Information about the recreation center "Northern Rose" in Severodvinsk

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Information about the recreation center "Northern Rose" in Severodvinsk
Information about the recreation center "Northern Rose" in Severodvinsk

It often happens that we devote ourselves completely to work, study and forget to rest. Over time, strength and enthusiasm begin to disappear. But without rest, we cannot be as productive and active as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate time for quality rest. Give up smartphones, the Internet and stay in a quiet and peaceful place.


Recreation center "Northern Rose" in Severodvinsk

The recreation center is located on the banks of the river. Distance from noisy cities helps to truly relax and enjoy a countryside holiday.

In this picturesque place you can have a good time with family and friends. The database is designed for companies of any size. There is no fuss here, all conditions have been created so that you can be distracted from work or study for a while.

The administration of the recreation center "Northern Rose" (Severodvinsk) is ready to help organize any festive event. It will be a great solution to spend a birthday, wedding or corporate party in this place.

On the very territory of the basethere are Russian-style bathhouses, gazebos, a sports/children's playground, a barbecue area and three cottages. Parking for private cars is provided for your convenience.

On the territory of the hotel you can not worry about security. The base is fenced, and at night it is guarded by a watchman, during the day there is always an administrator here.

Number of places to stay

Recreation center "Northern Rose" in Severodvinsk provides 3 spacious cottages. Each has a kitchen and shower room.

The number of beds in the house number 1 - up to thirty. In houses number 2 and number 3 - similarly. All houses are heated.

On the territory there is a spacious heated gazebo, the capacity of which is more than 45 people. The perfect solution to spend your evening here with friends.

Meals are not provided. Each house has all kitchen utensils. You will find dishes, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave and a stove. You have the opportunity to make a delicious barbecue. All cooking utensils are on the base.


On the territory there are 3 cottages, several outdoor gazebos, a large heated gazebo, two bathhouses overlooking the Koroda River, a sports/children's playground.

Photo of the recreation center "Northern Rose" can be seen below. Cottages look modern and bright.

cottage for 13 people
cottage for 13 people

The houses are cozy and warm. The atmosphere helps to feel a real country holiday.

room in a cottage
room in a cottage

Bath and gazebo onthe territory of the forest hotel is conducive to a relaxing holiday.

bath and gazebo
bath and gazebo

Features of accommodation and payment

It is strictly forbidden to import animals. Smoking is not allowed in cottages, saunas and pavilions (there is a special place for smokers on the veranda).

Check at the recreation center "Northern Rose" (Severodvinsk) at two o'clock in the afternoon. Departure at 1pm.

At the conclusion of the contract, 3,000 rubles are charged as a deposit.

Reservations can only be canceled free of charge up to 40 days prior to arrival date. Otherwise, the received prepayment is not returned.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

Reviews about the recreation center "Northern Rose"

Guests of the recreation center never cease to admire this place. Thanks to the beautiful scenery, peaceful environment and unobtrusive service, you can truly enjoy your weekends or holidays. You always want to come back here.

This base is great for anyone who loves Russian nature, barbecue and bath. Away from the city, you can forget about all the affairs and make time for yourself.