Airport - what is it like

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Airport - what is it like
Airport - what is it like

Often, traveling from one country to another or even along our own Golden Ring, we hardly think about where the airport came from, and who came up with the idea of ​​organizing such a place. Airport - what is it and "what does it eat with", what does it mean.

Meaning of the word "airport"

If you are even a little familiar with Greek, Latin, you can easily literally translate the meaning of the word "airport". At least associate its meaning with the words you already know. For example, such as "port", meaning "wharf" or "harbour". The second part means "air". In total, we get as a result - an "air harbor", a haven for aircraft.

What an airport is for

Airplane on the runway

What is an airport? This is a whole network or complex of buildings for special purposes: for receiving incoming aircraft, for their dispatch and maintenance. In addition, the airport is designed to store and organize a "home" for various types of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft, with the exception of seaplanes, which require a water runway instead of a ground runway for their full operation.stripe.

Airport operation

Barcelona airport

The work of the airport is difficult to organize. This small and sometimes huge complex resembles a separate state or a country functioning according to its own laws.

A huge number of employees ensures the continuous operation of the airport at any time of the day and at any time of the year. Each of them is designed to perform only its function. There are various specialists for any area of ​​airport operation. For example, there is a visa specialist who sits at the front desk and checks your visas before sending you to passport control. Someone thinks that the passport and visa are checked by customs officers who sit behind glass with serious faces, but this is not so. It is the person who checks you in for the flight who is responsible for this process.

Once all the formalities are over, you follow to the waiting room. Then the airport, departures, everything happens according to the already developed algorithm. They prepare the plane, announce the landing and escort you on board. Sometimes, the "sleeve" is brought directly to the ticket checkpoint. Less often, passengers are collected into a bus, or even several, and taken along the runway to your airship.

Runway and plane

The plane arrives at the airport, the arrival of which is reflected on a special screen - a board, which is very convenient for passengers meeting their relatives, friends or colleagues. Only flights that have already landed or plan to land in the near future are marked on the screen. Manyairports continue to use flip screens, as in Soviet times, when computer work organization was less developed.

Sometimes there are problems on the flight, the airport then accepts completely unfamiliar ships in order to provide support and assistance. This can happen in case of some kind of technical problem or an emergency on board, for example, when one of the passengers needs urgent medical attention. The airport has in its arsenal not only brute force in the form of various security services, but also specially trained medical personnel.

Fragile girls take a hit

The hardest part of the job falls on the shoulders of those who let you on the plane. It is these people, and more often these are young girls, who meet with a furious crowd during a landing delay for unknown reasons. At such moments, instead of showing aggressiveness and negativity towards innocent staff, you should think: “Airport, what is it? Why haven't you established a communication service with your passengers until now?”.

If you believe the revelations of the staff who are thrown to the “crowd”, more often they themselves do not know about the reason for the delay in boarding the plane. Their computer monitors show the same information passengers see. They have nothing new to report, but they are forced to do everything to calm the people waiting for the flight and create a positive environment.

In conclusion

coffee and camera

The “House for Planes”, also known as the airport, has long been an integral part of many people's lives. The borders are open and everyone can useairport and aircraft services to enrich yourself with new experiences and knowledge. And if each of us thinks and asks ourselves: “Airport, what can I do for you to improve your quality of service and make my waiting time for a flight enjoyable”, then the first thing that comes to mind is to be a little kinder. In the end, sometimes a simple cup of coffee in an airport cafe decides everything.

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