all, it is with food that we get the most vitamins and nutrients that help us exist. It is worth noting that now everyone chooses how to eat. Someone adheres to vegetarianism, others cannot imagine their life without meat.

Each country has its own national dishes, for example, in Russia these are pancakes, borscht, dumplings. Food in Asia and Europe is very different, but every traditional cuisine is worth a try. Fashion for oriental dishes is now at its peak. Almost all people want to get acquainted with this unusual cuisine filled with unique and vibrant flavors. This article provides information about food in Pattaya - a city located in Thailand. You have to get acquainted with national dishes, the best restaurants and street food.

Street food in Pattaya

First, get to know the street food in Pattaya, Thailand. After all, she is quite popular. The most terrible myths are concentrated around street food. Below in the photo is food in Pattaya, which is very popular with both tourists and locals.residents.

street food
street food

Many people think that it is unsuitable for a European person. This opinion is shared only by those who have never visited Thailand. Those who have ever been to this country will say with confidence that the food in Pattaya and other regions of Thailand is incredibly tasty, unusual and safe.

Food on the streets in Pattaya
Food on the streets in Pattaya

Across the country, almost at every step there are small cafes for 10-15 people, where the dishes are prepared by the owners themselves. Usually in such establishments huge portions and reasonable prices. Lunch for one person can cost about 100-150 rubles. The prevalence of small cafes is due to the fact that Thais rarely cook food at home, they usually eat in the same establishments. That is why it is incredibly tasty, cozy and pleasant.

Maca dish - mobile kitchens

Makashnitsy - mobile kitchens
Makashnitsy - mobile kitchens

Throughout Thailand, in particular in Pattaya, macashnitsa are very common - mobile mini-kitchens, which are often located on the main tourist streets. Women here sell absolutely everything. You can try pancakes, kebabs, sweets and a variety of seafood. Most often, of course, there are various fish and other marine reptiles. In addition, there are unusual fruits and sweets fried in oil. The prices there are reasonable, for example, a grilled sausage costs about 20 rubles, kebabs from various meats 25-30 rubles. A whole chicken will cost about 220-250 rubles.

Pacifiers are quite popular with locals who often buy food for dinner there. On thethe counters usually display raw products, which are immediately fried in front of you on coals or in oil. Usually macarons arrive after 19:00, when most people go for a walk after the beach and work.

Food in large shopping malls

If you want to try Thai food in Pattaya in a quiet place, sitting comfortably at a table, then go to any mall. The most popular shopping complexes in the city: Tesco Lotus, BigC, Central Festival.

The price for a dish here starts from 30 baht or 65 rubles. Here you can try not only Thai, but also European, American cuisine, even Russian. All food courts look nice and pleasant, the food is laid out on clean trays, so you can buy it without fear for your he alth. It is worth saying that the portions are usually quite large, so some order one dish for two. By the way, food in Pattaya in large shopping centers is popular with local teenagers and young people who combine shopping and a delicious lunch. It is worth remembering that alcohol is almost impossible to find in food courts.

Grocery day markets

If you love delicious, ripe fruits, you should definitely visit some food market in Pattaya. Usually they present an incredible variety of exotic berries, vegetables and fruits, the prices of which are much lower than those usual for the average Russian. For example, a juicy and incredibly sweet mango costs 100 rubles per 1 kg, the price of bananas is even lower - about 40 rubles per 1 kg. As a result, for 200-300 rubles, you can completely fill the refrigerator with fresh fruitand vegetables.

Such markets also sell ready-made food, such as fried fish and seafood. If you want to find cheap shrimp, oysters, then be sure to go to such places. For example, a fresh royal lobster costs about 100 baht (210 rubles) per 100 g. By the way, fresh products can be prepared for you right there absolutely free.

Most daytime markets are open from 6 am to 4-5 pm, such as the Naklua fish market, which is located in the northern part of the city.

Fish Market at Naklua
Fish Market at Naklua

There is a beautiful park next to it where you can taste the bought food and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Evening and night food markets

night markets
night markets

The night food markets in Pattaya mostly sell ready-made meals. Such places serve as interesting entertainment for tourists. After all, there you can feel the atmosphere and color of Thailand. Pattaya's most popular night markets:

  1. "Teprazit Night Market". It is located at the intersection of two streets: Sukhumvit and Teprazit. This night market is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5 pm to 10 pm. On other days, only a few food stalls are open. Here you can taste local delicacies, and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood home.
  2. Teprazit Night Market
    Teprazit Night Market
  3. The market on the beach street of Jomtien. It is literally a few steps away from the Sea Breeze Hotel. The market is open daily from 5 pm. Here you can buy incredibly tasty andinexpensive food, including Russian. This market has a particularly large selection of soups and rice dishes.

Grocery stores used by Thais

In Pattaya, there are not only markets, but also modern shops with a variety of food. In such places you can find a huge number of products with unknown inscriptions and names. The most popular chain stores among Thais:

  1. TescoLotus. Especially popular here are sets for preparing various dishes. Most often they are bought by Japanese and Europeans who permanently live in Thailand. Prices for such sets start at about 30 baht or 65 rubles. Many residents suggest trying the tom yum mix.
  2. 7-Eleven. This is a very common food chain in Pattaya. They specialize in the production of various semi-finished products at affordable prices. Here you can buy both European and Thai dishes. By the way, if you ask, any product will be warmed up instantly for you.

Shops with products from Europe

If you can't adapt to Thai cuisine, you can buy food in small European shops. True, the prices there are much higher than what you are used to seeing at home.

It is worth saying that in such supermarkets there are also Russian dishes that are made here, and not in Thailand. All inscriptions on them are made in Russian. If you want to take a break from the classic food in Pattaya, try to buy something in such shops, for example, cabbage dumplings here will cost 350 rubles for 0.5 kg.

If you come on vacation with small children, European shops will be your salvation. After all, there you can buy kefir, yoghurts and fermented baked milk of the usual firms. Dairy products there cost from 60 baht or 130 rubles for 0.5 liters. It is worth remembering that there are few such stores in Pattaya, only about 3-4 pieces.

Best restaurants in Pattaya

In Pattaya, there are not only small establishments and kitchens on the streets. In this town there are also restaurants with beautiful interiors and delicious dishes. Among the best representatives it is worth noting:

  1. Caprice Restaurant & Bar. Luxurious restaurant, decorated in a classic style in white and blue tones. It serves unusual dishes of European cuisine, mainly seafood. Many tourists in the reviews say that this is the best restaurant in Pattaya.
  2. 609 Kitchen. A cozy restaurant in the very center of the city, decorated in a loft style in pleasant brown and white colors. This establishment serves Asian and Thai cuisine, a lot of seafood. In the reviews, many tourists say that they have insanely delicious spring rolls and salads.
  3. La Strada Restaurant & Cafe. A small and rather cozy restaurant that specializes in Thai and Italian cuisine. There is a huge selection of pastas and soups. In addition, if you are looking for food delivery in Pattaya, pay attention to this institution.

National dishes in Pattaya

Many people who come to Thailand don't know what to try here. So, the list of the best Thai dishes.

  1. Tom yum soup. This is the main thingthe national dish of the state, which is known throughout the world. This soup is based on coconut milk, which is added with various spices and herbs, such as chili, California lime leaves, ginger and colgan. Tom yum comes with chicken, pork, mushrooms, shrimp, seafood.
  2. Soup Tom Yum
    Soup Tom Yum
  3. Pad Thai. An unusual national dish of Thailand, which translates as "Thai-style fried noodles." Properly cooked noodles play with human receptors; at first they seem sweet, then a little sour, and finally spicy. This national dish is made with rice pasta topped with fish sauce, cashews and chili peppers.
  4. Som-tam. The main salad, which must be on the table during any holiday. It is prepared on the basis of green papaya, dried shrimp, cashew nuts and green beans. In addition, tomatoes and chili peppers are added to the dish.

Positive food reviews in Thailand

What do travelers say about food in Pattaya? Positives:

  1. Prices. This is the main plus of food in Thailand. The prices here are quite low, especially if you get away from the tourist streets a bit. For 100-150 rubles you can order an excellent lunch for one person.
  2. Variety. Here you can try absolutely everything, even well-prepared dishes of European and American cuisine.
  3. Accessibility. In Pattaya, you will definitely not be able to stay hungry. After all, small restaurants and cafes are almost everywhere here.
  4. Taste. Thai cuisine is an incredible riot of flavors. Their dishes are fundamentally different from the food in Europe. Here, even the soups are incredibly bright and rich.
  5. Unusual. Thai cuisine is exotic for many Russians and Europeans. The dishes use ingredients that are rarely found on the shelves of our stores. These include: papaya, mango, coke milk, lychee.

Negative impressions

Unfortunately, there are some minor cons:

  1. Dirty. If you are very picky, then it will be quite difficult for you to eat on the streets of Pattaya. The best option would be small cafes or large restaurants.
  2. Sharpness. If you don't like spicy food, get into the habit of always talking about not putting chili in your serving when ordering.